Asshat @ New York Times Calls Cathedral of Córdoba “The Great Mosque”

Rachel Donadio, anti-papal conspiracy theorist, resident priest basher and Islamapologistfor the New York Times, has turned her attention to the clash between Christians and Muslims in Córdoba over the Catholic Cathedral or, as Donadio calls it, “the great mosque of Córdoba”. As the New York Times engages openly in the practice of obscuring history in a manner that helps Islam, perhaps instead of a mosque at Ground Zero there ought to be a minaret alongside the “Gray Lady“.  (Right Side News-full report below the fold….)

What Donadio totally ignores is that there have been many attempts by Muslims to appropriate the cathedral of Cordoba, just as there are massive attempts to appropriate all Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist sites by Muslims/Islam,  around the world.   The latest, most egregious example  is Rachels Tomb,  which UNESCO re-labeled as an Islamic mosque.  Hard to believe, but the OIC dominated UN  assisted the Muslim Arabs to appropriate the tomb of Rachel, Israel’s other matriarch, and demanded that Israel remove the site from its National Heritage!.

Protect our heritage against the UNESCO decision to re-label the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb as mosques!


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James C. McKinley: "Fuck you…" @ the New York Times


“The gunman and his motive remain an enigma”

I say give this New York slimes journo an enema!

Jihad Watch reader Mike read this post about a New York Times article in which the author, James C. McKinley, Jr., noted that Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Hasan shouted “Allahu akbar” before he started on his mass-murder spree, and then said, “Yet the gunman and his motive remain an enigma.”

Here’s a clue: Hasan Malik before his killing spree, with kaftan & coffee filter. On his name-card he called himself “Soldier of Allah” (SoA) When he killed, he yelled “allahu akbar”.

Here is the card that major Muslim Nidal Hasan gave to the infidels along with a quran before he attacked America and mowed down US soldiers at Fort Hood.

New York Times reporter can’t find Fort Hood jihadist’s motive or basic civility

McKinley did mention the “Allahu akbar,” but McKinley ignored the mountain of evidence indicating that Hasan was a jihadist, including Hasan’s own PowerPoint presentation delineating Islam’s theology of jihad and warning that Muslims should be allowed to opt out of the U.S. military because adverse consequences could ensue if they were made to fight fellow Muslims, and the fact that he passed out Qur’ans on the morning of his mass murders. So Mike wrote this to McKinley at the Times:

J, “The gunman and his motive remain an enigma.”I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better example of cultural rot than this sentence.

We live in a bizarre age when not only to traitors and jihadis get full rights of American citizens, but more bizarrely people like you continue to turn yourself into a human pretzel to avoid connecting the religion of Islam to the violence it inspired in Hasan’s own words and deeds.

You’re just another ass hat working at a newspaper gainfully employed to keep people confused.

Harsh? Maybe. But right. And in a magnificent example of the media elite’s contempt for the people it continues to try to fool, McKinley responded with this:

Fuck you

Classy.  Made me wonder if James C. McKinley, Jr is the bastard son of Walter Duranty……? Does James know the difference between an enema and an enigma?

Allahu akbar! Nothing to do with Islam, jihad….

New York Times can’t figure out Fort Hood jihadist’s motive

Neither can Army Chief of Staff General George Casey:

we have to be careful, because we can’t jump to conclusions now based on little snippets of information that come out.” Rather than acknowledge the obvious, General Casey was concerned instead that undue speculation could “cause a backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers,” and that while Hasan’s action was a tragedy, “it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.” (Source)

“Diversity” is Deadly:

Diversity as a casualty would be an “even greater tragedy” than the casualties of this act of war on American soil. I cannot believe what I am reading. It was not a tragedy, it was an terrorist attack. This is Obama’s military command….

Luis Farraklan’s got it all worked out:  the Jooozzz are to blame!

