Husband who killed wife for being "too Australian" gets 17 years

Just another “honor killing”. But you don’t find that term mentioned in this article:

He’ll be out in less than ten. He  claimed his marriage was a “happy one”….

The judge  slams 000 operator’s reaction to Afghan woman’s call for help. / Heraldsun/com

A JUDGE has slammed a 000 operator’s reaction to an Afghan woman who called complaining of domestic violence days before her death.

Soltan Ahmad Azizi, 46, strangled his wife Marzeih Rahimi with her veil after complaining she had become “too Australian”, the Herald Sun reports.

Sentencing Azizi to a minimum of 17-and-a-half years behind bars, Justice Betty King said police should have been there for Ms Rahimi after she called 000 for help just days before her death.

Ms Rahimi, a mother of five, was killed in front of the couple’s three-month old baby and toddler, 22 months, in their Hampton Park home in November 2007.  More>>

In other news:

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5 thoughts on “Husband who killed wife for being "too Australian" gets 17 years”

  1. Hope the prick meets up with some decent Aussies while he’s inside,gutless islamic wonder,come to think of it,how come none of this scum say any thing in their defence,natural losers, I reckon.

  2. * A JUDGE has slammed a 000 operator’s reaction …

    Yes, it’s the operator’s reaction that is slammed, but what of the woman who came as a refugee in 1995, and was murdered in 2005? Didn’t think it necessary to learn English? Refugees tend to be given access to English classes (taxpayer funded) as far as I know. Death by hijab is becoming quite common in Oz – time for a buy-back scheme?

  3. Sorry, I misread thw article – the arranged marriage took place in Afghanistan & they came as refugees in 2005 – only had 2 years to learn English before husband murdered her for “becoming too Australian”. Apparently becoming Australian doesn’t include becoming fluent in Australia’s language.

  4. Don’t worry Jim, the perp won’t be deported back to Afghanistan on release, as that would breach his “human rights”.

  5. allah should teach its followers something along the lines of “thou shalt not kill”, instead of making it obligatory.

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