Iran, Israel, Zimbabwe

Iranian supremo continues his comedy act, calls U.S. nukes “a tool of collective intimidation and terror”

Projection Alert: of course it is Iran’s nuclear program that is a tool of terror and intimidation, and Iran that is deceptively calling for non-proliferation. But Khamenei here accuses his enemies of what he himself is doing – a recurring pattern among Islamic jihadists.

“Iran calls US nukes tool of terror, intimidation,” from AP, April 17 via JW

From the Elder of Ziyon

UAE compares Iran with Israel; Iran ticked off

Katyusha in Jordan. Where was it shot from? A short-range rocket may have completely overshot its intended target in Israel and landed in a different country.

A number of bloggers noticed the bizarre photographs (and video) of Iranian soldiers in camouflage during Iran’s Army Day a couple of days ago

Iran begins war games in Persian Gulf, taunts U.S.

Saber-rattling and thumbing their noses at a weak president whom they know will not act. “Iran begins war games in Persian Gulf oil route,” by Nasser Karimi and Lee Keath for Associated Press/JW

When (short) tyrants meet: Mugabe welcomes Ahmadinejad to Zimbabwe

They are two diminutive men, short in stature but long on anti-Western rhetoric.

Yesterday two of America’s staunchest opponents embraced as Robert Mugabe welcomed Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Zimbabwe.

In a ceremony full of pomp and circumstance at Harare’s airport, the two leaders met, united by their politics.  Read more:

And now, a picture that may surprise you:

The slaves of Africa are now slaves of Allah…..

Funny thought of the day: will Mugabe sell his own people as slaves to the Arabs now that he ruined his country?

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