China Cracks Down Hard on Uighur Jihad

No political correctness, not here:

AP, BEIJING – Police in China’s far west have stepped up a hunt for people who took part in deadly ethnic riots there four months ago and other so-called terrorists, the regional public security ministry said Tuesday.

The “Strike Hard” campaign is to run from November through the end of the year and will cover all of the remote Xinjiang region, with police on high alert for alleged terror plots, the ministry said in a statement.


Hundreds have already been arrested and nine people sentenced to death following the July 5 riots, in which Uighurs (WEE’-gurs) attackedHan Chinese in the regional capital of Urumqi. Nearly 200 people were killed in those attacks and in revenge killings of Uighurs by Han Chinese in the days that followed.

Uighurs are a Turkic Muslim ethnic group linguistically and culturally distinct from China’s majority Han. The Uighurs see Xinjiang as their homeland and resent the millions of Han Chinese who have poured into the region in recent decades. A simmering separatist campaign has occasionally boiled over into violence in the past 20 years.

China says overseas Uighur separatists orchestrated the riots to worsen ethnic divisions and bolster their campaign for independence but the government has provided little evidence to back up its claim.

“We must step up efforts to collect and analyze information and clues regarding terror and explosives in order to strictly prevent occurrences of violent cases of this sort,” the statement said, without referring to any particular threats.

It also ordered security forces to continue the search for riot suspects.

The remote oil-rich region has been blanketed in tight security since the violence erupted, with Internet access and long distance phone service cut for even ordinary people.

Overseas Uighur rights activists and human rights groups have accused Xinjiang security officials of illegally detaining dozens of alleged rioters for months without informing families of their whereabouts, with some suspects said to be as young as 14 years old.

7 thoughts on “China Cracks Down Hard on Uighur Jihad”

  1. The Islamist scum will never take on the chinese. The chinese would turn them into mincemeat.

  2. If the Uighur were Buddhists [as many of their pre-Islamic ancestors undoubtedly were], shamanists, Christians [e.g. Nestorian Christians, as some of their long-ago ancestors probably were], atheists, Hindus or anything else except Muslims, I would be quite prepared to support them and deplore Chinese imperialism – as I deplore Chinese imperial cruelty and greed in Tibet.

    But the Uighur are Muslims – which means that, having embraced the Arab National/ Imperial Religion, their original ethnic identity is in process of being annihilated and replaced by an ersatz Arab identity. They bow to a black rock in Arabia and are required to believe that the Arabs are ‘the best of people’.

    This is the eastern manifestation of one Empire (the de facto Empire of Islam) colliding with the westward extension of another (the post-Maoist Han communist Empire); and though there is a great deal I detest and deplore about the post-Mao dictatorship, they do permit 1. alcohol 2. pork 3. pet dogs (though they also eat them) 4. women walking about on their own with hair and face uncovered 5. music of all kinds 6. sculpture and representational art, all of which things are forbidden by Islamic sharia. And they are more in favour of hard work and education than are the Muslims, who are characterised by fatalism and invincible, wilful ignorance. So the Han Empire – despite all its cruelty, greed, corruption and injustice – still comes out ahead of the Ummah on points.

  3. The situation is a little complicated – essentially by the mass migration of ethnic Han supplanting other groups. Chinese interests in Tibet relate essentially to water, although you will not find that written anywhere. The major rivers of SE Asia start on the Tibetian plateau and if you control that – well – the Chinese are not dumb. In other words there is a powerful political reason for expansion into Tibet. However, the Chinese occupation of Tibet has also brought the Tibetans into the modern era. If you imagine for one minute that life in Tibet was a) free b) a bed of roses c) good for all before the Chinese came then I suggest you do some study – you are wrong. Despite Chinese brutality the situation has improved for the Tibetans. The Uighars. on the other hand, are using the unrest generated by Han expansion and funds from muslim supporters ie Saudi Arabia again – to cause problems on behalf of islam, The Chinese approach here is the correct one. Which begs the question – why was that silly Uighar representative feted by Krudd and Co recently on her “world tour”?? Was this an attempt by Krudd to show his independence from China by risking Australian security? Perhaps he should not be selling of our resources and industry in order to make the point.

  4. The six Uighurs flown to Palau recently don’t want to stay there;
    they want to settle in Australia permanently. Given Kevin 07’s “new leadership” lately – being stood over by Sri Lankans refusing to leave
    the vessel that rescued them, hunger-striking & threatening to harm
    themselves unless they get what they want, I can’t see Kevin Dudd holding out against the Uighurs for too long. Won’t be long before they are marginalised, suffer from hurt feelings, need mosques, wudu washers & prayer rooms, & get jobs as taxi drivers & baggage handlers.

    ( )

    Tiny Palau Urges Australia to Resettle Guantanamo Uighurs
    By Phil Mercer
    05 November 2009

    Australia is being urged to accept a group of Muslim Uighurs who have been given temporary asylum in the Pacific island nation of Palau. […]

    1. LOL!

      Palau was given $ 100 million to ‘resettle’ these nice people. Would they return the money to the US or hand it over to Oz if KRudd was to offer them refuge here?

  5. Simple – take them off the hands of Palau, who do not have the resources to deal with violent muslim terrorist scum. Bring them to Australia and either: a) deport them to China (bonus points); b) execute them; c) or dissappear them. Either suits. If you can’t work out the difference between b) and c) please don’t ask. And then tell Obama and his PC nitwits to F-OFF whilst also explaining to the American people that F-OFF applies only to Obama and his hand-picked nitwit squad and that we are cool with Americans in general – this is important as the USA and OZ are friends.

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