Rape Jihad: Mujahed rapes 9-year old in front of her brother


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Well, we all know that “women who refuse to wear headscarves are asking for rape” and 9 year old girls are, as far as Mohammedans are concerned,  asking for it:

As usual,  you won’t find words like ‘Muslim, Islam, Aisha or Islam’ in this article:

AN INDIAN student employed by Foxtel as a salesman allegedly raped a nine-year-old girl at her home last week, a court has heard. Mujahed Ur-Rahman, 28, worked as a door-to-door salesman for the pay TV company and last Wednesday approached the owner of a Noble Park home to buy the service.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard yesterday that when she declined and Ur-Rahman left, her two children, eight and nine, went outside to the front yard, where he is alleged to have digitally raped the girl in front of her brother. Ur-Rahman was remanded for a committal mention in January.


Young British Girl Raped by Muslim Gang and Sexually Assaulted with Liquor Bottle

Ajmal Afridi, 19, raped the helpless and defenceless girl twice along with Imitaz Syed, 20, and Tayub Hussain, who each raped the girl once. “

“During her ordeal, Afridi and Syed used the Jack Daniels bottle to further degrade her while Mustafa Arshad, 17, took two photos of the abuse on his mobile phone, Virginia Hayton, prosecuting, told the court…”

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5 thoughts on “Rape Jihad: Mujahed rapes 9-year old in front of her brother”

  1. Actually, I think that the Victorian public should demand that an example is made of this muslim rapist!!!! Lets hope he is dealt with appropriately when he is inside.

  2. I wonder how much outraged reporting this will receive in India?

    After all, by muslim standards, it is media bias and reporting of muslim crime & violence that leads to … muslim crime and violence.

  3. well i wonder when it comes to Muslim. People criticize the story that muslim guys done this …….when innocent Muslim get abused by local Aussie none raise the issue ……so dear all fawking people keep things in mind when ever girls raped by ne person jus punish them rather than pushing ur fawking words on there caste ……..i saw aussie siblings lesbians …..brother fawking there own sisters……..none wonder abt this ……….mujahed did crime punish him ….if he’s found guilty……..practical talk 28year old guy fawked girl ……….behind the bars ……

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