'Islam not responsible' for Fort Hood massacre: US imam

Nidal Malik Hasan in 2007 (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)

Major Nidal Malik Hasan/BBC

At last!  Not a moment too soon: denial is a river in Egypt, but the kuffar-media  is desperate to lap it up.

Debbie Schlussel:


Islam is “not responsible”  for the bloodbath at an army base in Texas where Muslim-American army Major Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly gunned down 13 people, the prayer leader at the mosque where the officer regularly worshipped said Friday.

“We offer our condolences and prayers to the families that have a person who died,” said Imam Mohammed Abdullahi over loud-speakers that carried the weekly Muslim prayer to several hundred worshippers gathered at the mosque.

“Islam is not responsible,” he stressed.

Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan ‘was not a terrorist’ Palestinian cousin says

Maj Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 13 people at a Texas military base, had become increasingly devoted to Islam following the death of his parents but was no terrorist, his cousins in the West Bank said on Friday. Telegraph UK

Dr. Obama Has the Cure for Islamophobia That “Causes” Islamic Terrorism


By Debbie Schlussel

How long before Barack Hussein Obama uses the Islamic terrorist killer of at least 13 U.S. soldiers on our soil as a reason for ObamaCare? . . . Barack Hussein Obama uses it to appoint an “Islamophobia Czar”?

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Many of the worshippers who had come to the mosque in this suburb of Washington knew Hasan or had seen him at Friday prayer, which he attended regularly when he lived in the Washington area.

To them, the news that he had allegedly opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon and a handgun in a crowded troop processing center on the sprawling Fort Hood base in Texas, mowing down 13 people and wounding 30 others, came as a shock.

“Islam doesn’t command anybody to do something like that,” said Shaikh Khamis, who has prayed at the Silver Spring Muslim Community Center mosque for 11 years.

“It’s very sad, a big tragedy for everybody,” said another worshipper, Ibrahim Gayi.

“We pray for everybody, all Americans, not only Muslims,” he said.

Asif Qadri, head of the medical clinic at the Muslim Community Center, described Hasan, an army major, as “very gentlemanly.

“He was sociable, likeable. We had regular, casual conversation — he didn’t manifest any particular view either way,” Qadri said.

“When I saw him on television, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he added.

It was “unbelievable”, said Qadri, that the man who news reports said went on a deadly rampage Thursday was the soft-spoken psychiatrist who prayed at the mosque nearly every week.

The son of Palestinian immigrants, Hasan was born and raised in Virginia, the state that borders Maryland to the west, and after high school, went against his parents’ wishes and enlisted in the military, which put him through college and medical school.

He spent nearly all his professional life at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in northwest Washington, DC working as a psychiatrist before shipping out this year to Fort Hood, from where he was reportedly due to deploy to Afghanistan.

Silver Spring is just blocks from the Walter Reed facility and has been home to the Muslim Community Center and its busy mosque for 33 years.

“Everybody knows this is not a place for fanatics,” said Qadri. “We don’t encourage that sort of thing.”

Imam Abdullahi recalled seeing Hasan at Friday prayer for the last time in June, and Akhtar Khan, a worshipper at the mosque, described the army psychiatrist as “a peaceful person, very quiet.

“He would just come and pray,” he said as worshippers at the mosque struggled to understand why Hasan, a specialist in combat stress, snapped and opened fire in a troop processing center in Fort Hood that was packed with soldiers preparing to deploy overseas.

“It’s got to be something mental,” said Gayi.

“These guys who go and come back from war, they need help,” he said.

John Jay comments:

this morning b’obama “cautions”, “don’t jump to conclusions.” he is suggesting that people wait to decide, presumably on whether this was an act of jihad, until “the facts are in” from the police investigation.

obama’s “cautionary” remarks would be laughable, were they not so pathetic, so calculated to obscure what malik nadal hasan has done, so calculated to obscure the acts of islamic jihad. malik nadal hasan wore islamic garb, he gave away korans the morning of the shootings, he shouted “allah akbar” as he murdered u.s. army soldiers and u.s. citizens, and he violated the trust of his patients and the ethics of his profession.

he betrayed the united states, he betrayed his citizenship, he betrayed all that had been bestowed upon him.

he did it to advance islam. and, for no other reason.

he urged islamic terror.

what he did was an act of jihad. plain and simple.

contrast this with obama’s reaction to the arrest of a black harvard professor, and his immediate condemnation of the police officers and the police force involved.

yet, he cannot get it up to condemn the actions of an avowed terrorist supporter who acted to advance conquest by islam.

by their fruits you shall know them. barack hussein obama is as much a traitor to the united states as malik nadal hasan, his fellow co-religionist. we should regard b’obama with about the same enthusiasm as we would regard waking up with a rattlesnake on our chest. indeed, that is the case, is it not.

