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Mullah sends this in:

7’s Today Tonight with the results of their “should the burqa be banned …” poll. Result 97% Yes, 3% No.

Australia’s burqa ban debate heats up [Video]

thanks to Islamization Watch

The man makes sense.

The Mohammedan shill offers the usual BS: ‘its only a tiny minority, less than .5 percent, its divisive, (as if Islam was not divisive!) its targeting and demonizing a particular group, is about “choice”, (its not) its about democracy (which Muslims want to replace with sharia) its a manifestation of their religious identity  (which makes them unemployable) its a poll from the Herald Sun which is not representative of the majority of Australians” , etc. etc……

The burqa is not (yet) banned in France. But new immigrants who choose to wear the burqa or those who force them into it, would have their French citizenship application rejected.

In the next video ~ the person posting it has interjected his opinion, but it covers the burqa debate raging in Australia all the same. Read more…

Tall Claims by Muslim Clerics:

Mohammedanism makes women just like Madonna, Muslims are guardians of Italian virtue & traditions:

(Italy) A woman in Italy was fined for wearing her burka in public and in response the head of Italy’s Muslims has opined how veiled Islamic women have become the true upholders of western traditions of female dress;

“If we go and see the beautiful artistic representations of the Madonna, we see her with the veil. We don’t see her semi-naked, I think.For that reason, I believe it is the Muslims who are protecting the traditions of our country.”   Islamic males find yet another excuse in which to defend oppressing women/eye on the world

Burqa ban

Today Tonight

The burqa, a traditional dress of conservative Muslim women which completely covers the face, is also becoming the disguise of choice for criminals. (the burqa is not “traditional dress of conservative Muslim women”, that is BS. The burqa is a symbol of defiance against western society. 30 years ago most women in Muslim countries would not wear the veil, this militant perversion of women’s rights  comes from the Saudis who brainwash new imams to brainwash the believers, and muslim women are forced into it, or else)

This week a man dressed in a burqa staged an armed hold up in Sydney, just as another bank robber and a jewellery thief did the same in the UK, sparking calls for Australia to follow other countries and ban the traditional dress.

The new form of criminal disguise has seen a range of reactions – from people calling for a complete ban, to just a ban in banks, and other people calling for a ban in all public buildings.

Radio 4bcs Michael Smith has been pushing for a change of law for some time.

“It needs to be banned in areas around the shop, around the bank, the chemist, and those sorts of places.”

Yesterday South Australian Liberal senator Cory Bernardi called for a blanket ban saying, “The burqa is no longer simply the symbol of female repression and Islamic culture, it is now emerging as a disguise of bandits and n’er do wells.”

But he’s since run for cover himself. Attempts to ban it here have been met with strong opposition.

3AW’s Neil Mitchell says it is a complete overreaction and illogical.

“We’ve had one case of a man wearing a burqa in a robbery and then this is being argued as a trend. It is nonsense.”

Ahiida Zanetti who runs a successful Muslim swimwear business called burqinis says, “I think banks are a different issue, but if you’re going to ban them on the street are you going to ban beards because people hide behind them? And pantyhose because people put them over their head?”

Michael Brook Jones is the former head of the Iraqi secret service and now runs private security company Sharp End International. He says the burqa is the perfect cover for terrorists and criminals but he doesn’t believe a complete ban is necessary.

“It’s an issue because of the fact that we rely heavily on facial identification.”

“I think that we could probably introduce some measures so they could still integrate with security issues without offending their religious beliefs,” says Michael.

And while any ban here would most likely be a breach of religious rights, the Burqa is banned in France, Belgium and Tunisia. It’s also effectively banned in Italy under anti-terrorism laws which have been in effect since the 1970s, making it illegal to appear in public with your face covered.

Schools in the Netherlands have a ban on the burqa, as they have in the UK and Egypt. Switzerland and Germany are now too debating a ban. But at the moment, it is a long way from making it to our parliament.

So what do you think – should the burqa be banned in public places?

If you think yes they should be banned call 1902 558 770
If you would like to vote No call 1902 558 771

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  1. * Mohammedanism makes women just like Madonna

    Dunno that she makes a great role model 🙂

  2. Burqa (or similar identity cloaking muslim attire) is a “choice” and us dhimmis should “respect” that choice. Likewise, jihad and martyrdom operations are a “choice”, not mandated by allah, except when they are.

    islam the gift that gives on taking.

    Eating a school lunch during ramavan is a choice, but could result in a bashing if you exercise that choice.

    Catering should be all-halal when muslims are present, “so everyone can eat”; dhimmis aren’t given the luxury of a choice.

    Completely OT because I was looking for something else is this PDF brochure on “Caring for muslim patients” showing how islam is insinuating its way into every aspect of Australian life (and death),
    sponsored by Logie-Smith Lanyon lawyers – the ones mentioned here recently as pushing for aspects of sharia to be recognised in Oz.

    (Australian Nursing Federation)


  3. As a member of a population group of 360,000 people [and rapidly rising] out of a total population of 22,000,000 i.e. 0.0163636% 0f the Australian population, she is very bossy, isn’t she?
    Just imagine what Australia will be like when ‘they’ reach critical mass in ten years time.
    Just imagine!

  4. Off Topic…Mullah the scumbag Omar was possibly captured several days or weeks ago by Pak/ISI…send him to the watering hole at Guantanamo!

  5. Seeing westerners supporting the wearing of this awful covering just makes me want to retch .
    Have they no sense of pride in what the west has achieved ?
    Why do they suck up to these primitives ?
    They should be fighting them all the way and loooking to preserve what they’ve got .
    It’s going to hit them in 20 or 30 years from now ( or sooner ?) and they’re going to rue the day they let them into their countries

  6. 97% vs 3%
    Latest figure I saw was Islamic population in Australia is about 3%, so that figures!!
    But Growing exponentially unless we Stop Immigration from Islamic countries and sterilize the lot of them!

  7. I Think Some laws are necessary for a country’s security. However, banning something like the burqa may not be the most effective initiative to fortify security measures. All it would do is hurt the sentiments of a community that is now forced to abide by the law and perhaps go against its own beliefs in the process.http://www.lawisgreek.com/burqas-in-belgium/

  8. How about banning things like Christmas trees, red & green decorations, golliwogs, sniffer dogs without booties, piggy banks and other harmless things that upset the sensibilities & cause hurt feelings to burka wearers and their minders?

    We must change, but they get a free pass. Every time.

  9. Arvind Singh,

    “All it would do is hurt the sentiments of a community…”

    Are you aware that well over 22 countries on this planet BAN the construction of Churches and the display of Bibles on their territory; thereby, (in your own words) “hurting the sentiments” of millions?

    Arvind, this is a war the west is bound to lose … but not without a fight.

  10. 99% of all muslims in this country came by boat or some other illegal way. Now that they are here, they want us to recognize their culture and Ninja style of dressing as normal? In their own countries, yes, but not here. Most of these primates are afraid to show their faces because the marks of their husbands beatings will be clearly seen. They cover to hide their shame. These people should not be allowed to stay in our country and have their say. They should be put on a boat without an oar and sent packing. How dare they demand their way of life here when Christians are subjected to their primitive laws in their barbaric countries.

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