Sinister Minister

Crucifixes out of classrooms!

Germany’s first  Turkish ‘minister’, a token Muslima from Turkey, has started her job with predictable resentment against Christian symbols in classrooms: crucifixes gotta go! Crucifixes have no place in schoolrooms, and  since the school is “a neutral place” the little Turkish girls shouldn’t wear headscarves either. But lets not be so hard on them, shall we?

Aygül Özkan CDU (CDU = ‘Christian Democratic Union’) also demands that  degrees from Turkish diploma mills are recognized in Germany.  “Highly qualified Turks” should not be relegated to drive taxis……

Aygül Özkan also wants to see more judges with “turkish background”,  that’s not only ‘fair’, but that would make Turkish Moslems feel more at home:  Özkan: Brauchen mehr Migranten-Richter

The german interior ministry has allocated bodyguards for Aygül Özkan, since she has been threatened from “right wing extremists/racists etc”……

Article in German, here: Ministerin Özkan gegen Kruzifix und Kopftuch in Klassen

14 thoughts on “Sinister Minister”

  1. No! I do not believe it.

    I bet this need for security is the product of a vivid imagination, like it has been found elsewhere in the world. LIES,LIES, LIES.

  2. “, but that would make Turkish Moslems feel more at home”

    lol, they could go back to Turkey?

  3. If she’s a minister in the German government, then surely she should be working for the benefit of Germans, not Turks?

    And if she wants Turks to feel at home … well, Turkey is just down the road; not all that far – and I know that because I’ve driven it.

  4. Well, she is probably a “token” minister. I would say, however, that in no circumstance will Germany recognize second rate degrees as any form of final qualification.

  5. Most Westerners are anti-Christianity, but since a Turk comes with this proposal their racist feelings come up. Hypocrites. =)

  6. Scratching my head trying to figure out why Aygül Özkan is a member of the Christian Democratic Union.

  7. First of all, the CDU is no longer Christian and hasn’t been for a long time.

    Besides, in Europe even the so-called conservatives are Socialists.

  8. More like her brain stem has been cut to match the fanny cut.

    Where do these people get off. They were the greatest lovers of Hitler.

    They come into other peoples countries and begin to take over.

    Get back to your countries and give your new found expertise to them and make your own country better. Although, with Turkey about to return to militant Islam they may not like what they return to. BUT GO ANYWAY!!!!!!

  9. ‘also wants to see more judges with “turkish background”‘.,,does this really mean “sharia background”?

  10. I do not believe that she has been threatened and needs a bodyguard.

    She is play acting. Telling lies.

    But, if it is true – GOOD! A taste of what her kind dish out to Geert Wilders, Salman Rushdie and others makes my heart sing, gives me great joy. We should be sending anonymous threatening emails by the thousands to prominent muzzies. Make them relieve their bowels every time they are threatened. The are cowards, anyway.

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