Take Your Fartwa & Shove It, Mufti!

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U.K.: Islamic scholar issues fartwa against “terrorism” — is anyone safer?

A leading Muslim scholar in Britain issued a fatwa on Tuesday condemning terrorists and suicide bombers, saying they had no justification in the name of Islam.

Pakistan-born Dr Tahir ul-Qadri …  said his 600-page fatwa, or religious ruling, was an “absolute” condemnation of terrorism without “any excuses or pretexts”.

In other news:

Fatwa Wars

from Harry’s Place

I’m afraid, Brian Whittaker in The Guardian(well, CiF, actually) may be right.

The whole idea of waging “fatwa wars” with extremists is not only futile but anti-progressive and further entrenches the authoritarian tendencies in Islam. Issuing fatwas and promoting them, even in a good cause, is damaging because it ends up reinforcing the importance attached to fatwas in general.

He is of course responding to the story that an influential Muslim scholar has issued a global ruling against terrorism and suicide bombing.

Whittaker disagrees with Ed Hussein who also writes in The Guardian’s CiF that “Fatwas can be a force for good”.

Back to reality:

Saleh al Munajjid is a Saudi preacher. He thinks freedom is very dangerous and brutal corporal punishment in the name of Islam is fantastic.

A commenter on JW nails it:

More Taqiyya and Samosas.

Al-BBCeera have been whoring this all day, along with their permalink to the MCB statement on terrorism… yes you know the one, you must have heard it so many times from other Muslims:

“Muslims everywhere consider all acts of terrorism that aims to murder and maim innocent human beings utterly reprehensible”

Except when it doesn’t…..