Belgian Islamist Abu Imran Calls to Plant the Black Flag of Al-Qaeda over the Elysee Palace and Calls Upon Carla Bruni to Wear the Niqab

Atlas Shrugs: “Allah Willing”

Rightly guided:

Radical Belgian Muslims Turn To Jihadist Cleric Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi For Guidance


An individual who described himself as belonging to a group of Muslims agitating for the implementation of the shari’a in Belgium wrote to the senior salafi jihadi sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi with a request for guidance. Al-Maqdisi, who lives in Jordan, is best known as the mentor of Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi; more recently he has provided guidance to the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus,[1]salafi jihadis in Nigeria,[2] and probably to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb as well.[3] In his reply, Al-Maqdisi told the Belgian Muslims to support the active jihads by providing funding, men, or however else they could, but counseled against carrying out attacks in Belgium as long as they are incapable of mounting a sustained conflict.

Belgian Muslim Abu Imran on April 9 Demonstration in Paris:

“We are coming to say: Oh Sarkozy, enemy of Allah, dog of the Romans, son of the unbeliever, of Allah, dog of the Romans, son of the unbeliever, we are on our way […] We are coming, with our nuclear bombs of ‘Allah Akbar.’

We are coming, with our black flags – the black flags of ‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.’

We are coming to take back what belongs to us, to regain our land and purify it of unbelief and of the unbelievers. We are coming with ‘There is no god but Allah.’ We are coming because we reject democracy. We do not accept democracy. We accept nothing but the tawhid of Allah. We accept nothing but: ‘There is no god but Allah.’ We accept nothing but the shari’a of Allah. “Just as we ruled many European lands, we are coming […] By God, we are on our way. The day you will see the black flag flying over the Élysée us very near […] I say to all my brothers and sisters in France: We are coming from Belgium to support you, with our group, Sharia4Belgium. We are coming to support you […] May Allah accept their actions, and grant them a place in Paradise for their sacrifices and their activities, which aim to bring victory to this community […] May Allah facilitate our path, and purify France of unbelief and the unbelievers. Allah willing, we will see you next week. Salaam Alyakum, and Allah’s blessings upon you.” […]

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The Battle for France

What caused the riots? Karim Boudouda was an authentic bad guy, no doubt about it. He’d piled up a stack of convictions for armed robbery in his 27 years, and when he held up a casino in the little French town of Uriage-les-Bains last month, he was armed to the teeth with an Uzi submachine gun and a Swiss-made assault rifle. Fleeing the police, the Algerian-born French citizen headed for his home turf in a dilapidated housing project filled with immigrants on the outskirts of Grenoble. In the shootout that followed, Boudouda died with a bullet in his head. For three nights the neighborhood where he’d taken shelter erupted in the kind of violence that swept outer-city slums throughout France in 2005. Dozens of cars went up in flames as young thugs taunted the cops, who poured in by the hundreds. Somebody fired live rounds at the police, which is rare in a French riot, but nobody else died. None of the cops were wounded. This time there was no chain reaction. The violence didn’t spread. The fires died.  More from Newsweep>>

The Battle for France by Stephen Brown What a difference a riot can make. The three nights of armed mayhem in a Muslim quarter of Grenoble in July that saw numerous cars burned, police officers fired upon and their families threatened has ignited an unexpected and energetic response from France’s politicians. In what may be the last chance to halt France’s slide into anarchy as well as an indication of how endangered the French social order is, the country’s center-right ruling party, the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (Union for a Popular Movement (UMP)), is set to introduce two constitutional amendmentsinto the National Assembly next month to deal with the country’s deterioratingsocial situation. Both concern cancelling French citizenship for convicted criminals. France’s immigration minister, Eric Besson, the person responsible for drafting the amendments, said revoking French citizenship is not anti-constitutional and therefore will receive clearance from France’s constitutional council. The forfeiture of French nationality, Besson says, currently exists in France, but only for convictions for serious offences like terrorism and espionage. Before 1998, however, it was allowed under common law “for a certain number of crimes.” “It is relatively simple,” said Besson. “It suffices to return to the law that prevailed until 1998. That is not anti-constitutional.” Frontpagemag

