The Mohammedan Obsession With Jews

Arabic newspaper: “Jewish lobby” engineered U.S. Armenian genocide vote

Of course. Who else would it be but the ones the Qur’an designates as the worst enemies of the Muslims (Qur’an 5:82)?

“Kill the infidels, kill the Jews…” our friends, the Turks….

More on this story. “‘Jewish lobby behind U.S. Armenia genocide vote,'” from Haaretz, March 6 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Jewish lobbyists contrived a U.S. congressional vote that labeled the World War One-era massacre of Armenians by Turkish forces as genocide, a London-based Arabic-language newspaper claimed on Saturday.

Other Turk News, from the Gates of Vienna:

Erdogan purges military, tries to remove secular constitution:

Two-thirds of Turks would vote in a referendum to reform Turkey’s judiciary, which country’s hardline secularist bloc want to block, a poll (manipulated)  showed….More>>

More Dreck from Turkey

Pro-Israel lobbyists had previously backed Turkey on the issue ? [sic] but changed tack in retaliation for Turkish condemnation of Israel’s policies in the Gaza Strip, the Al-Quds Al-Arabi daily said in an editorial, according to Israel Radio reports….

In his leading article, Al-Quds Al-Arabi editor Abd al-Bari Atwan curged [sic] Erdogan not to give in to the Jewish lobby’s “extortion” tactics.

Erdogan on Thursday recalled Turkey’s ambassador to Washington after the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee voted 23-22 to approve the non-binding resolution, clearing it for consideration by the full House.

“The decision of the Foreign Affairs Committee will not hurt Turkey, but it will greatly harm bilateral relations, interests and vision. Turkey will not be the one who loses,” said Erdogan, speaking at a summit of Turkish businessmen….

Threat noted.

Turkey regards such accusations as an affront to its national honor.

And that’s what it is all about so often.

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

It would be interesting to hear from the enlightened in Turkey — for example, from Orhan Pamuk — as to what they think Turkey should or should not do in recognizing, and in correctly analyzing, the mass-murders of Armenians in 1894-96 by both Turks and Kurds, and the even greater mass-murdering of Armenians in 1915 and the years following. To what extent would they call the basis of this “ethnic” and to what extent would they be willing to recognize these murders, and those of the Maronites in Damascus in 1860 (and the intermittent massacres of Pontic Greeks, and the September 1956 attacks on the Greek community in Istanbul, under Adnan Menderes. And let’s not forget the precarious position of the Jews (though some Turks like to pride themselves on the tolerance for Jews in Turkey, and use it as a talking-point) in Turkey, especially with all the conspiracy theories about the Donme (the crypto-Jews of Turkey, descendants of the followers of Sabbatai Zevi– see Rifat Bali’s recent book on the subject) and for that matter, the indifference to the sinking of the Struma in the Black Sea and the drowning — with no attempt to save them by anyone — of hundreds of Jewish refugees on board that ship). And there’s a lot more to examine, too, including the Varlik Vergisi, the “Identity Tax” (“Varlik” means “identity” in Turkish –see Redhouse) placed on non-Muslims, by the Turkish government, during World War II.

Ataturk systematically constrained Islam as a political and social force, using ruthless methods when necessary, and laws that were cleverly intended to deal with a great many aspects of Islam, not all of those laws having an signficance immediately obvious — see, for example, the Hat Act banning the fez — to non-Muslims.

But Islam did not go away. And among the primitive masses, it remained, and even among some of those who found modern life too confusing, too decadent, too unpleasant, the Return to Islam offered a simple solution to the universe.

And so Islam is back. Erbakan’s student, Erdogan, who for a while tried to sugar-coat his views when he thought there was a chance of admission to the E.U. — he now knows better, and is going for broke, trying to make alliances with the likes of Syria, and Iran, in other words trying to reinsert Turkey into the Muslim world, possibly in the hope (vain) that it can once again be the center of that world. Erdogan, Gul, and the others in the PKP fail to realize that that will not be possible, given that Turkey can hardly rule the Islamic roost when a dozen Muslim oil states, and among the “primitive desert Arabs” of Arabistan, at that, possess far greater wealth than does Turkey. Meanwhile, as the war against the secular class continues, in the army and in the judiciary (the next big target) and the universities (the rectors and some of the leading professors), Turkey will slowly sink, unless the secular class takes the measures that Ataturk, and generals in a previous period, would not have hesitated to take.

Here’s more if you can bear it:

Jordanian newspaper: “How Can (the Jews), Being Unclean, Claim Possession of His Mosque, to Defile It with Their Stench and Their Filthy Deeds?!”

Al-Mutarajjam at Translating Jihad notes: “Quite often we will hear Muslims claim to be anti-Zionist but not anti-Jewish. However, in this essay the author shows that Islam is intrinsically anti-semitic, regardless of what ‘the Zionists’ do.”

“Jordanian newspaper: ‘How Can (the Jews), Being Unclean, Claim Possession of His Mosque, to Defile It with Their Stench and Their Filthy Deeds?!,” from Translating Jihad, March 6:

The Jews and Moral Impudence
Dr. ‘Ali al-‘Atoum
As-Sabeel, 2 Mar 2010

Read it all

Hugh Fitzgerald sums it up:

“For these holy places in the city of Khalil al-Rahman and the surrounding area are purely an Islamic inheritance, set apart by the Prophet more than 1,400 years ago for the owner of Galilee Abu Raqiya Tamim ibn Ausa al-Dari and his companions, and for those that come after them until the day of resurrection, as an exclusive gift.”

Not the city of David, not the city of Jesus, but the city of one “Khalil al-Rahman.” Jeruslaem is “purely an Islamic inheritance, set apart by the Prophet more than 1,400 years ago.” Curious, isn’t it, that nowhere in the Qur’an does “Jeruslaem” appear, that it was only after Muhammad’s death that various sites were suggested as that where the Night Journey, or Miraj, took place (when Muhammad was said to go from the earth to the seventh heaven and back, on his winged steed Al Buraq, all within — mirabile dictu — a single night and day), and finally, an early Ummayyad caliph, ruling from Damascus, had the bright idea to place the vague “al-masjid al-aksa” (the “furthest mosque”) right smack on top of the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, thus staking a religio-political claim to the holiest site in Judaism, and one smack in the middle of the city holiest to both Jews and those dangerous shirkers, the Christians. Perfect for a faith that lays claim to the entire world, but back then was starting in the neighborhood, conquering Jews and Christians and claiming everything associated with them as Islamic, Islamic, Islamic.

And now we even have, more specifically, a local habitation and a name given in answer to the question who owns Jerusalem. Why, it’s “the owner of Galilee Abu Raqiya Tamim ibn Ausa al-Dari and his companions, and for those that come after them until the day of resurrection, as an exclusive gift.”

So do not ask for whom Jerusalem exists, or who has a claim. It’s not the Jews, it’s not the Christians, it’s not all of humanity or some such treacly idea beloved of bomfoggery blowhards everywehere. It’s Abu Raqiya Tamim ibn Ausa al-Dari and his companions, and “for those that come after them.” So will the descendants of Abu Raqiya Tamim ibn Ausa al-Dari please raise their hands and identify themselves? Apparently you own Jerusalem and indeed, all of the Galilee.

If we’d only known, think of how much trouble could have been spared everyone.