Here we go again: 1.5 gazillion Muslims will kill us all if pastor Terry Jones burns a Koran

International Protests Begin Ahead of Sept. 11 Koran Burning Event in Florida

Obowma’s  apologies come ahead of the event:

Obama Administration Apologizes for Florida Koran Burning (Veronica Estrada)

It gets better:

In Jakarta, the US Embassy will issue an apology after receiving complaints and the United Church of Indonesia and the Cathoic Indonesian Bishops Conference will be donating Korans to the people.

Here we go again: 1.5 gazillion Muslims will kill us all if pastor Terry Jones burns a Koran (cross-posted on Moe’s Jihad News)

“Destroy Burners of the Koran,”


International protests have begun — with some demonstrators threatening jihad — in advance of a Florida church’s plan to burn copies of the Koran on Sept. 11.

Roughly 100 Indonesian Islamists protested outside the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta on Friday, Agence France-Press reported, with some threatening holy war if the plan to burn Korans on the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks comes to fruition at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla.

“No one will be able to control this reaction,” Roni Ruslan, of Hizbut Tahrir, a radical organization than advocates Islamic law, told Agence France-Press. “We urge the U.S. government and Christian leaders to stop the crazy plan from this small sect. It’s an insult to Islam and to 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.”

Protesters at the U.S. Embassy shouted chants of “God is greater” while holding signs that read “Destroy Burners of the Koran,” among others, according to AFP.

The OIC demands that the Obama Adminstration

“take appropriate steps to protect the sacred religious sentiments of Muslims of America and of the Muslims across the world.”

Meanwhile, Pastor Terry Jones has said he intends to proceed with plans to burn the holy text next month. The church’s website even features a blog posting that provide visitors “Ten Reasons to Burn a Koran,” including its teaching that Jesus Christ was “NOT the Son of God” and claims that Islam is “not compatible” with democracy and human rights.

“The attitude towards women in Islam as inferior possessions of men has led to countless cases of mistreatment and abuse for which Moslem men receive little or no punishment, and in many cases are encouraged to commit such acts, and are even praised for them,” read another. “This is a direct fruit of the teachings of the Koran.”

FBI, state and local law enforcement agencies are monitoring the threats of violence promised if the church follows through on the event, Gainesville Police Department Maj. Rick Hanna told the Gainesville Sun.

“We’re on top of this, and we are taking it serious,” Hanna told the paper, adding that agencies will have “all hands on deck.”

Evan Kohlmann, who tracks radical militant websites for the New York-based firm Flashpoint Global Partners, told the Gainesville Sun a homicide bomber has threatened to drive a truck into the church. Others have discussed setting the building on fire, he said.

“It’s hard to tell how serious the discussions are, but they’re talking about it,” he told the paper.

One posting on a jihadist website indicated a desire to bomb the church if Jones’ plan comes to fruition, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

“Now, I wish to bomb myself in this church as revenge for the sake of Allah’s talk,” the posting by an individual identifying himself as Abu Dujanah read. “And here I register my name here that I want to be an intended martyr.

24 thoughts on “Here we go again: 1.5 gazillion Muslims will kill us all if pastor Terry Jones burns a Koran”

  1. In Islam it is wrong to kill “innocents” sounds great hey and a very Christian ideal and its one verse that Taqqiya spouting Muslims and their gullible naive Islamophile left wing PC,MC moonbat apologists are so very keen for you to see . But dig deeper and use your brain to THINK and look at the definition of “innocence’ in Islam and you will see that Muslims and ONLY Muslims can be considered innocent which puts that oh so nice verse clearly in to context .
    Christians, Jews and other religions followers are ‘Apes and Pigs’ and either have to convert (Muslims call it ‘REVERT’ as they consider everyone is BORN a Muslim) be killed or become a Dhimmie (a second class submissive cash cow for Islam with no rights under Shariah Law) . The Jews of course get no choice they all have to be KILLED after all antisemitism is at the very core of Islam.

  2. Those who cannot see exactly what Obama is by now never will they are either just plain stupid , irredeemable moonbats or racist Blacks. But what is scary is just how many of them there are. So many in fact that the Mohammedan usurper BOGUS POTUS still gets approval ratings in the 40% range. OK so 13% is down to Racist Blacks and that will NEVER change but whats with the other 30-35% ???? This is America’s shame.

  3. Islam is INTOLERANT but demands TOLERANCE, Islam is DISRESPECTFUL but demands RESPECT, Islam has 1.5 BILLION Cult Members but constantly whines that it is a repressed MINORITY.

    Islam is HYPOCRISY writ large.

  4. not a problem when the sensitivities of Americans families are stepped on by those who wish to build a mosque there….

    but of course when Americans are going to hurt their sensitivities…even though it is a constitutional right…then it must be stopped…

    Why, I thought Obama was going to tell us how Pastor Jones has the backing of the American Constitution…just as he did for those wanting to build the mosque?!

    Oh well, Obama only seems to care when it’s the Muslims rights…this is in line with shariah where Muslims have rights over non-Muslims..

  5. but it’s OK to burn our flags
    I wish – how I wish – they would just stay in their own countries and not disturb us – they have nothing to offer us and nothing to say

  6. Again proves that these crybabies have absolutely nothing productive to do with their lives. If Pastor Jones’ group is a “small sect” with a “crazy plan” then what’s the big deal? A “small sect” in Florida has the attention of 1.5 billion muslims? Wow do they have a boring life or what?

    I guess the pinheads at the OIC don’t understand that US law protects people, not “sentiments”.

