Germany has to import Turkish police to patrol old City of Cologne!

Vlad Tepes presents:

Cultural Enrichment in Germany

No doubt all these little integration problems will magically disappear once the great new mosque opens and the believers have a place to pray……

4 thoughts on “Germany has to import Turkish police to patrol old City of Cologne!”

  1. complete submission – disgusting .
    having foreigners – and muslims at that – in your country working in an official capacity with power over the inhabitants of your country .

  2. Blame the moronic local politicians for this – they are scum who think along the same line as that that piece of porcine excrement called bloomberg in NYC.

  3. Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Import more savages to police the already imported savages.

  4. Kaw – wish I’d said that.
    You’ve caught me at a low point, after perhaps a couple of Saturday nite beer too many. In an islamic country there’d be no problem dealing with me – you’d simply denounce me to the mullahs and the religious police would turn up at my house to stone me to death.
    Who said that we had to compromise our freedom and tolerance for these ninth century moonbats? If they don’t like the way we do things here, there are 57 lovely islamic countries to which they are free to emigrate.

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