Germany Deports Criminal Syrian Clan

The left throws a collective fit. The  inevitable wingeing and whining is heartwrenching.

All the usual suspects are up in arms: the “advisory commitee for integration” and the Lebanese ‘Zedernverein’ are talking about a scandal. Why Lebanese? The Syrians pretended to be Lebanese to get asylum. That’s why the Lebanese yuman rites machine gets all fired up.  A Muslim brother is always obliged to help his Muslim brother in need, specially when it comes to squeezing the jizia out of the  recalcitrant kafirs….

More in German, from PI  Essen schiebt kriminelle Syrer ab

Epic Fail: She’s gotta go!

Aygül Özkan was meant to be the hope of a new generation of politicians in Germany. In April she became the first politician with German-Turkish roots to become a minister in a state government. But her first months in office have proven to be a disaster and what could have been a public relations coup for her conservative party has backfired.  (SPIEGEL, By Anna Reimann: Critcism of first Turkish minister grows)

Islam, nothing but Islam

It’s the Islam, Stoopid!

In German: Nächste Watschen für Aygül Özkan

Thanks to PI, slightly edited

Lawyer-by-training and German by naturalisation Aygül Özkan  sees German courts as an “alien authority” and would like to see more Turkish Muslims in the judiciary. Özkan recently caused an uproar when she called for the removal of cruzifixes from German classrooms. Since German police is unable to cope with large numbers of increasingly aggressive, criminal gangs of Mohammedan ‘youth’ the import of Turkish policemen is being suggested. Nobody seems to realize that Turkish police would side with the criminals, because Muslim loyalties always lie with other Muslims, never with the infidel nation state.

Now Aygül Özkan is about to introduce a “Media Charter” for Lower Saxony. During a collective act on August 16 in Hannover, the invited media representatives are supposed to sign this so-called “Media Charter on Integration”. The written invitation says that the collective declaration of intent is supposed to generate a publicity effect and all undersigned will have to pledge themselves to “strongly support the integration process in Lower Saxony”.

Özkan’s ministry demands the media use “culturally sensitive” language  to further “intercultural openness (which is, of course, humbug, because the term “intercultural” is a one-way-street and don’t we all know the “intercultural openness” of Muslims towards the West), to improve their “intercultural competence” (ditto), to initiate relevant projects and to cover them as journalists.

The NWZ goes on:

It is so far unique in Germany for the government of a federal state to pledge the media to a collective content and even the language used for that.

How very daring! But while Özkan had gotten a lot of backslapping by the media for her attempt at removing the crucifix from the public eye (who wants religion anyway, at least as long as it’s Christian), by getting at the media itself, she went too far and didn’t come by the usual fawning reception to which she must be used by now.

Here we have a woman, young, “modern”, seemingly perfectly assimilated, educated to university level, the lot, yet the first thing she sets her mind on in her high office, even before she is sworn in, is the banning of the Christian symbol from schools and, not even three months later, the abolition of the freedom of the press in favour of her fellow Muslims. Because in spite of all the “integration” and “people with a migration background” hogwash it’s just about one thing: Islam. Just as for this woman, young, “modern”, seemingly perfectly assimilated, educated to university level, everything is about Islam.  Islam, nothing else matters……

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Germany:  Token Muslim Minister (Turkish agent) Calls for Blasphemy Laws, Threatens Media To Use “Culturally Sensitive Language”

That’s right after she tried to get crucifixes banned from German classrooms. She’s pushing it; because she can:

Aygul Ozkan, minister of integration in Lower Saxony state, had asked media to sign a charter to abstain from “racist” reporting. (Islam is not a race. But striking terror in the hearts of all Islam-critics is official policy of the OIC and the UN, and this Islamo agit-prop is doing their bidding….)

The draft proposed that signatories ‘use culturally sensitive language,’ educate readers to think ‘interculturally’ and devote news attention to ‘the challenges of integration.’ She suggested leading editors meet in August to publicly sign the charter.

As the outcry grew, Ozkan appealed for calm, saying the text was ‘just a first possible draft as a basis for discussion.’ (Monsters & Critics)

Pakistan: Christians murdered outside courthouse had been acquitted of blasphemy

But enraged Muslims in the area demanded blood for (alleged) pamphlets. “2,000 Muslim militants go on rampage in Faisalabad; acquitted Christians murdered,” from Catholic Culture via JW

“2,000 Islamic militants– urged at local mosques to ‘fight the infidels'”

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When Aygül Özkan was appointed by former Prime Minister Christian Wulff to become the first Muslim minister in Germany, there was doubt whether the contradiction between Islamic teachings and our Basic Law could always be regulated in the secular sense. For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany this minister would like to shake down the freedom of the press granted in the Basic Law. Media are to commit themselves officially to only report to certain topics in a sense specified first and with arranged language. Guess  which topics this could be….?

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"God is not Allah"

Surprise, surprise! Germany’s churches are coming out:

Churches take stand: Allah is not God

Kirchen stellen klar: Gott ist nicht Allah

Thanks to Politically Incorrect

Aygül Özkan after  swearing an oath to uphold the constitution of  Germany, which she is religiously obliged to replace with sharia, Islamic law…..

She is now the new minister of social affairs of Lower Saxony on behalf of the Christian Democratic Union, a party that was once considered Christian & conservative.

Surprisingly, Germany’s two official churches came out with clear statements that the God of the Christians is not identical to Allah. This much clarity one would like to see across the board….

In the UK,   Nigerian fraudsters work in the Home Office handing out fake passports, and Pakistanis work in the Foreign Office distributing memos which insult the pope. Pakistani forgers manufacture visas for tens of thousands, and hate preachers prepare the soldiers for the coming jihad.  More>>

Its happening in Germany too:

Aygül Özkan became world famous with her demanding that crucifixes be removed from classrooms and certificates from Mohammedan title mills recognized in Germany. She also demanded Turkish judges in the judiciary, so that Mohammedan rapists would feel better integrated. Multicultural enrichment at its best…….

In German:

Anlässlich des Amtseides der neuen niedersächsischen Sozialmnisterin Aygül Özkan haben die beiden Amtskirchen mit überraschender Deutlichkeit klargestellt, dass der Gott der Christen nicht identisch mit Allah ist. Soviel Klarheit wünscht man sich sonst auch. [mehr]

Sinister Minister

Crucifixes out of classrooms!

Germany’s first  Turkish ‘minister’, a token Muslima from Turkey, has started her job with predictable resentment against Christian symbols in classrooms: crucifixes gotta go! Crucifixes have no place in schoolrooms, and  since the school is “a neutral place” the little Turkish girls shouldn’t wear headscarves either. But lets not be so hard on them, shall we?

Aygül Özkan CDU (CDU = ‘Christian Democratic Union’) also demands that  degrees from Turkish diploma mills are recognized in Germany.  “Highly qualified Turks” should not be relegated to drive taxis……

Aygül Özkan also wants to see more judges with “turkish background”,  that’s not only ‘fair’, but that would make Turkish Moslems feel more at home:  Özkan: Brauchen mehr Migranten-Richter

The german interior ministry has allocated bodyguards for Aygül Özkan, since she has been threatened from “right wing extremists/racists etc”……

Article in German, here: Ministerin Özkan gegen Kruzifix und Kopftuch in Klassen