Islam elevates women

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(US) Women Continue Battle against Restricted Access to Mosque/ Gender-Segregation…


Mother Forced to Leave Her Children in Saudi Arabia…

Don’t marry with Arabs. Don’t convert to Islam, ladies…..

Hindu Girl Strangled to Death in Public Toilet by Muselmanic’Lover’…

Dead baby found at UK mosque

Some reports say the baby was still alive ~ and had spent hours outside in the cold ~ then was rushed to hospital. Police, reports say, assumed the baby was dead because of the note. +

Read more…/Islamization Watch

Islam in Europe:

Berlin: Arabs almost half of serial-offenders

The typical serial offender is male, of Arab origin, and remains a criminal as an adult, this according to an interim report on the status of the implementation of the Berlin serial offenders concept, as reported by the Senator for Justice Gisela von der Aue (SPD) in parliament on Wednesday. Arabs almost half of serial-offenders

France/Belgium: Women’s organizations want burka ban

In Paris, sixty activists of Ni Putes ni Soumises made an early start on International Women’s Day by marching with liberty caps in the place de la République, and then symbolically covering the statue there with a giant burka (picture here), later removed by the police. They were protesting what they see as a delay in enacting the law against wearing the burka in public places. Sihem Habchi, president of the organization, told AFP that they do not want the anti-burka law to be buried

The telephone has not stopped ringing at the offices of “Insoumise et devoilée” (Defiant and unveiled),” located in Verviers, in southern Belgium. “In the past two weeks, sixteen young women have reached out to us,” says Karima, who is visibly overwhelmed by her work. When in 2008 she founded the organisation, named after a book she published the same year, Karima never imagined things would evolve so quickly. “It’s proof my story is not an isolated case, as some politicians suggested,” she jokes. More:  Women’s organizations want burka ban

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  1. re: “Berlin: Arabs almost half of serial-offenders”

    79% of the serial offenders are of immigrant background, 47% are of Arab origin.

    Of the remaining 32% of immigrant serial offenders, how many are of Turk or Non-Arab Muslim background? Bet if this study went a step further and re-evaluated their data by adding a category for Muslim immigrant, the serial offender percentage would be upwards of 70%.

  2. Personally, that mosque restricted access is fine with me. They are nothing but places where muslims get their refresh on killing or subjugating us. As far as I am concerned they can all be torn down and the reason – they are nothing but muslim military bases.

  3. Sheik,Dominique has been Banned forever from Infidesl are Cool 20 minutes ago….Poor Dominique he must find another place for his little jihad,i wish him the best it’s hard in those days to be a jihadhist on the web.

  4. Of course the men wont allow the women to pray wherever they like. Unlike the Kuffars, Muslim men know that islamic prayer has nothing to do with praying to God, but about asserting power.

  5. Please note the key words here – SERIAL OFFENDERS – For those of you that haven’t worked it out it means that arab muslim males contribute regularly and significantly to rape and violence in Berlin, and that it is the same group!! This implies that PC judges etc are letting these thugs go free, and that the muslim community is being given the wrong signals about what is meant by integration!!! Sack the politicians and judges responsible,

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