Alternative rejected: Muslima Terrorizes Disney With Litigation Jihad

Muslim employee rejects Disney’s hat alternative

Imane Boudlal, a restaurant hostess at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, last week in a press conference accused Disney of religious discrimination for refusing to let her wear a hijab, a head scarf, in public view.

On Monday, Disney offered Boudlal a bonnet with a hat to wear at work in public.

Boudlal rejected the new headwear and went home for a seventh time, according to the hotel workers’ union, Unite Here Local 11. Disney has offered to let her work behind the scenes with the head scarf, but Boudlal has refused.

“The hat makes a joke of me and my religion, and draws even more attention to me,” Boudlal said in a prepared statement. “It’s unacceptable.   (Orange County Register)

Miss Hezbo Out in the First Round

It’s gonna be an early night for Miss Hezbollah USA, Rima Fakih‘s fans, friends, and family, who gathered to cheer her on in tonight’s Miss Universe pageant.  Fakih–who refuses to condemn Hezbollah and HAMAS–didn’t even make the first cut, less than a half-hour into the show. (Debbie Schlussel is heartbroken…)

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  1. Maybe Pelosi and Daisy Con should investigate the possible existence of a U.S. covert operation dedicated to kidnapping unsuspecting Muslims from their Islamic paradises, dragging them kicking and screaming under cover of night to the U.S. and forcing them, by waterboarding if necessary, to accept and appreciate all the rights granted them by our freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

    Oh, sorry. You came here by your own volition? Don’t like it? Then GET OUT.

  2. Heard the one about the Muslim stripper who’s suing the nightclub owner for not allowing her to wear a burka during performances? It will happen. It will happen.

  3. Strange, this should be fired under “Stupid frivolous lawsuits that tell a sob story while trying to grab as much cash as possible.”

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