Why feminism cares more about Palin’s breasts than dead women

The feminazi movement is about political opportunism, not women’s rights.  If the two coincide, the feminazis will support women. If not they’ll abandon women.

Their attitude to the treatment of women by islam proves all that needs to be proved.  There is a clash between their leftist multicultural relativism and their supposed intrest in women’s rights.  And PC leftism wins every time, especially when it comes to cultural relativism that sees women buried up to their shoulders and slowly murdered by thrill seeking towelheads with the humanity of reptiles….

Dana Loesch:

Popularly defined feminism is no longer about liberating women from the patriarchy but about beholding them to a political party… Liberal feminists made more hay about Palin’s chest than I saw them make over the nine women who were recently stoned to death in the Middle East.

Why Do Feminists Attack Sarah and Not Sharia?

Dough Giles/Townhall

Given Islam’s enslavement of women and the Sharia erection of the Cordoba Initiative’s chief con man, Abdul Rauf, you’d think N.O.W. and their ilk would now be raising more Cain about this Ground Zero Mosque than they are about Sarah Palin.

Why should one think this? Well, it’s principally because Sharia kind of sha-whizzes on hard-won women’s rights, that’s sha-why. Duh. Yet we’re not hearing a whole heck of a lot from the fiery feminists regarding this Ground Zero affront and what it could entail for the girls among us. Yep, we’re hearing crickets from the virulent vixens of the lovely Left who vie for women’s rights.

And Hollywood, where are the bra burners of Tinseltown? I figured they’d be on this topic of Muslim mama oppression like Clinton on a chunky intern, but alas … nada. Why the silence, pussycats? Does it not jive with your agenda? Y’know, the fact that some rapscallion like Rauf can actually table support for Sharia law and then go balls-to-the-wall with building a Mosque within spitting distance from where we were attacked on 9/11, and then you—the supposed champions of chicks everywhere—do not go Twisted Sister over this bloody BS is both odd and revealing.

Nope, the fems’ fixation remains on Palin. Palin is the threat. Palin is the She Devil. Palin is the one who gets the nasty jabs—and not Islam and the potential spread of Sharia from sea to shining sea.

I know what you fembots are thinking: Sharia can’t happen here, right? Cha? Yes, we’d never allow Muslims to take us back to Bedrock legislatively. And I’m equally sure that’s what our snaggle-toothed feminist cousins in the UK thought right up until September 2008.

Facts be damned, however. For the feminists, the menacing foe they have to stave off remains Sarah and not Sharia.

Last time I checked, liberal lassies, Mrs. Palin does not believe that …

– Women are inferior to men.

– Women should have fewer rights and responsibilities than Larry the Cable Guy.

– Women count for one-half of a dude in giving evidence in a court of law.

– Women should be horse whipped if they ever make their husband feel like a dork.

– Victoria’s Secret Miraculous Bra (with extreme level 5 cleavage) makes God angry.

– Women can’t say squat in regard to whom they’ll marry, what they’ll wear, where they’ll live, or whether or not they can divorce their cheating and/or abusive husband.

– Girls can be wed beginning at the ripe old age of frickin’ nine.

– Women should be cool with hubby having a couple of hoochies or female slaves on the side.

– Women, on the pretext of “honor,” should be locked up, isolated and unable to have a girls’ night out at Mango’s on Ocean Drive.

Yep, last time I checked, Miss Sarah ain’t down with the above, but you know who is? I’ll tell you (because your lack of Ground Zero Mosque angst is auguring for the return to the cave man era): the Crapslinger Extraordinaire, Ground Zero’s grand zero, male chauvinist Imam Abtool Rauf. He likey Sharia.

So, my question is this: From an equal rights standpoint, why in God’s name do you, the Liberal ladies who are supposedly so earnest for fair treatment for the fairer sex, go after Palin and not the women’s rights-refusing Imams who think Sharia is the shizznah?

*Watch my video: “Sharia Law Meets Shania Twain: Imagine!”

3 thoughts on “Palinophobia”

  1. Maybe they care more about her breasts because she obviously has a shapely pair and shapely pairs are unpopular amongst feminists who, were they Muslims, would be shape-concealing burka defenders and wearers to a man.

  2. As with all lefties – they know that Palin won’t kill them, but the moslems just might. it is the same reason why they have no problem bashing Christians – the Christians won’t kill them, but bash islam and they might find themselves on the wrong end of a dull blade.

  3. Also they’re hoping that by not mentioning it, it somehow doesn’t exist. And as we all know (I’ve heard many women actually say this!) – muslim women wear the burka as a CHOICE because it’s LIBERATING for them and who are we to impose our (inferior) cultural western values on them?

    Yes, yes. Choice. Impose. Values.

    But most of all I think they just can’t face it because it’s too awful to contemplate. Have another latte!

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