Turkish Caliphate Allures

The Audacity of the Turks:

Turkish Thug in Chief Tayyip Erdogan demands Germany pay for Turkish schools, rejects integration and calls assimilation a “crime against humanity”.

The demand for Turkish schools has just been rejected.  However, in view of the rapid re-Islamization of Turkey it is a bad idea for German chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Turkey at this moment in time. Turks should be summoned whenever necessary, and told in no uncertain terms where to stick their arrogance.

Cocksuckers of the world unite:

Clinton “assures” Turkey on Armenia bill

Sure. Right after Obambi pompously declared: As President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has assured Turkey the White House opposes a congressional resolution labeling the World War One massacres of Armenians in Turkey as genocide, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Monday.

Sorry I’m out of swear words for this Obama-Clitman crew. Don’t chew it and don’t choke on it, just read it>>

The Gates of Vienna have a nice little compilation of Erdogan allures, none of them pleasing to Western eyes and ears:

Erdogan on Armenians:

PM Erdogan’s Armenian hostages

[March 18, 2010] Angered at the Armenian “genocide” resolutions passed by a U.S. House of Representatives committee and the Swedish parliament, Turkey’s prime minister says he is prepared to deport 100,000 Armenians living illegally in Turkey if necessary. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan made the following remark in an interview with the BBC’s Turkish Service during a visit to London a few days ago: “Look, there are 170,000 Armenians in my country; 70,000 are my citizens. But we are not making a fuss over the remaining 100,000. So what will I do tomorrow? If necessary, I am going to tell these 100,000, ‘come on, back to your country.’ I will do this. Why? Because they are not my citizens. There is nothing that forces me to keep them in my country.” […] Ergun Babahan of daily Star went the whole way and wrote [in a comment], “If Hitler had been Turkish, we would also be denying the Holocaust today.” He added, in so many words, that that the spirit of Enver Pasha and his “Ittihadists” was alive and kicking in today’s Turkey.

Erdogan on genocide

“A Muslim can never commit genocide”

[Nov. 8, 2009] It was not clear whether al-Bashir will come to Turkey on Monday or Tuesday for a summit of Islamic nations, the officials added, according to a report by the Doðan news agency. The statement came hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan defended al-Bashir’s visit by saying, “A Muslim can never commit genocide.” […] “Those world leaders who criticize us, have they ever visited Darfur? Their information is solely based on what the rapporteurs are reporting. These kinds of moves will not contribute to world peace,” Erdoðan said Sunday in an address to party members. “It’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide,” he said. “That’s why we are comfortable [with the visit of al-Bashir].”

Erdogan on Integration

“Do not integrate, but become more politically active in your country”
[March 19, 2010] The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has at a meeting in Istanbul called 1500 Turkish politicians who are active in Europe [politicians in European countries] not to integrate into the country they live, but just to become politically more active. This is reported by the German weekly Der Spiegel [“Erdogan umgarnt deutsch-türkische Politiker”], which relies on statements by Turkish politicians living in Germany. Some1,500 Turkish politicians, mainly from Germany [there is an investigation ongoing in which Dutch politicians were present], have last month at the invitation and expense of the Turkish government attended a conference in Istanbul and stayed in a five star hotel.

Erdogan, leader of the orthodox religious party AKP government, had a crystal clear message to proclaim to the participants: “Do not integrate, but become more politically active in your country. European countries who speak out against dual nationality are opposed to fundamental rights,” he stated. Furthermore, he compared Islamophobia with anti-Semitism and said that “assimilation is a crime against humanity.” This statement he had earlier expressed in 2008 during a speech in Cologne. According to Ali Ertan Toprak, vice-president of the Alevi community in Germany, Erdogan also said that European culture should be based on that of Turkey. It is not the first time the Turkish government seeks contact with politicians of Turkish origin in Germany [and other countries]. After the 2009 parliamentary elections, politicians of Turkish descent were congratulated by the conservative AKP government on their victory. In October 2009 German parliamentarians were invited to a congress of the AKP in Ankara. […]

Erdogan on Imams

Turkey wants immunity for Imams

[March 18, 2010] The Turkish government wants to provide a limited guarantee of immunity to the by authorities appointed religious Imams. A bill in Parliament provides that imams can only be sued with the consent of the highest authorities. The new law would restrict the possibility to legally prosecute scholars for their political statements. The draft law on the duties of the Turkish administration for religious affairs (Diyanet) provides that its director comes directly under the Prime Minister and reports to him. […] Turkey follows the principle of separation of church and state, which was ordained by the founder of the republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In practice this means that the Turkish state controls the religion. The opposition however, accuses the Islamic-conservative government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of seeking to Islamize Turkey.

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  1. One of the regrets in my life is that some years back I had planned to downsize substantially and got rid of rooms and rooms full of clutter which included a collection of National Geographic from 1900-1980.
    There was one issue from about 1915-20 that had a graphic account of the massacre with tons of pictures of the dead and dying. A lot of libraries in the states have collections of these issue, will somebody please look for it, photocopy and spread around. It will convince most doubters.

  2. Oh no! That collection is worth its weight in gold. However, shouldn’t we primarily look at what the Turks are doing TODAY? “Don’t integrate” – now there’s a surprise. Meanwhile last week, Newsweek exhorts European leaders to hook up with Turkey as soon as possible to MAKE THE EUROPEAN UNION STRONGER …

  3. Update:

    “It’s Not Possible for a Muslim to Commit Genocide…”

    Over at savedarfur.org, Megan Flemming explains the arrest warrant issued yesterday against the Butcher of Khartoum, Omar Hasan al-Bashir:

    The judges found that there are reasonable grounds to believe al-Bashir is responsible for three counts of genocide committed against the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups.

    Here are some good suggestions of action you can take to assist the process of bringing al-Bashir to a prison cell. Why should you? Here’s the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Louis Moreno Ocampo:

    The 10-judge panel’s decision, announced Monday, to charge al-Bashir with three counts of genocide in Darfur “will force the world to pay attention to the reality” on the ground in the embattled western Sudanese province. He added he hoped it would also cement the international community’s will to see the Sudanese leader tried in The Hague. Read more »

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