Noway: Krekar press conference tapes published

Islam in Europe

Last week Mullah Krekar held a press conference for the foreign press in Norway. The foreign press were expected to ask their questions in Norwegian while Krekar answered in Arabic via translator.

The translator, as one of our readers correctly pointed out, had just returned from the ‘peace flotilla’…. you can see him here on the right in the company of genocide supporting Norwegian Jew-haters: ‘We would do it again”

Espen Goffeng, Randi Kjøs & Nidal Hejazi

“We tried to defend the ship,” said Goffeng.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK and Aftenposten both published a translation/summary of Krekar’s statements. NRK’s is an independent translation. The Norwegian security service is meanwhile working on getting a full transcript.Read more »

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