'Backlash'- Religion of Non-cooperation Circles the Wagons

Google Muslims fear backlash after attack…’ and you get  377.000 results (0.15 seconds)

Canuck Jihad:

Muslims fear backlash from orchard owners…

Muslim community not to blame for bad apples: Harper (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur)

Vlad Tepes Blog has this:

Religion of non-cooperation:

A reader, who shall remain nameless lest he be “Muslim Backlashed”, received this e-mail instructional from montrealmuslims.ca. Read it carefully, unless I missed something this is not an appeal for cooperation with authorities nor is it a denunciation of jihadi terror. It is in fact a call to the Muslim Community to circle the wagons and act according to a specific agenda that speaks more to a cover up than cooperation.

Salam Alaikum,

Ater speaking to representatives of 2 of the accused in the case they have given this instruction.

1.Do not speak to the media. Refer them to the lawyers of the defendants
2.Do not talk about the case or the defendants in detail even in private. It is more than likely that some people are under surveillance and anything could be used against the defendants. This is of CRITICAL importance. Do not send emails, post on facebook, twitter etc… about the defendants.
3.If at any point our support is needed we will be informed but for now we must sit tight.
4.Make Du’a
5.There will be some letters circulated asking to ensure the case is fair and transparent – you can act up on these letters.

This is of the utmost importance please try to respect these rules.


Shrinks to the front:

Canadian Islamic Congress On Ottawa Terror Muslims Seek Counseling for  Emotional Distress:

“The CIC affirms that Canadian Muslims, more than other citizens, are deeply concerned and disturbed about the arrests and especially about psychological, social and emotional impact of these arrests on the well being of Canadian Muslims.”

In other words screw you Kuffars, we Muslims is sensitive. How dare your kafir police arrest our terrorists…..!

2 thoughts on “'Backlash'- Religion of Non-cooperation Circles the Wagons”

  1. Hypocrisy and Lies are as Islamic as barbaric Shariah Law and left wing moonbats deliberately ignore all these Muslim attributes when they keep on spouting their pathetic ‘Religion of Peace’ mantra.
    Of course HYPOCRISY is not confined just to Muslims left wing moonbats and Racist Blacks have it in spades too. Which is why you get Glenn Beck being criticised for being INSENSITIVE and INSULTING to MLK’s memory even though MLK’s family supported him and Al Sharpton even had the unmitigated chutzpah to criticise Beck for NOT being CONTROVERSIAL

    Objectors to the TRIUMPHALIST Ground Zero Mosque on the other hand are BIGOTS and HATE MONGERS and ISLAMOPHOBES and Muslims have no INSENSITIVITY whatsoever just RIGHTS.

    The left wing moonbat mind is a wonderous contradictory convoluted place don’t you think. Muslims of course are just being Muslims its what they do.

  2. Isn’t it just disgusting?

    Poor darlings are worried about a fictitious backlash against them but they’re not worried about the country or citizens that support their sorry asses., the country and it’s citizens who so graciously but stupidly invited them to live there. When has there ever been a backlash in Canada against muslims ?

    So circle the wagons & make sure you don’t leak any information that could hurt the alleged perpetrators? Are you kidding me? Make sure they get a fair trial? This should be considered an act of sedition and all involved should be immediately deported without trials or appeals.

    It’s just another example of how muslims view being muslim more important than anything else. Being Canadian & protecting one’s country from terrorists isn’t as important as supporting the alleged terrorists because they are muslim,”muslim” always comes first.

    Canada needs to wake up & realize what they are dealing with & change the laws so that she is fit to fight them, deport them and in the end stop these bloody trouble makers.

    But first she needs to halt muslim immigration.

    Petition to Stop Muslim Immigration to Canada

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