Oh the irony: Shiite cleric in Ireland worries about Wahabites

Unfortunately, the good imam does not tell us  why Shia islam would be preferable to us infidels. Is he reading a different Koran? Or is it just another case of “my Allah is better than yours?”

EXTREMIST Wahhbais influenced by al-Qaeda are taking a hold in Ireland and some of these young adults are becoming influential in the country’s universities, the Muslim religious leader of a Dublin mosque has warned.


Imam Ali Al-Saleh, who runs the Shia mosque in Dublin’s Milltown, said fundamentalist Wahhabis who sympathise with al-Qaeda were living in Ireland and and that the recent arrest of a group of Wahhabis in Waterford and Limerick was proof of this.

“I think there is a problem with extremists in Ireland. Ireland is being used as a safe haven. We were not surprised over the arrests in relation to the plot in Sweden,” Dr Al-Saleh told the Sunday Tribune.

In other news from the RoP:

“Many extremist Wahhabis came to Ireland as asylum seekers. They are raising their children as extremists and these children have now grown into adults. There is now a problem in Ireland with extremists getting involved in university student societies. This is of concern.

These youths can be easily brainwashed. There are so many websites dedicated to extremism and so many speeches being made that influence these young people. It is a very hot atmosphere. We are warning people not to get involved.”

A bit of BS and a bit of taqiyya:

Islam is now the second biggest faith in Ireland after Christianity with approximately 32,000 Muslims living here. Imam Ali Al-Selim, chairman of the Irish Council of Imams and head of the Sunni mosque in Dublin’s Clonskeagh, said he did not believe there was a problem with extremists Wahhabis in Ireland.

“We are an integrated part of Irish society here. Nothing has happened to show us there are radical Wahhabis who call themselves as Muslim in Ireland. We as Muslims condemn all violence whether it’s against Muslims or non-Muslims,” he said.

Sure. That’s why Iran calls for ‘wiping Israel of the map’ on a daily basis and manufactures nukes to prove it….. the peace of Islam is the peace of the grave.

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  1. Dr Al-Saleh is correct – there is a problem. People like Ali Al-Selim are part of this problem.

  2. What a loverly photo of the Imam Ali Al-Saleh!
    Doesn’t he look divinely feminine in his robes?

  3. The Irish will pine for the good old days, when they only had “the troubles” to worry about.

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