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Those who would destroy you will come from among you’

Some 2,500 years ago, the prophet Isaiah warned that those who would destroy the Jewish people would come from among us. We may have another example of that here.

An employee of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has blasted both the ‘Palestinian Authority’ and the ‘Human Rights Council’ for delaying consideration of the incredibly biased Goldstone Commission Report.

It’s quite unusual for an employee of the OHCHR to blast the ‘Human Rights Council,’ to whom the OHCHR is subordinate.

The employee’s name is Saul Takahashi, and as the name implies, he is part Japanese.

But here’s where UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer’s narrative gets a little unusual:
Assuming this post from Saul Takhashi of Vienna is from the same person, his original name was Saul Israel Chodos and he is the grandson of the late Rabbi Israel Chodos, who served at L.A.’s Sinai Temple in the 1950s, and is presumably the son of L.A. lawyer Rafael Chodos and Japanese artist Junko Chodos (née Takahashi).

Sinai Temple is today one of the leading pro-Israel synagogues in America. Ironic if the grandson of its former rabbi is now spending his time in Gaza acting more pro-Palestinian than the Palestinian Authority itself.

Ironic. But predictable.

Obama’s Betrayal

In Israel, however, conclusions have already been drawn, and the results are not particularly pretty for Obama. Put simply, he is the least popular American president in recent memory. The percentage of Israelis who consider him friendly to Israel has never been high, but it has dropped at various times into the single digits. Considering that the Israeli left polled 16% of the vote in the last elections, and the centrist Kadima party another 22% – higher, in fact, than Netanyahu’s Likud – Obama’s dismal numbers cannot be put down to simple partisanship. Israelis across the political spectrum are clearly convinced that Obama is indifferent and/or hostile to Israeli interests, sensibilities, and concerns.

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