“It is because, my dear brothers and sisters, Islam was making so much progress in the United States that those anti-Islamic forces are trying to stem the tide of the progress of Islam.  Anti-Islamic forces, and some members of the Jewish community, and some members of the Christian community, who have united to condemn Islam and to speak ill of our Prophet Muhammad…..(MEMRI)

It’s not enough for them that he shouted “Allahu akbar!” before he started shooting. After all, they know that Islam is a Religion of Peaceâ„¢ and that jihad is an interior spiritual struggle. “At Hearing on Fort Hood Attack, Few Clues,” by James C. McKinley, Jr., for the New York Times, October 15 (thanks to JW)

“…the official investigation was chaired by two retired Clinton appointees whose dedication to enforcing extreme multicultural policies and hiring quotas suggested a fix from the get go.” (Source)

How dare Geert Wilders not surrender freedom to Islam

United in hate: the progressive left and fanatical Muslims share the ‘fanatical frenzy that is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog….”

The lame stream media, above all the New York Slimes, are places where progressive lunatics award Pulitzer prices to each other for distorting reality:

Andrew Bolt

The New York Times brands Dutch political leader Geert Wilders an ‘extremist” and “populist” who causes trouble for “mainstream” politicians with his “unsavoury policies”. It then calls on a Dutch academic to help explain how bad this “outspoken critic of Islam” really is:

Dick Houtman, a professor of political sociology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, said that Mr. Wilders had built on Mr. Fortuyn’s legacy, successfully avoiding the overtly racist language of far-right politicians in other countries by highlighting issues like freedom of speech, female equality and gay rights.That serves to exclude Muslims from the Dutch political consensus,” he said.

Are these guys listening to themselves? If “highlighting issues like freedom of speech, female equality and gay rights” does indeed “exclude Muslims from the Dutch political consensus”, then who is the real problem here? Which side of the debate does indeed have “unsavoury policies”?

This siding with the threat rather than the threatened is already sick enough, But note also that Wilders’ forerunner, gay academic Pim Fortuyn, was murdered by a green activist upset by his warnings of the threat to freedom posed by Islam, and that Wilders himself is now under 24-hour guard merely for speaking his mind.

Michael Finch sums up:

Apparently to be part of the postmodern Western “political consensus”, too be inclusive of Muslims, we need to be against freedom of speech, gay rights and female equality?

Houtman, aware of it or not, has made a brilliant, if obvious, observation.  In order for many Muslim immigrants to feel culturally and politically included in the West, most clearly in Holland, they need to exist in an environment that is not open to the pluralistic, open and free West of the Enlightenment of the past 300 years.

So when a Western politician like Wilders openly embraces the values of liberty, he is called an extremist, hate monger and radical with ties to neo Nazis.  The elite class, currently in Washington and throughout the halls of Western academia and the media, feel it more important to be inclusive of Muslims then holding true to the values that created the most open and free society the world has ever seen.  And to oppose this new orthodoxy makes one a criminal, as the Left hopes to make of Wilders.

Fitzgerald: "It's over. We're here. It's over"

Fitzgerald: The New York Times, and That Business At the Cathedral In Cordoba

The New York Times did not distinguish itself when the Nazis came to power. It kept stories of the persecution of the Jews to small items, on the inside pages, and failed to convey to its readers, many of whom must surely have been Jewish and had relatives they might have more vigorously attempted to help, the full story of what Hitler so clearly intended. And many readers of The New York Times, both Jewish and non-Jewish, might have done more throughout the 1930s to strengthen the power of those who wanted American intervention, and consequently a much earlier buildup of American military strength at a time when the American army was only the 18th largest in the world. The full story is told by Laurel Leff, and I would go further than she does, and charge that those such as the Sulzberger family who didn’t want to have their paper appear to be “too concerned with Jewish matters” in fact have blood on their hands, the blood of those who were not rescued because all through the nineteen thirties, and even into the period of America’s entry into the war, there was not nearly enough coverage of the persecution and mass murder of the Jews from the “newspaper of record.”

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Infiltration Watch: Denmarks Mohammedans Act As Advisors to the Government

Infiltration Watch:

Danes Study Immigrants Soldiers of Allah After Cartoonist Attack

Vlad Tepes Blog:

The NYT still sounds as if it was run by Walter Duranty:

NYT: COPENHAGEN — As part of the prolonged national headache caused by a Danish newspaper’s decision to publish 12 caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in 2005, last weekend’s attack on one of the cartoonists responsible had a certain awful inevitability about it.

