Good Riddance, Fuggly!

update, just for laughs:

Arab News:  “Helen Thomas a victim of American media bias”

Evil Jooozzz entrapped her, true story:

“The blogger-rabbi used clever verbal gymnastics to extract “incriminating evidence” and had her say: “Remember, these people are occupied. And it’s their land. Not Germany. Not Poland.”

Yep. Those Jooozzz are clever! Read it all….

Mark Steyn/via Tim Blair:

Helen Thomas was an unreadable and unread columnist, and the only time she generates so much traffic that it crashes the site is the announcement that her career’s self-destructed. That tells you a lot about American newspapering right there. Good thing two columnists didn’t say something dumb or the site could have been out for weeks.

But what exactly did Helen say? America’s ABC was gentle:

In the opening of ABC’s “World News,” anchor Dianne Sawyer says Helen Thomas retired because of “age and outrage.” No mention of her anti-Semitic remark.

Jeremiah sez:

They All Knew!

The thing that really upsets me about Helen is that for more than 30 years the entire media has known full well of her hatred, of her anti-semitism – and they did nothing.  It was no secret – they all knew; every one of them heard her, everyone was fully aware of it.  And yet not once did the MSM broadcast this – we were forced to do it ourselves.  It wasn’t a CNN, CBS, NBC or ABC cameraman that taped this truth about Helen; instead, it was an independent cameraman trotting alongside her on the sidewalk that taped in 30 seconds what the media has refused to tape for 30 years – the truth about Helen’s hatred, her anti-semitism.

They all knew, each and every one of them knew about her hatred for decades – and yet they did nothing.

I am in at least partial agreement with those who suggest Helen Thomas offered a service to the rest of us by voicing what we suspected the rest of her colleagues also believe. She has removed herself from the field, so to speak, and will enjoy the remainder of her days in comfort and obscurity (perhaps she can move back to Lebanon, Hezbollah could use another propagandist/ed).

I consider the remainder mortal enemies.

Helen Thomas Complete (original)

YID with LID posted the second clip from the Helen Thomas interview by Rabbi Nessenoff in Washington DC.
The darling of the White House Press Corps was speaking to Jewish children at a White House Jewish Heritage Month observance. (via Gateway)

A Macaca Moment

[Victor Davis Hanson]

What has been missing from critiques of Helen Thomas’s anti-Semitic diatribe is any discussion of the precise way in which it trumped the usual slurs we hear from political figures (e.g., Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown,” Reverend Wright’s “them Jews”). By picking Poland and Germany as the ultimate destinations to which she wishes Israelis would go, Thomas was, deliberately or carelessly, saying that they should be uprooted and sent to places where 6 million of them were liquidated. In other words, Thomas was not voicing the usual prejudice, but something much creepier, a sort of flippant pop blueprint for a repeat of 1939–45, echoing the shout from one of the seaborne “peace” protestors, “Go back to Auschwitz!”

Of course, Thomas doesn’t care that nearly half the Israelis are of Middle Eastern heritage, that many Israelis can claim a family residence in “Palestine” longer than her own in the United States, that a Jewish presence in Israel dates to the dawn of recorded history, that many of Israel’s older generation were ethnically cleansed from cities like Baghdad and Cairo after the 1967 war, or that her views are in sync with the Hamas charter and Iranian promises. Note also that Thomas is not concerned with occupation in such places as Tibet, Cyprus, or Ossetia; such human-rights violations as Turkey’s treatment of the Kurds; such violence on the high seas as the North Korean attack, Iran’s hijacking of a British ship, or the pirates off Somalia. All these are mere abstractions — unless they involve the Jews.

The Forgotten Refugees – 1,000,000 Jews Expelled (Part 2)

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  1. How many Jewish people from Germany, Poland etc. are still alive in Israel, after the Holocaust??? Not that many.
    Immigrants from other nations with their anti-Simitism and the others born in Israel are now trying to live in peace in Israel. But people should go back more than 2000 year ago were the Jewish people originally lived.
    Palestinians lived in Jordan and Syria, where is their help? They have more land than Israel.
    May be Helen should go back to Lebanon.
    Blacks back to Africa, Whites back to Europe, Orientals back to the Far East, Moslims to the Middle East etc. etc.
    Leave the USA back to the Native Indians.
    Impossible, just insanity when you start talking like that.
    When Islam finally will stop talking about driving the Jews in the Sea and can make peace with them, may than the region will finally have Peace, but when the Islamist keep following the Koran were Mohammed says: Kill the Jews, it will never happen.
    Fanatic Religions have always killed.

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