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa

Mackie sez:

What is most disturbing to watch is how the media is reporting on Hasan

They just never appear to learn,media,military,politicians are still asking the same questions; what was Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s motive for this mass terrorist killing? DAH!! The speculations are everything but the obvious and overwhelming evidence that is right in front of their noses ESPECIALLY FOR those who understand the tenants of Islam and the jihad imperatives against the infidels.

Media talking heads are even suggesting he was an harassed Muslim, they are suggesting he may have had “post dramatic stress syndrome’– gee this mass murderer who yells out Allah Akbar is himself a victim and the media is the enabler– amazing,absolutely and cluelessly amazing!!- yes all but the obvious which apparently remains off limits among the political correct, and the multiculturalism loons who are running our country.

Where are those who see a spade and call it a spade? where are those who really want the right answers and not the politically correct answers as to why this happened and will surely happen again?

Like Obama says: “don’t jump to conclusions”, tell that to the dead soldiers,tell that to their families and friends–tell that to the face of the brave young police woman who made the mistake of jumping to conclusions and ended up in a shoot out with this determined jihadist and more than likely saved several more lives as well as being shot herself.

Choi sez:

The Imam said Hasan, who many times would “Come to Prayer” in U.S. Army uniform, ‘Never” discussed Politics,The Army,Current Events,”Only Discussing Religion and Religious Issues”.

Even IF True-(NOT) , in Islam , EVERYTHING is “RELIGOUS MATTERS”, including EVERYTHING we Discuss here .

VIOLENT JIHAD against ‘The Infidel’,here in “Dar Al-Harb” ,is a TOTAL “RELIGIOUS MATTER”.

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9 thoughts on “'Islam not responsible' for Fort Hood massacre: US imam”

  1. I think the ones who are willing to accept responsibility are the true moderate Muslims.

    And the weird thing is that these are the ones who shouldn’t be shouldering it alone!

  2. Hi Gramfan,
    There is very little evidence to support your contention that the moderates are actually willing to accept responsibility for what islamists do. By definition they have to shoulder this responsibility alone – so please explain whom else should be sharing their burden – because again by definition the islamists are incapable of even accepting that a problem exists – at least on their side. If you mean that we should be supporting the moderates then this is true – but first the moderates have to make a stand. We cannot take sides when the sides have not been clearly defined,

  3. Hi Kaw
    If you mean that we should be supporting the moderates then this is true .

    That’s what I mean.
    The moderates, true moderates and they do exist, are in exactly the same position as we are, possibly worse because we are not part of the Muslim community. You know what can happen to them if they speak out.

    Muslims who can see what you and I see are the true moderates. They know what is going on just like we know. They are the ones who suffer and feel responsible and yet it is the Islamists who should feel that way. Hope this clears it up a bit.

  4. Hi Gramfan
    I agree exactly – and thanks for the link to muslims against sharia – i have respect for these folks. I still think the moderates have to make a significant stand. The islamists will never feel responsibility, except to their perverted philosopy called islam – which is not what is understood to be islam by the moderates. It is nice to wish that the islamists might change but by definition this is not possible. We need the moderates to shop the islamists so that we can get rid of them. I should add here that implicit in this discussion is a belief that Islam can be modified to a religion than can coexist with others without contradictions. If this cannot happen then all muslims are islamists and the problem is then both simpler and more difficult. Lets hope that the moderates get cracking and help us get rid of the extremists – because we need all
    on board for the problems which we will face in the coming centuries.


  5. How could a peaceful religion like islam, condone what this nice peaceful muslim has done!!! Because his war manual told him to do it, islam should be banned as a terrorist organisation.

  6. I have a question: is there such a thing as moderate islam? Was the bous prophet Muhammad ibn Abd’allah (piss be upon him) a moderate person? Howcan there be moderate muslims when there is no moderate islam? The only so-called modrate muslims are those ignorant concerning the central tenets of their very own religion. This son of a muslim bitch Nidal Malik Hassan is a true muslim living according to the directives of his mass-murdering, robbing, thieving, raping, slave selling prophet. It’s that simple.

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