"Jerusalem is an Arab land"

Thanks to Mullah:

“Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem whines, plays victim card, & tells porkies:

Pic & PMW article thanks to Tundra Tabloids

Tayseer Rajab Tamimi: I quote only from Islam’s unholy books

Tamimi lies whenever he opens his mouth…..


[Speaking at the Arab Press Club, the Grand Mufti stressed that Israeli violations of UN and other international resolutions and conventions are jeopardizing the objective of creating a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital and were tantamount to gradually excluding Christian and Muslim influences from the area.]

[“Jerusalem is an Arab land,” he stressed, noting that Israel is “repeatedly violating” UN Resolutions by its policies. He further noted that the decision to annex East Jerusalem in 1967 was another violation by Israel of the Geneva Convention.]

Cherry on top:

“We are not against Jews because they are Jews. Islam tells us to treat these people well,” the Sheikh remarked.

How well  “these people” are treated you can find out here: “Kill any Jew that falls into your power…”

Caroline Glick smells the coffee:

Time to plan for war

Daily reports of weapons build-ups and military exercises in Iran and among Iran’s clients Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas expose the contours of their war plans.

Syria and Iran have armed Hizbullah with some 40,000 missiles and rockets, including hundreds of Scud missiles and guided surface-to-surface solid fuel M600 missiles with a 250 km range and. This week Hizbullah threatened to attack Israel with non-conventional weapons. Syria itself has a formidable chemical and biological arsenal as well as a massive artillery and missile force at its disposal.

As for Hamas, since Operation Cast Lead Iran’s Palestinian proxy Hamas has expanded its own missile arsenal. Today it reportedly has projectiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv and beyond.

The US & the EU still want to give the Pal’s a state:  Pearls to the Swine

Europe Mulls Recognition of Palestinian State

Brussels Journal

France and Spain are laying the political groundwork for the European Union to recognize a Palestinian state — possibly as early as October 2011 — even if negotiations for a permanent settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are not concluded.     continue reading

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Take Your Fartwa & Shove It, Mufti!

The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian ideology. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies. To fight it, we must understand it. Ayn Rand

U.K.: Islamic scholar issues fartwa against “terrorism” — is anyone safer?

A leading Muslim scholar in Britain issued a fatwa on Tuesday condemning terrorists and suicide bombers, saying they had no justification in the name of Islam.

Pakistan-born Dr Tahir ul-Qadri …  said his 600-page fatwa, or religious ruling, was an “absolute” condemnation of terrorism without “any excuses or pretexts”.

In other news:

Fatwa Wars

from Harry’s Place

I’m afraid, Brian Whittaker in The Guardian(well, CiF, actually) may be right.

The whole idea of waging “fatwa wars” with extremists is not only futile but anti-progressive and further entrenches the authoritarian tendencies in Islam. Issuing fatwas and promoting them, even in a good cause, is damaging because it ends up reinforcing the importance attached to fatwas in general.

He is of course responding to the story that an influential Muslim scholar has issued a global ruling against terrorism and suicide bombing.

Whittaker disagrees with Ed Hussein who also writes in The Guardian’s CiF that “Fatwas can be a force for good”.

Back to reality:

Saleh al Munajjid is a Saudi preacher. He thinks freedom is very dangerous and brutal corporal punishment in the name of Islam is fantastic.

A commenter on JW nails it:

More Taqiyya and Samosas.

Al-BBCeera have been whoring this all day, along with their permalink to the MCB statement on terrorism… yes you know the one, you must have heard it so many times from other Muslims:

“Muslims everywhere consider all acts of terrorism that aims to murder and maim innocent human beings utterly reprehensible”

Except when it doesn’t…..

Willie Clitman's Wife Passes Wind in Morocco

Clueless, hopeless, worthless:

Clintons wife assures Mohammedans that the US will give Israel away if it can’t be sold:

M&C Marrakech, Morocco – US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Monday that Washington continued to regard the Israeli settlements policy in Palestinian areas as illegitimate.

Palestinians seethe as Clinton praises Israel, Clinton backs off

Dhimmitude from the Secretary of State. What did you expect? It isn’t as if she is Winston Churchill’s Foreign Minister.

In Morocco, Clinton offers more jizya

After all, it always makes Muslim countries such grateful and cooperative allies of the U.S., now, doesn’t it?   “Clinton offers U.S. aid to help boost Muslim ties,” from Reuters, November 3 (thanks to Weasel Zippers via JW):

Clinton spoke to the press in the Moroccan city of Marrakech, where she was attending a regional conference called Forum for the Future.

The position of US President Barack Obama on settlements ‘has not changed,’ Clinton said, explaining that ‘the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.’

The Israeli offer of restricting settlements, however, would have a ‘significant’ effect, she said.

Clinton praised Palestinian efforts to improve security in the West Bank.

She said she had advised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to respond to ‘positive’ Palestinian measures in kind.

Clinton’s statement was interpreted by observers as a slight hardening of the US position on settlements, in line with the wishes of Arab countries.

The Forum for the Future brought together representatives of Middle Eastern, North African and industrialized countries.

Slick Willie wishes he’d left the White House in a coffin….

STANBUL, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said on Monday he would have preferred to leave the White House in a coffin because he loved being commander in chief, but signalled his political life was over. Totally befuddled with himself. What an A-ssshole!

Bullshit Peddlers & Taqiyya Doctors

Thanks to Weasel Zippers:

* Despite the tens of thousands of hate preachers, 1400 years of jihad warfare against the world, more than 12.000 Islam-motivated terrorist attacks since 9/11 and then some;  there is still an army of spin-doctors and gullible loons out there who would have you believe that Islam is somehow benevolent and peaceful. At this point it is up to you, dear reader, to educate yourself and to make up your own mind, in case you haven’t done so yet. Perhaps I will post a full rebuttal later when I find the time, in the meantime, the comments are all yours. Please keep it civil!

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Sumbul Ali-Karamal, author of the book The Muslim Next Door, writes of an encounter with someone who subscribes to the fallacy that Islam and muslims are inherently anti-Semitic:
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Ban Ki Moonbat is impressed; applauds non-event

“interfaith”= code for da’awa, Islamic proselytizing…

Arab News Editorial: Dialogue among civilizations

Daniel Pipes: Obama Wins, Muslims Divided

Talk is cheap: Israel’s Peres praises Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah at UN conference

Peres dines with Arab leaders

The Saudi King with Ban Ki-Moon in New York     

The UN conference was suggested by Saudi King Abdullah in July

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Arab leaders including King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia have attended the same dinner at the UN offices in New York.

The joint attendance is a first for the two leaders, whose countries lack diplomatic ties, but reports said there was no contact between the men.

They are attending a two-day UN meeting promoting dialogue on religion and culture, proposed by Saudi Arabia.

Public meetings that include Israeli and Saudi officials are extremely rare.

“It’s quite unique when you expect President Peres of Israel…and many kings and leaders from the Arab world…[sitting] down together and having dinner,” UN chief Ban Ki-moon said before Tuesday’s banquet.

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