Madame Gillard we know who is paying you, but please tell us, who are you are working for ?

Bad News: Two more Diggers dead: THE war in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of two more Australian soldiers, killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol with Afghan troops… (Andrew Bolt)

Aussie News & Views:

If you haven’t voted yet, listen to Alan Jones first before you go.

Aussie soldiers families to be evicted to make way for illegal immigrants


Tim Blair has a video from Taiwan about the Aussie elections, don’t miss it: hilarious!

7 thoughts on “Madame Gillard we know who is paying you, but please tell us, who are you are working for ?”

  1. Muslim parasites getting in more and more into Australia, Stop these guys vote those that support immigration out.

  2. Thank you Sheik for posting Alan Jones clip. Love his work and I love how he speaks up for the diggers (past and present).

  3. There is no good reason why our soldiers should be in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let those filthy scum fend for themselves. To add insult to injury a muslim was elected on a labor ticket. This will be the beginning of the end. Give these swines an inch and they will take over the entire country.

  4. Two more of our soldiers were wounded today as well. This is not a reason at all good or bad why our soldiers should be at war. Defend the homeland first. While our politicians try to find new ways to scam us everyday, the monster of Islam grows daily. Another boat stopped at Ashmore reef this morning. How many more are on the way? While our politicians scramble for the power scraps after the election the monster creeps into our midst – further and further. Wake up Australia.

  5. And, today Russia is fueling the Iranian Nuclear reactor up. Cooperation between friends? Wake up world.

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