  7. From the article “CAIR is an authority on Americanism and neither they nor the OIC has ever condemned the desecration of every Americans’ sacred honor and duty when an American flag is burned.”

    Excellent point in that piece and to add to that, funny but I don’t ever recall Americans taking to the streets and burning Korans and flags of Middle Eastern countries when the IslamoNazis burned our American flags. I also don’t recall any occasions where Americans burned or threatened to burn the Westboro Baptist Church (the God Hates F@gs bunch) when those lulus held and hold pickets at military funerals or churches they deemed and deem to be catering to homosexuals.

    From the word “civilization” comes the word “civilized”, a term patently foreign to the minds of the IslamoNazis and their leaders.

  8. To be insulted is a choice;
    quran is not holy and is not the word of YHWH.
    It is merely gabriel’s examination-book on obedience.
    They (muslims) will always find any excuse to riot, to burn churches, kill christians, burn bibles and burn flags! what’s new?

  9. Islam and the quran are not from the devil (nor are hinduism &
    vedas, buddhism & buddha’s writings).
    The applications and implications can be devilish of course.
    The anti-christ will go against ALL religion, satan wants undivided
    attention and won’t elaborate on any angel testcases like the quran,
    book of mormon or vedas etc.

  10. whether it’s right or wrong to burn anything, islam is a pushy little bitch that needs to be taught how it is done in AMERICA. muslims are like a petulant little child who has to ask, beg, demand, and throw a tantrum to get their way. it is up to this country to say unequivocally NO! until it sinks into their peabrains that if they want to practice shariah, rape, behead, disrupt streets for multiple prayers per day; etc., there are many other countries who will not object. GO THERE. we will not back down.

  11. I like what SM wrote – “The anti-christ will go against ALL religion…” And isn’t that what Islam is doing? It doesn’t matter to the Muslims if you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan, or whatever. If you are not a Muslim, then you must be either converted, enslaved, or destroyed. And so, they ARE going agaisnt “ALL religions”.

  12. Why won’t people understand that everybody believes in different religions? Why should we subject ourselves to such behavior? I’m saddened by the fact that we have not learned our lesson with people dying due to religion. As a country we should unite together and stand up against violence not instigate it even more. Why don’t people understand that we have loved ones all over the world, in buildings, and people taking flights. We as Americans should show more pride and not stoop as low as other countries. Haven’t we suffered enough as a country the past few years? Why encourage it even more. Violence is not the answer

  13. hje118
    You don’t know your own history..America has been stooping low for a very long time..just ask any of the people in all the countries who have had their leaders assassinated..
    burning korans is not is very prudent censorship..and waste management…oh and fun…just about the only fun we have got left.

  14. Burning the Quran will be a big mistake

    Muslims burned the U.S. flag
    But they did not burn the Bible Book
    Because they respect it strongly

  15. muslims respect the Holy Bible? Really, yes?

    How, like this? Lifted legs on it, spat on it, set it alight – “respect”?

    [TWO Muslim students have been expelled from an Islamic school in Melbourne for urinating and spitting on a Bible and setting it on fire.

    The explosive incident has forced the East Preston Islamic College to call in a senior imam to tell its 650 Muslim students that the Bible and Christianity must be respected.

    Anxious teachers at the school have also petitioned principal Shaheem Doutie, expressing “grave concern” about an “inculcation of hatred and radical attitudes towards non-Muslims” at the school, including towards non-Muslim teachers.]

    * Short memory, yes?

  16. Mullah Lodabullah

    Is this actually happened
    Are the punishment?
    The person who punished them Knows it is wrong to burning or urinating in the Bible

    What you think
    Is there anyone who would be punished Terry Jones

  17. What is the difference between a person harm to the Bible

    And someone who calls all people to burn the Koran

    Are you a mature mind

    Did you know the difference between terrorism and Muslims

    I have read enough

    I realized that Islam does not call for violence

  18. Violence in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan
    Is there a link between them??
    Do you have a strong heart
    For consideration at the pictures of the Israeli aggression on Gaza??
    Unfortunately, local media does not broadcast these pictures

  19. Theresaj

    Yea I may not know too much about the history but I do understand what goes on around me. Anybody who believes that we are innocent is a load of crap. Every country is responsible for their own actions. Yes it may not be a big deal to burn it here but it would certainly put our troops in harms way overseas. We should not resort to any of it. And this is what I’m saying that religion will destroy this world. I’m just saying violence and retaliation is not the answer. Instead of burning the Koran we should be concentrating on bringing this country back to what it once was and stop being greedy and focus on what is most important.

  20. I’m appalled at this pastors disgusting display of intolerance. He is a bigot and is taking adults and youth under his wing to teach the same mindset. He will reap what he sows in due time. The law of karma never forgets. And I hope that the world of Islam does not think all Americans think like this cantankerous bastard. We bleed the same blood and shed the same tears, please don’t ever forget that.
    There is a main teaching from each religion that we all seem to forget. Love conquers all. Stop succumbing to the fear mongers that want us to nurse from their bosom. Start living the moral life of a man or woman that knows love, compassion and empathy. War will be gone and the healing of our planet will begin. It may take time, but it will be well worth it. It’s time we just remember that we are not separate from God, but a part of him. I’m not talking about that in a Christian sense, either. But what we create is a reflection of Gods divinity and our own. If we create chaos, that is what is inside of us. If we create interconnectedness and harmony, that is what is inside of us.

    1. Please let us know where in the Koran or the hadith it says “love conquers all”. Many of us have been looking for” love, compassion and empathy” but since Muhammad said “Let no compassion move you” (24:2) could it be the case that one sided love, compassion and empathy is a dead end street?

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