Ex-soldier jailed for burning Koran

Al BeBeeCeera does not tell us whether he was jailed for stealing that dirty book from a public library or for burning it. Either way, it just goes to show how far down skid row once great Britain already is.

A former soldier has been sentenced to 70 days in prison for setting fire to a copy of a Muslim holy book the Koran in the centre of Carlisle.

The 32-year-old, of Summerhill, said he had been “shocked” watching a Muslim burning a poppy on Remembrance Day.  While being handcuffed he shouted: “What about my country? What about burning poppies?”

(BBC via Vlad)

Selective Law Enforcement Rampant; Muslims Go Unpunished

How Calling Someone a ‘White Bitch’ Isn’t Racist. . . and being a drunken Muslim saves you from  going to jail….

The defense of the drunk Somalian women was that they were Muslim and so weren’t used to drinking. The judge suspended the sentence.  (Commentator)

Vlad made us a nice little video depicting this madness:

The same goes for our Mullah For All Seasons, Mullah Krekar, who is safely hauled up in Norway, thanks to a complicit, spineless bureaucracy and a judiciary that looks the other way:

The Mad Mullah made headlines again a couple of days ago by declaring that 9-11 had failed to have its intended effect. Those arrogant American infidels are still doing grievous harm to Islam! He called on his fellow mujahideen to carry out more attacks on the Great Satan and finish the job properly.

Horrors! Was he arrested and locked up for incitement?

Actually, no.  (GoV has the story)

Noway: Krekar press conference tapes published

Islam in Europe

Last week Mullah Krekar held a press conference for the foreign press in Norway. The foreign press were expected to ask their questions in Norwegian while Krekar answered in Arabic via translator.

The translator, as one of our readers correctly pointed out, had just returned from the ‘peace flotilla’…. you can see him here on the right in the company of genocide supporting Norwegian Jew-haters: ‘We would do it again”

Espen Goffeng, Randi Kjøs & Nidal Hejazi

“We tried to defend the ship,” said Goffeng.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK and Aftenposten both published a translation/summary of Krekar’s statements. NRK’s is an independent translation. The Norwegian security service is meanwhile working on getting a full transcript.Read more »

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Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg greeting the Saudi prince during this four-day visit

Sowdi Barbarian comes to Oslo, dhimmies bend over:  “we do all we can to please our guests.”

Just curious: who paid for this?

Mullah Krekar Threatens Norway (Again)

Islam in Europe/islamineurope.blogspot.com

‘My death will cost Norwegian society’

Spoken like a true terrorist mafioso. The difference is only that this POS already cost the Norwegian taxpayer millions in maintenance.

Yesterday Mullah Krekar held a press conference, for the foreign press in Norway. He didn’t want to speak to the Norwegian press, whom he says are his enemies, and slipped out of the room before they could catch him outside.

During the press conference he threatened anybody who might be responsible for his death.
“My death will cost Norwegian society. If, for example, Erna Solberg kicks me out of the country and is the reason that I die, then she will suffer the same fate. I don’t know by whom. Ansar al-Islam, Al-Qaida, I don’t know. Whoever,” said Krekar.

Solberg is the head of the Conservative Party.

(Reuters and al-Jazeera were there, but have yet to report about it)

For a full report on the press conference, see Views and News from Norway.

Krekar’s lawyer, Brynjar Meling, said that whoever thinks these statements are criminal, should report them to the police. Siv Jensen of the Progress Party did exactly that.

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Norway: Mosquito Mullah makes death threats (again)

Mullah Krekar Threatens Author With Death

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

Mullah Krekar is at it again. Norway’s baddest Muslim dude knows that for humanitarian reasons he can’t be deported, and that the Norwegian multicultural justice system is unlikely to bother him if he spouts off a bit here and there. So he’s started up again with the death threats.

According to VG Nett, as translated by The Observer:

Mullah KrekarMullah Krekar verbally attacks the controversial author in a podcast posted on the Kurdish internet site, Renesans.nu

According to Norwegian newspaperAftenposten, the author in question has been living in hiding in Norway for a year and a half, and has been granted political asylum. The Kurdish author was sentenced to jail in absentia in Iraq last year for writing that the prophet Mohammad was guilty of murder and rape.

