Is CNN starting to ask the right questions….?

When the story broke we pointed out instantly that this hijabbed nutcase waited 2 years (until she had citizenship)  before she insisted to wear her scarf in order to sue Disney.

However,  it seems that too many people are getting fed up with these dirty little Islamic games as the word spreads and the message gets out.

CNN’s Don Lemon speaks to the Muslim litigation jihadist who is suing Disneyland because she says the company dress code is discriminatory:

13 thoughts on “Is CNN starting to ask the right questions….?”

  1. We are all seeing poor get rich the easy way by wearing hijabs, burqas etc. and walking in and applying for work, being refused and then suing large and small companies.
    It is a sickening lawfare that must be recognized and stopped.

  2. She has turned on the country that took her in, gave her a job and enabled her to lead a decent life .
    Take her citizenship off her and send her back where she came from , ungrateful little …………

  3. Dress codes are inherently discriminatory, which is why businesses & employers have them. They only discriminate against those who do not abide by them, however. US children are getting suspended from school for making guns with their fingers, but muslims get to demand whatever they want, and usually get it. Can’t have hurt feelings.

    Again, if she wears a scarf or burka & gets beheaded in the machinery, her family will claim that Disney failed to provide a safe work place, failed in its duty of care etc. No win for Disney here, unless the courts put a stop to this nonsense.

  4. Aw, c’mon now. This muslima showed up to work wearing the hijab for the first time on Sunday – after arriving to work without it for nearly two and half years. Why Sunday? Could it have anything to do with the fact that she was fasting for Ramadan (veil implies she suddenly became devout) and wasn’t interested in working in a restaurant, either as a hostess (visible to patrons) or in the back (doing dishes, preparing food). So she showed up, was told to remove the veil or move to the back, and she became indignant and left. By leaving she put Disney in a difficult position at the last minute, having tied up untold resources to address this urgent issue, without a hostess and without notice to locate a replacement. This muslima returned two more times and again refused to work. This chick is looking for a payout. But there’s more. You see, Disney had at one time offered to have their costume department prepare an appropriate veil, fitting to her uniform and company policy. It just wasn’t ready in time for Ramadan. Voila! Lawsuit. Never hire a muslim unless you are prepared to deal/pay for their maliciously ligitious behavior.

  5. Its clear that she chose to exercise her right ‘after’ she was naturalized. meaning, this was a calculated move.

    2. She violated her working agreement, but was kindly accommodated to work at the back, where customer interaction was minimal.

    3. Disney should sue her for violation of contract & for gross misconduct as well as inciting potential violence.

    4. If thats mot enough, disney should also sue her for damaging its reputation where she needs to take legal matters internally first (many large companies do that) for millions.

    5. This would teach other muslims to behave & follow rules.

    6. Being muslim dosnt make one special, get in line!

  6. The only way is to reverse immigration of Muslims. But that can only happen if we are a war, when normal constitutional freedoms are suspended, and the enemy is treated like .. the enemy. In such a situation, most of the enemy leaves of its own accord.

  7. All Muslim immigration to Western countries must be stopped now and then you have to deport the Muslims already in the country and it must start with the imams, mullahs, religious teachers and university lecturers otherwise the West is doomed.

  8. she’s a party-pooper I think she should be sued for failing to be up to the job and misleading Disney

  9. In Australia recently, a Muslim woman was killed at a go cart track because her hijab became entangled on one of the go carts axles and she was strangled. The Go Cart track employees apparently pointed out the company policy of no loose clothing etc, but apparently didn’t demand that she remove it due to our ridiculous anti discrimination laws. Now this small business owner faces an uncertain future due to an Occupational Health & Safety investigation and the possibility of the womans’ family suing.

  10. Never believe a word of what you hear on CNN; its majority shareholder is saudi arabia, the most backward and repressive country on the face of the earth. Anderson Pooper and his fellow lackeys are nothing but shameless apologists for the religion of peace.
    Can you even begin to imagine where the head of Dr. Sanjay Gupta must be? From his name and lack of beard I assume he is of Hindu origin – hasn’t he noticed that his people are slowly but surely being exiled and liquidated?
    Have you ever wondered what will happen to Mr. Pooper and his lifestyle yoke-fellows when the mullahs take over? It’s pretty obvious that he hasn’t.

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