Qaeda’s north Africa wing calls Sarkozy ‘enemy of Allah,’ wants revenge against France

DUBAI (AFP) – Al-Qaeda’s north Africa branch called for revenge against France and labelled its President Nicolas Sarkozy an “enemy of Allah” over a deadly raid last month, in an online message seen by AFP on Monday. On August 2, jailed AQIM leader El Khadim Ould Semane also threatened France and Mauritania with retaliation. “I say to the infidels and French Crusaders… (we) will not rest until French blood has been spilled,” Semane had said. (Yahoo News)

French Convert Obsessed With Islam

Sudden Jihad Syndrome & Other Islamic Cultural Enrichment

Abdul Hakim Muhammad, the man who killed one soldier and wounded another at a Army recruiting center in Little Rock last year, attempted to firebomb the rabbi of a synagogue in Nashville before he paid his murderous visit to Little Rock. This news has been publicly revealed for the first time, based on revelations in a psychiatric evaluation of Mr. Muhammad.

Meanwhile, France tries to deal with what in some suburbs seems almost an ethnic or religious war, brought on by lax immigration policies:

President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday he wanted to strip French nationality from anyone of foreign origin who threatened the life of a police officer, in a crackdown after riots shook two French towns this month.

Flagging an invasion/ Andrew Bolt

France: 'Moderate' Muslim Leader Calls for Doubling of Mosques

Trying to put the fire out with gasoline

Colin Randall, The National

The Weekly Prayer Demo’s paralyze whole streets in Paris….

PARIS // France’s most prominent Muslim leader has called for the number of mosques in the country to be doubled to 4,000, sparking fresh debate on the secular status established in French law a century ago.

Sarkozy with ‘moderate’ Islamofascists….

Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Grande Mosque of Paris and formerly president of the French Council for Muslims, believes a sharp increase in facilities for worship is necessary to give Europe’s largest Muslim population a chance to pray in dignity and comfort.

In a revealing interview in the daily newspaper France-Soir, the contents of which were confirmed by his office, the Algerian-born cardiologist stressed the social benefits of easing the “pressure, frustration and the sense of injustice” felt by many French Muslims.

France under Islam: images thanks to Barenaked

“Open a mosque and you close a prison,” said Dr Boubakeur. If this seems a colourful way of justifying a major programme of mosque-building, he can point to a powerful ally: the president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Wherever there are mosques  the prisons are full with Mohammedans. But hey, connecting the dots makes you a ‘bigot racist Islamophobe’…..

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Hick Hack Over Freedom Sack

Nicolas Sarkozy ally ‘received death threats’ over Muslim veil ban

A French conservative politician at the forefront of a campaign for a full ban on Islamic veils has been placed under police protection after reportedly receiving death threats.

Jean-François Copé, who leads the parliamentary group of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party, has had a security officer accompanying him since January, it emerged on Friday.

Mr Copé submitted a proposed bill on banning the veil in public in January, on grounds of security and women’s equality. On Wednesday, the government announced its intention to push through a full ban as early as this summer.   Telegraph UK

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The boy who threatened South Park is a convert to and Misunderstander of Islam

Fox provides an illuminating profile of the young convert to and Misunderstander of Islam, demonstrating yet again the jihadists’ consistent tendency to portray themselves as the exponents of authentic, pure Islam — and featuring Hamas-linked CAIR’s Honest Ibe Hooper pretending that he never heard a jihadi speak before. “Road to Radicalism: The Man Behind the ‘South Park’ Threats,” by Joshua Rhett Miller, April 23 (thanks to JW):

Sarkozy calls for legislation to ban Islamic veils that cover the face

There cannot be liberty, equality, or fraternity in a society where a segment of the population will not or cannot show its face to the rest. An update on this story. “Sarkozy to submit bill banning Islamic face veils,” by Sylvie Corbet for the Associated Press/Jihad Watch

That’s funny, just around the same time an Islamic headbanger in Sowdi Barbaria calls for the cyclops burqa:

Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil


A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye.

Hmm, just wondering: perhaps he listened to sheik yer’mami’s song ‘Muslim Woman’ and heard the part about ‘sexy eyes’, which got him all hot and bothered……

Sarko talks that talk…..


