What About the Right Not to Wear a Burqa?

University lecturer barred from class after refusing to wear a burqa

We always hear in the West that women who choose to don the veil are doing so of their own free will, and are perfectly free not to wear it. Yet the leader of the students’ union at Aliah University is willing to put this kind of pressure on Sirin Middya, and he is by no means alone in this. “Woman not allowed to teach after burqa refusal,” from Sify News, July 30 (thanks to JW)

English council bans staff from wearing mini-skirts

A COUNCIL has warned female employees they could be sent home if their skirts are too short.

Not that this has anything to do with Islam or Muslims imposing sharia. But what if it does?

A memo sent by bosses at Southampton City Council, in southern England, has instructed the council’s 400 staff to dress appropriately for work, The Daily Mail reports.

Social workers, youth workers and other employees in the council’s children’s services department were told to “carefully consider their work attire”.

Women were advised to wear trousers or skirts of “reasonable length” – “not mini-skirts”.

The leaked email said that council bosses would in the coming weeks “be speaking to staff about the clothes they wear to work”.

It adds: “Please try to dress smartly and thoughtfully, in line with other professionals you come across in your day-to-day work, and in a way that shows respect to children and families.”

Staff are said to be outraged by the email. The council’s union secretary Mike Tucker told The Dail Mail: “I would have thought the council has got better things to do than impose a regimented approach to what people wear.”

7 thoughts on “What About the Right Not to Wear a Burqa?”

  1. Isn’t it un-British to dictate what people may or not wear? Well, it was a week or two ago.

  2. That was one of obama’s mistakes in Cairo (2009), mentioning the right to wear a burqa but not the right not to wear one.
    As you say Mullah, it is not very consistent; two weeks ago dress-
    dictate was un-british, now it’s suddenly a different story.
    the altered mind alters everything.
    There’s going to be a point where one stops bending and twisting and
    goes back to the principles, something’s got to give or else it will be taken. it can’t go on for always.

  3. Let’s hear the outcries from the muslim community protesting the rights of the female lecturer who was banned by muslims zealots for not wearing a fertilizer sack over her head. It is rather quiet, isn’t it???? Is any one surprised???

  4. Don’t you think it is time for the Western world to awaken and see where their complacency is heading? The West is slowly, but surely succumbing to Muslim demands, making our laws and customs of none effect. Arise and throw the invading infidels out before you lose your freedom of speech which will soon follow.

  5. Huddie,
    The massive muslim effort at the moment in silencing the media shows that they know that the tide is turning against them (the muslims). Be patient and work through your local and state governments in removing the unwelcome guests, and removing the power of the PC fools who have shown that they cannot be trusted. Keep on informing all of the dangers we face!!

  6. Krushnev once told the Supreme Soviet Council,”Gentlemen,as far as anti American propaganda is concerned,the Americans are beating us”,the same goes for this islamic filth,this rabble will never defeat the West.QED.

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