Sudden Jihad Syndrome & Other Islamic Cultural Enrichment

Abdul Hakim Muhammad, the man who killed one soldier and wounded another at a Army recruiting center in Little Rock last year, attempted to firebomb the rabbi of a synagogue in Nashville before he paid his murderous visit to Little Rock. This news has been publicly revealed for the first time, based on revelations in a psychiatric evaluation of Mr. Muhammad.

Meanwhile, France tries to deal with what in some suburbs seems almost an ethnic or religious war, brought on by lax immigration policies:

President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday he wanted to strip French nationality from anyone of foreign origin who threatened the life of a police officer, in a crackdown after riots shook two French towns this month.

Flagging an invasion/ Andrew Bolt

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  1. Go, Sarky, go! But why only “threaten the life of a police officer”? Why not “harm citizens, threaten citizens, and destroy citizens’ property”?

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