He is spitting on us

According to Aftenposten and its interpreter, whose services are frequently requested by the Norwegian police, Mullah Krekar is comparing the author with Salman Rushdie and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Krekar claims that the author is ‘spitting on us’ and describes him as a dishonest human being.

* Why do we call Mullah Krekar the ‘Mosquito Mullah?’ Find out here…

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Mullah Krekar, Radical Islamic Parasite, Sues Norway For 'Violation of his Human Rights'

* Mullah Krekar, you might remember, is the guy who claimed that Muslims ‘breed like Moskitoes’-, quoted by Mark Steyn, which prompted a bunch of Muslim sock-puppets to launch an all out campaign against Steyn and his publisher.

* Bear in mind that only Muslims are human. The rest of us are ‘filthy kuffars, the vilest of creatures and the sons of apes & swine’….

OSLO (Reuters) – The founder of a radical Islamist group, deemed a security risk to Norway, has complained to a European human rights court that Norwegian authorities are violating his rights, Norwegian media reported on Tuesday.

* Remember that this vile and despicable creature has threatened Norway that the bombs would go off in case he was deported…

Mullah Krekar, born Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, is an Iraqi Kurd and founder of the radical Islamist group Ansar al-Islam. Norway’s Supreme Court upheld a ruling to expel him last November, saying he posed a security risk to the country.

* We featured Mullah Krekar here and here

* Norways Muslims need to checke with fatwa council: Homosexuality – punishable by death?

But he cannot in practice be deported because Norway does not send anyone to a country where they could risk facing the death penalty.

Krekar is now taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and says he has been forced into internal exile in Norway.

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Norway Jihad: Mullah Krekar sez “Islam will win…”


Update: Must see documentary about Krekar and how he rorts the system, H/T  Vlad Tepes

This documentary shows one of Norway’s fake Muslim refugees scamming the system while plotting the demise of the west and his host nation.

If you speak out against the Islamic invasion in PC infested Scandinavia you will be called ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’ – you will be vilified and dragged through the courts for being a ‘xenophobe’ who incites hatred.

But Mullah Krekar doesn’t beat around the bush: He is one of the few ‘honest Muslims’ who won’t use kitman and taqiyya to obscure and deflect or lie outright about the ultimate goals of the ‘Religion of Peace’.

The question is: Is anybody listening and will somebody somewhere do anything about it?

Read it all:

Krekar claims Islam will win


Norway’s most controversial refugee, Mullah Krekar, told an Oslo newspaper on Monday that there’s a war going on between “the West” and Islam. He said he’s sure that Islam will win, and he also had praise for suspected terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

“We’re the ones who will change you,” Krekar told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet in his first interview since an uproar broke out over cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims.

“Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes,” Krekar said. “Every western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same countries are producing 3.5 children.

“By 2050, 30 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim.”

He claimed that “our way of thinking… will prove more powerful than yours.” He loosely defined “western thinking” as formed by the values held by leaders of western or non-islamic nations. Its “materialism, egoism and wildness” has altered Christianity, he claimed.

Krekar, who’s been supported by the Norwegian government since arriving as a refugee from northern Iraq in the early 1990s, now faces deportation after violating the terms of his refugee status and being deemed a threat to national security.

Bin Laden ‘a good man’
Krekar told Dagbladet that he favours Islamic rule where political and religious leaders are one and the same. One such leader he respects, he said, is Osama bin Laden.

“Osama bin Laden is a good person,” Krekar said. He claimed Osama bin Laden is considered a terrorist simply because he lacks his own state.

“Those who say Osama bin Laden is a terrorist are themselves killing our women and children,” Krekar said.

Attempts to “spread democracy,” he claimed, are merely a ruse to wage war against Islam, adding that “the West destroyed the Taliban regime in Afghanistan” because “it feared the Islamic state.