Honor Killing in Germany

Politically Incorrect

Turk Strangles Girlfriend

Just another “isolated incident”, nothing to do with Islam. Must be a cultural thing, some kind of cultural enrichment:


yesterday around 07:30 clock  the corpse of a 32-jährigen Türkish women was discovered. The woman was strangled, in  Iserlohn (North-Rhine/Westphalia) by her boyfriend, a 34-jährigen Turk, and dumped in Süssen, 460 km away.

Here’s the story in German:   Einzelfallâ„¢: Türke erdrosselt 32-jährige Freundin

And another one:

Cologne: a 55-year old Turkish man stabbed his 52-year old wife repeatedly in front of a hospital and then fled into a doorway where he stabbed himself. Both are in intensive care. The police refused to comment re motive…..source:  Jihad Watch Deutschland

Italy: A Moroccan man, El Ketawi Dafani, on Monday went on trial in the northern Italian city of Udine charged with stabbing his 18-year-old daughter to death last September for falling in love with an Italian man. (AKI)

Stockholm: horny imam charged with sex-offences

A 48-year-old imam who teaches children about the Koran has been charged with sexually molesting an 11-year-old female student.

According to the charge sheet the incidents are alleged to have occurred in August and September 2009 in the girl’s family home south of Stockholm. The 48-year-old was a regular visitor to the apartment and taught the girl and her 14-year-old elder brother about the Koran and the Arabic language. The Local

Ohio: Muslim woman reportedly abducted by parents over her marriage to a Christian man

Islamic law forbids the marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslim men. Needless to say, that should not ever be enforceable in the greater Youngstown area. “Woman alleges capture, threats,” by Denise Dick for Vindy, JW

4 thoughts on “Honor Killing in Germany”

  1. Another good reason for a ban on the burka?
    Islamic law forbids the marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslim men. Anything that may bring shame upon a Muslim family can result in Islamic honor killing. Even the rape of a daughter is considered grounds. Note: They don’t punish the rapist…the punish the victim.
    Many women commit suicide by becoming suicide bombers in order to escape the shame of being raped.

    What a lovely ideology Islam is. NOT!

  2. As I understand it, under Sharia Law, if the woman cannot produce four male witnesses, then she raped the man.

    “Your honor, she raped me with her vagina, and I’ll never be the same. My honor demands she be stoned to death”

    Is this about right?

  3. This may not make sense to anyone at first but there seems to be a connection between Western wealth and the strengthening of Islam in our lands. On my first visit to Germany with my husband in the late seventies the Germans had become very wealthy and no one wanted to do the menial labour like clean the public toilets or sweeping the streets and this heralded in the “Arbieter” or foreign worker. Muslims came in droves to Germany from Turkey mainly and were so happy to earn some money and learn a trade to support their families that they could not do in their Muslim countries. Their Muslim lords kept them poor.
    The Germans were sensitive about refusing these people entry to their country but, because of their history re Mr. Hitler they were forced to take them in. Turks loved Mr. Hitler and especially in regard to the extermination of the Jews.
    Being forced to be politically correct, Germany opened the flood gates to one of the world’s greatest mistakes – the Islamization of Europe.

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