Once again, the motivation was fury, still fresh after all this time, over the dissemination of the cartoons. And once again, the circumstances — in this case, the news that the person accused of the attack was a Muslim immigrant suspected of having links to terrorists — has led Danes into an uneasy examination of their relationship to their Muslim population.

In a country that already has one of the strictest immigration policies in Western Europe, the attack has also spurred politicians from across the political spectrum to demand ever more stringent rules about who should be allowed to live here.

Fox guarding hen-house alert: Nasr Khadr

“I’m sorry to say, but it’s déjà vu — every time we experience an episode, then in 10 minutes we have them saying we have to have a new law,” said Naser Khader, a member of Parliament and the spokesman on foreign affairs and immigration for the Conservative People’s Party. He was speaking of the increasingly powerful Danish People’s Party, whose votes the government relies on to pass legislation and whose populist, anti-immigrant rhetoric has informed and inflamed debate in recent years.

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The New York Times Paints a Rosy Picture of Prison Da'awa

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the prison system. About 30,000 to 40,000 conversions among federal prisoners take place each year, according to a study for the Justice Department 

* Nothing to worry about; go back to sleep: radical imam’s preach only inner struggle in the prisons, so that crims go in as Baptists and come out as brainwashed Islamic zombies. But hey, its all good, because it helps Islam. Nothing else matters. What say you, you Islamophobic bigot hypocrite racists?

Imams Reject Talk That Islam Radicalizes Inmates

Salahuddin Mustafa Muhammad, the imam at the Masjid al-Ikhlas, a mosque in Newburgh, N.Y., has spent more than two decades ministering to the Muslim faithful in prisons, serving as a chaplain at the nearby Fishkill Correctional Facility. There, he leads prayers and offers counseling.

“Most people are searching,” he said of the men he encounters in prison. “So they decide on Islam and that becomes their life.”


Muslims in New York Synagogue/U.S. Plane Plot had Imam Who is Prison Chaplain

By Debbie Schlussel

As I noted yesterday and many times in the past, the four Muslims caught trying to blow up New York synagogues and U.S. planes converted to Islam in prison, where the Muslim chaplaincy is controlled by CAIR, ISNA, and an alphabet soup of extremists and jihadists.

Today, Bill Warner points out that the men met at Masjid Al-Ikhlas, a Newburgh, New York mosque, whose imam is Salahuddin Muhammad, a New York prison chaplain. Hello . . .?

Yet, authorities refuse to do anything to this guy. And they continue to refuse to overhaul the Muslim prison chaplain system and who controls it. Instead, we continue to hear that these men were “not tied to any terrorist group” or that they were “lone crazy men.” Uh, sorry, no, they were Muslims. That’s the one thing that ties them and so many others who try to foment these kinds of attacks. And they converted to Islam in prison. More>>

Warith Deen Umar: “Strike Terror into Their Hearts     

Excerpt from a 2004 speech Warith Deen Umar, former Chaplain for the State of New York Department of Corrections. Umar urges confrontation and threatens those who cooperate with law enforcement


But last week, Mr. Muhammad found himself an accidental actor of sorts in the latest case of what the authorities call a homegrown terror plot, one in which four ex-convicts were accused of trying to blow up two Bronx synagogues and attack military aircraft. The plot, the authorities say, began when one of the men met a government informant at Mr. Muhammad’s mosque roughly a year ago.With at least two of the men appearing to be prison converts to Islam, the case has in certain circles evoked an old debate about the role prison might play as an incubator of extremist ideas among Muslims, and it put Mr. Muhammad in the position of confronting that debate in a very personal way.

Mr. Muhammad said his years working with Muslims in prison had turned up little actual evidence that many or any of them became radicalized behind bars.

“I don’t hear any of that wild stuff,” he said. “And if I did hear it, I would stomp it out. It is totally un-Islamic.”

* Trust me, sez the crocodile…

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CAIR Loves Treason: Libel-Blogger Charles Johnson (LGF) & Roger Cohen (New York Slimes) Happy to Oblige


Desperately trying to outdo Walter Duranty:

*  Selected Obamessiah worshippers amongst the troops get a chance to make their idol look like the goose he is…