French leader: We must act on Iran to avoid “disaster” of IAF strike.

Translation: somebody should do something because we, the French, won’t…..

If the world doesn’t act to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear arms, it could be responsible for a war between Israel and the Islamic Republic, French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Monday night, as the Nuclear Security Summit opened in Washington.

“I would not want the world to wake up to a conflict between Israel and Iran quite simply because the international community has been incapable of acting,” the French president told CBS News.

An IAF strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be disastrous, he warned.

“It would be a disaster. I don’t even want to think about that possibility,” Sarkozy said. “And the best way to avoid this disaster scenario is to take measures in order to get Israel to understand that we are determined to ensure its security.”

Then comes the qualifiers:

“And Israel, furthermore, must equally make the necessary effort in order to bring about a fair and lasting peace with their Palestinian neighbors.”

Right. Israel must make that effort.

Hamas, & Fatah, & Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Liberation Organization and all the other Pali terrorist organizations can’t be expected to make that effort. Why not?

Britain's Dumbest Jew defends Turkey's accession to EU

Britain’s Miliband defends Turkey’s accession to EU

Britain’s top diplomat defended Turkey’s accession to the European Union as an important requirement for peace and stability. World Bulletin/Turkey

Sarkozy tells Erdogan to get stuffed:

Turkey’s Erdogan meets Sarkozy in Paris despite EU divide

I wonder if they discussed this: French hostages beg for France to save them from execution (it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Erdogan was offering his “help  in negotiating” their release……

You can almost feel the tension in the air with this hand shake. Sarkozy stands firm on “privileged partnership” and Erdogan tries to appeal to him to do otherwise. Alas they agree to disagree!

Earlier this week, [Erdogan] expressed support for his “dear friend”, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Islamization Watch

REUTERS – France reiterated its opposition to European Union membership for Turkey during a visit by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday, and a minister said the two countries had agreed to disagree. More

Leading Islamic organization in Germany works to undermine democracy [Video]

More British Crack-pottery: “Kotel not in Israel

Not wanting to feel left out, the AFP attacks Israel for the unhelpful planned construction of a synagogue in a settlement…actually the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem.
I’m sure Gush-Shalom is drooling over all these attacks on Israel. Its probably one of their activists that complained to the British ASA in the first place.

Erdogan slams French president over EU bid


Turkey calls on EU “not to act as Greek Cyprus spokesperson” Turkey expressed disappointment over an EU report on Turkey’s progress in 2009 during its accession process.

The increasingly islamicized Muslim country of Turkey appears to have dreams of another Ottoman empire.

The Ascent of Evil: Receding American Hegemony/Atlas Shrugs

Hurriet/Turkish Daily

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan has criticized French President Nicolas Sarkozy over his opposition to Turkey joining the European Union in an interview to mark the launch of the Euronews television channel’s new Turkish language service.

In his first interview with the European TV channel Euronews on Saturday, ErdoÄŸan spoke about a range of topics, from Turkey’s negotiations aimed at eventual full membership in the European Union to Cyprus, relations with Israel, and questions on Kurds and Armenia.

The Turkish prime minister said some of the EU member states were not acting honestly during Turkey’s ongoing negotiation with the bloc. “This is where a problem arises. Why am I saying this? Because they are trying to corner Turkey with conditions that do not exist in the acquis communautaire [the total accumulated body of EU law]. This is really wrong,” he said.

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France, Fear of Islamic Domination, and Sarkozy's Delusions

By Stefan Simons/SPIEGEL

For months the French have been embroiled in a public debate centered on their national identity and a possible ban on the burqa. Immigration Minister Éric Besson, a former Socialist, is the man behind the aggressive debate, making him one of France’s most controversial politicians.

Temperatures were below freezing and the winter sky was a frosty gray when French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived at the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette military cemetery in northern France last Tuesday. He had come to pay his last respects to another Frenchman, a man named Harouna Diop, a soldier and father of six children. Born in Senegal, Diop was only 40 years old when he died in Afghanistan on Jan. 13, when insurgents blew up his armored military vehicle.

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