9 thoughts on “No burqa in court”

  1. Finally someone in authority exhibits some common sense.

    Excuse me while I check to see if pigs are flying.

  2. Welcome to Shauna Deane
    A judge who showed some balls
    Telling the veiled muslim witness
    To uncover within her court walls

    It seems to me that dhimmitude
    Has gone on for far too long
    Undermining all our values
    When allah’s ummah can do no wrong

  3. It is a FRAUD CASE. The Burqu is a fraud case to begin with. There is no law within or without of Islam demand they wear this smelly garg. They are just pulling our collective chains. Go back to Saudi and wear those black panther outfits. No place for them in our country. Have you ever got downwind of a woman wearing one of those stinking outfits. Black draws the heat and the smell of the body odour. Yukky, not in our country.

  4. There is pattern that must not be forgotten when dealing with appeasing Islamists in regards to security issues. They simply must not be allowed to have their way.

    The West has allowed Islamists to dictate security in at least the following areas:
    1. Prisons
    2. Airport security
    3. Army
    4. Police in no-go-areas
    5. Law

    1. In prisons, Muslims are setting up larger networks by forcing others to convert. They also intimidate prison guards who turn a blind eye in order to keep their job. They are afraid of 1. the networks and 2. being accused of racism.

    2. Airport security guards are facing the same challenges as they are threatened by Muslims when they attempt to search burka clad women. Intimidation here as well puts these guards in a position where they cannot do their jobs under threat of both intimidation and racism.

    3. Here again, we have seen how muslims continue to play the Western system and consequently get away with murder…why? because of indimidation, and commanders are threatened, afraid to be called racists, and afraid to lose their jobs, or obtain promotion if they question muslims in the armies…

    4. No-go-areas – here western police are afraid to deal with criminals because they are threatened by the community, their threatened physically, psychologically, with racism, and may lose their jobs or not be promoted.

    5. Financial institutions? shariah compliant finance…

    6. Law – other than the acceptance of shariah, Imagine what the court system will be like when muslims will begin to have their way. As in the cases above…justice will be in danger of being undone as well. Allow people to cover their faces, and all types of deals, and intimidations will become far more plausible…since only the accused will be truly in a position to protest against those that will be bought out in one way or another. But put the mask on and even the accused will not be able to have a say on who is the accuser…

    Western governments better change quickly..this foolishness has to stop. i hope blogs begin to use this and show that these are patterns we cannot allow to continue…

  5. Hey, burqa babe, how do like being treated like a retarded child? Do you enjoy it when that unwashed illiterate you’re married to with his scraggly beard climbs up on top of you?

  6. Somewhere ,I read recently that part of their plan is to always keep islam in the news…lets face it it already gets far too much publicity but they seem to subscribe to the ”any publicity is good publicity” mantra. This tart is an attention seeker nothing more , nothing less..all this fuss about her ugly clothing is obfuscating..the issue..the reason for the court case…that she is a witness in a trial about muslim theft. Muslim theft is what should be getting the headlines not this wannabe.
    I am praying for the judge and her family..now there is a real woman for you. She has guts.

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