Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper has had enough of this crap:

Vid via Tim Blair:

An Update From: Comedy Central submits to Islamic intimidation — now South Park cannot even say the word “Muhammad”

Creeping Sharia: Infiltration Watch

Muslim Brotherhood group holding MSA Day on Capitulation Hill

Every day is Muslim “Something or other” Day on Capitol Hill, there will be a Muslim Brotherhood day this week. An update to posts here, here, and here, on the group that turns Capitol Hill into a mosque every Friday and helps Muslims (only) get high level positions in U.S. government.

Another ex-CAIR Islamist seeks another Human Rights position in Florida (updated)

Obama caves to Islamic group’s dictates

Of course he does. He is a slave of Allah: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction …

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  1. Headbangers, Arselifters get offended by anything and everything. Religion of perpetual outrage, murder.

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