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Keep him in Sowdi Barbaria!

A Saudi cleric announced on his television show on Sunday that he would be broadcasting his next program next week from Jerusalem.  Given that Israelis are not allowed into Saudi Arabia, I see no reason to let this guy in. But unfortunately, it seems that if he applies for a visa, the Israeli government will grant it.  Carl in J’lem

Al Reuters is the enemy:

Sweetness & Light:

7 Yr Old Video Shows Attack On Reporter-Associated -With-Terrorists

Muslims Murder 49 More Muslims In Iraq

Karzai joins Taliban:  Cause for ‘Great Concern’

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer on ‘very troubling’ tensions between Afghan President Karzai and Western world

Around the World: 4/5

New wave of terror attacks in Russia; students protest university’s social class discrimination in India

Saudi Shiites arrested over worship: rights activist

Only one type of Islam welcomed here!! Saudi Shiites get the Christian treatment ~ persecuted for worshipping their faith in the Islamic world. As always in these cases, Sheik Yer’mami is rootin’ for both sides….. AFP/Islamization Watch

No Hijab On The Soccer Field: Iranian Girl’s Youth Olympic Team Barred At Singapore Games Good riddance! IW  Read more…

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  1. * No Hijab On The Soccer Field …

    Soccer is basically unislamic unless a heap of silly conditions are met:

    Islamic Fatwa Prohibits Soccer

    A strange Fatwa (Islamic religious sanction) demands that Muslims who play soccer must wear traditional full-length attire. In addition players are to spit in the face of the player who scores a goal. The fatwa asserts that the game is unlawful and he that plays it is an infidel

  2. allah is such a stupid & contrary sockpuppet god – even satan, the puppet master, must laugh every time one of its slaves comes out with a fatwa like that 🙂

  3. “As always in these cases, Sheik Yer’mami is rootin’ for both sides”

    LOL! Brilliant!

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