Poll Results

Regarding the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Russia. What should Russia do?

32 %  voted Deport all Muslims to North Caucasus and give them independence

54 % Kill all Muslims and keep its territories

8   % Convert to Islam and pray for mercy from Muslims

3   % Just complain to UN and NATO

3   % Do nothing about it, just welcome more terrorist attacks/ must be  our Mohammedan lurkers….


New Poll Starts Today:

What is the solution to KRudds boat people disaster?

Internment and deportation

Blow them out of the water

Roll out the red carpet and welcome them as new Australians

Take them into your home and make them feel good….

Alright. Let us know how you really feel….

One thought on “Poll Results”

  1. How many can you inter and deport? Is Jesus secretly living in Australia and perpetually churning out bread and fish to feed all the boat parasites flooding in?

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