How dare Geert Wilders not surrender freedom to Islam

United in hate: the progressive left and fanatical Muslims share the ‘fanatical frenzy that is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog….”

The lame stream media, above all the New York Slimes, are places where progressive lunatics award Pulitzer prices to each other for distorting reality:

Andrew Bolt

The New York Times brands Dutch political leader Geert Wilders an ‘extremist” and “populist” who causes trouble for “mainstream” politicians with his “unsavoury policies”. It then calls on a Dutch academic to help explain how bad this “outspoken critic of Islam” really is:

Dick Houtman, a professor of political sociology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, said that Mr. Wilders had built on Mr. Fortuyn’s legacy, successfully avoiding the overtly racist language of far-right politicians in other countries by highlighting issues like freedom of speech, female equality and gay rights.That serves to exclude Muslims from the Dutch political consensus,” he said.

Are these guys listening to themselves? If “highlighting issues like freedom of speech, female equality and gay rights” does indeed “exclude Muslims from the Dutch political consensus”, then who is the real problem here? Which side of the debate does indeed have “unsavoury policies”?

This siding with the threat rather than the threatened is already sick enough, But note also that Wilders’ forerunner, gay academic Pim Fortuyn, was murdered by a green activist upset by his warnings of the threat to freedom posed by Islam, and that Wilders himself is now under 24-hour guard merely for speaking his mind.

Michael Finch sums up:

Apparently to be part of the postmodern Western “political consensus”, too be inclusive of Muslims, we need to be against freedom of speech, gay rights and female equality?

Houtman, aware of it or not, has made a brilliant, if obvious, observation.  In order for many Muslim immigrants to feel culturally and politically included in the West, most clearly in Holland, they need to exist in an environment that is not open to the pluralistic, open and free West of the Enlightenment of the past 300 years.

So when a Western politician like Wilders openly embraces the values of liberty, he is called an extremist, hate monger and radical with ties to neo Nazis.  The elite class, currently in Washington and throughout the halls of Western academia and the media, feel it more important to be inclusive of Muslims then holding true to the values that created the most open and free society the world has ever seen.  And to oppose this new orthodoxy makes one a criminal, as the Left hopes to make of Wilders.

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  1. Good work! Well done! You have flushed out the cognitive dissonance of the Libtards. Great post.

  2. The left has surrendered any pretense to rational logical argument based on any premise rooted in fact.

    You cannot have a reasoned discussion with anyone who argues from a false premise. It always leads to a false conclusion – the kind of stupid conclusion illustrated by the demonisation of Gert Wilders.

    It’s so hard to fathom/appreciate how dumb these people are.

  3. ‘highlighting issues like freedom of speech, female equality and gay rights.

    “That serves to exclude Muslims from the Dutch political consensus,” he said. ‘

    Doesn’t he realise what he’s saying by saying this , this ‘professor ‘ ?
    He couldn’t do more to prove Geert’s point and hethinks he’s attacking him !
    God help the rest of us mortals if that’s the best ‘professors ‘ can come up with

  4. If only the BNP could mirror the sucess of the Freedom Party! What are they doing right that the BNP are not doing? Or are the Dutch electorate just brighter than their British counterparts?

  5. Should this article in the New York Times surprise anyone?
    It’s all part and parcel of the Great American Da’wah.
    The Muslim Brotherhood is winning, folks! The new “United States of Islam” is nearing to completion and the “Cordoba House” will be the crowning glory of its completion. The new “al-Andalus “, if you like.
    Once it is here it will be near impossible to get rid of.
    We might as well start practising our “bowing on all fours”.

    Former CAIR Lobbyist Hired to Report on Muslim Issues for NY Times

    “A journalist hired by The New York Times to report on a controversial mosque at 9/11’s Ground Zero and the failed Christmas Day bomb plot previously held a government lobbying position at the Council on American Islamic Relations.”

    “The Associated Press and ABC News also enlisted former CAIR workers to cover stories involving the Muslim community, raising concerns over whether it’s ethical for objective media outlets to hire ex-advocacy group employees to report on the issues they previously championed.”

    “Sharaf Mowjood, who helped pen the Islam-focused articles for The New York Times and the Times’ world-affairs paper the International Herald Tribune in December of 2009, worked as a government relations coordinator for CAIR up until at least March of 2008. ”

    “Mowjood’s gushing, 1,200-word article on the controversial mosque planned for construction near the former site of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks was titled “Muslim Prayers and Renewal Near Ground Zero.” All eight of the sources cited in the piece said they approved of the project or lauded its advocate Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. “

  6. The self destructive idiocy of the Left in siding with Islamic activism is unbelievable. They need only check as to what has hapened to their Co-Leftists in Iran, since Komeini got into power. You would think that 130,000 Leftists executed in 30 years would wake them up.
    And they consider themselves the Intellectual Elite.

  7. “Urban11 June 14, 2010 at 12:02 pm
    If only the BNP could mirror the sucess of the Freedom Party! What are they doing right that the BNP are not doing?”

    IMHO they use physical threats similar to the muslims. Their manner is bullying and belligerant. Voters do not want to vote in people like that because they think that the BNP will eventually treat them, the voters, the same.

    Geert Wilders’s Party uses policy and diplomacy to get the message across, so voters know that they, the voters, will be treated the same.

    IMHO, I have nothing against the BNP. They have moderated their stance over the last few years and will continue to develop in order to to gain government.

  8. If only we had a Freedom Party! Tony Abbott may form a government, but then what?

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