Thilo Sarazzin: Germany is destroying itself

The truth hurts: the lemmings are comitted to mass suicide.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

“In Germany an army of integration-assigned Islamist researchers works intensively hand in hand with sociologists, political scientists, government representatives and a crowd of naive politicians on minimisation, self-deception and the denial of problems”

Anger as ex-finance minister warns Muslims ‘making Germany stupid’

By ALLAN HALL/The Scotsman (H/T Weasel Zippers)

A LEADING German Social Democrat has written a book with an apocalyptic vision of his country sliding into poverty, stupidity and Muslim domination.

Now his book, Germany is destroying itself: How we are gambling with our country, threatens the strained social fabric of the “multi-culti” Fatherland once more at a time of rising racial tensions and the radicalisation of Islamic youth.

“I don’t want the country of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to become, in large part, Muslim, that over wide areas Turkish and Arabic are spoken, where the women wear headscarves and the daily rhythms of life are dictated by the call of the Muezzin,” he writes.

“Demographically, the enormous fertility of the Muslim migrants poses a threat for the cultural and civilization equilibrium in aging Europe.”

Mr Sarrazin’s book, published next week, began serialisation in the best-selling tabloid Bild yesterday and paints a “bleak portrayal of a country suffering the consequences of a low birth rate, immigration and poverty. Are we gambling with our well-being, social freedom and the stability of our society?”

He claims national identity will be lost in a few short decades.

In his book, he adds: “The social consequences of uncontrolled migration were always taboo, and one was not allowed to talk about the fact people are different – intellectually more or less talented, lazy or industrious, with more or less morality, and that education and equal chances have not changed that.

“If Turkish migrants, in the third generation, do not speak correct German then an air of hostility grows around them.

“But why, one asks, do other migrant groups not have these difficulties?”

He claims the basis for future prosperity is dying as Germany shrinks because of its dwindling birthrate – half what it was in the 1960s – and the educational abilities of new generations “seem to worsen continuously.

“We accept as inevitable that Germany becomes smaller and stupider.”

Mr Sarrazin, who kept his Bundesbank post but who was stripped of certain responsibilities following his previous outbursts, has angered Turkish cultural and social organisations in Germany with his 464-page book.

One Muslim mayor of a Berlin district has told his electorate not to readthe book, whcih he dismissed as “garbage”.

However, there are many who find Mr Sarrazin’s claims strike a chord

Daily there are reports of Muslim – both born and converted – German youths heading to military training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan for terrorist training, while a study published in June claimed Muslim boys were under-achievers in school and susceptible to violent Islamic teaching.

Two weeks ago, the Mosque attended by the 11 September attack plotters in Hamburg was closed down after it was declared to be little more than a hate academy stirring up anti-western feelings.

Mr Sarrazin is unrepentant. He writes: “In Germany an army of integration-assigned Islamist researchers works intensively hand in hand with sociologists, political scientists, government representatives and a crowd of naive politicians on minimisation, self-deception and the denial of problems.”

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  1. I can hardly wait until his book is translated into English and on our Library and book store shelves. It will be a welcome addition.

  2. I can’t wait till we begin kicking out all moslims in Europe. Or even better to start a total war against islam.

  3. We have to deal with islam as the Romans dealt with Carthago. The alternative is a total destruction of our civilization.

    “Islam delenda est”

  4. Interesting that while Obama goes round the West asking them to lose their nuclear weapons, Islamist countries are becoming nuclear(Sudan is going to build a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes of course…and what does peace mean in Islam?).

    It sounds a bit like what the Japanese did when the rest of the world agreed not to build any chemical or biological weapons.

    The Japanese made it their business to produce them and test them since with the rest of the world without them they could then conquer it.

    There are people that continue to call islamophobes bigots today despite the evidence to the contrary. (All muslim states, and all Muslim enclaves discriminate against non-Muslims)

    Imagine how this argument fails on its face when we speak of a belief system like Nazism. Are people bigots to believe that as a rule Nazism is generally going to be a threat to the world and that Nazis as well are as a rule going to be allied with or under a system that wishes to destroy democratic institutions?

    Surely there were exceptions such as Rabe in Nanking…and others, but let’s be real about the exception and stop making it the rule!

    We are dealing with a belief system, not colour…why are we not willing to see that with a belief system like Islam the bigotry rule is unfair and unfounded ?

    The reality is that Islam is a great threat to our democratic systems, and to our freedoms…why cant we make the logical conclusion that those who actively follow it are in fact a danger to our society? Why? Why ? Why are we so naive?

  5. Steiner,
    I suspect that the horror that was WW2 still plays a role in the thinking of Europe. Therefore we retreat when we should step forward.

  6. Kaw,

    It does, but the reality is a lot of evil was prevented by the allies in the nick of time. People always wonder why the Americans had to use nuclear weapons on Nagasaki and Hiroshima for example, and many use that against the Americans, especially Muslim apologists. The reality was that Japan had a full blown chemical and biological program. they had practiced on the Chinese in Manchuria, and they were ready to use them on the West coast of America to kill en masse.

    They had gigantic submarines(bigger then any sub the allies or anyone had at that time) that could dispatch airplanes (yes airplanes) filled with biological weapons. These were working subs and planes ready to receive their orders…

    The Americans had to get serious, otherwise it could have been a lot worse. What the allies should have been ashamed of, is that they could have done a lot more had they dealt with Germany and the axis a lot earlier. But who knows exactly, even with hindsight.

    The Americans get blamed a lot for the wars they got into. The reality is that the Americans have been far far more humane than most other countries…They have their interests, but they also have tried to work very hard with those whose interests are affected.

    The argument against them in Iraq is perfidious. The Americans were called in by the Saudis, Kuwaitis and other Muslim countries…and then many Muslims blamed them for not going all the way in Iraq and deposing Hussein…then they blamed them for doing just that in the second gulf war…but really?!… who was, has and is killing civilians in Iraq? Muslim extremists blow themselves up and kill scores even up to the hundreds every time…this stopped only when the Americans increased their presence there.

    As regards to the Americans creating the Taliban and Osama…let’s think about this.

    Here was an opportunity for these groups to show some gratitude for being helped by the Americans. (Who is Osama? , but a close relative of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia…) Yes, the Americans had their interests, but they were not exclusive, they included helping these very societies…

    The Americans, all in all showed good will…only to be bombed.

    So, this proves only that the traitors are not the Americans, but the very people they helped and supported. They had their chance to show that they could build a self sustaining society, even with the help of America….what did they do? they attacked the very Americans that helped them.

    Conclusion? it should be clear to every non-Muslim nation that they are simply investing in their own demise when helping those that support sharia and islamic values.

  7. Eine bessere und vor allem kostenlose Werbung für sein neues Buch kann sich Sarrazin gar nicht wünschen. Wenn das so weitergeht, dann kennt es auch der letzte in unserem Land. Zugegebenermassen habe ich es noch nicht gelesen und kann also nicht mitsprechen, allerdings wird man es lesen müssen um sich aus erster Hand eine Meinung zu bilden und das Buch entsprechend beurteilen zu können.

  8. In 1938 American journalist Clarence Booth wrote her book “Spring over Europe”. She interviewed elite persons all over Western Europe and was astonished about their naivity regarding the Nazis. Most of the European elite is again astonishing naive and treacherous these days regarding islam, a religon that discriminates and kills thousands and thousands of innocent people. Maybe they expect again that others will come to rescue them when it is to late.

  9. I am quite shocked! The reactions are very astonishing in most negative sense you can image. It only shows that nobody of the ppl who commented has the faintest idea of the book itself. The “statistics” Mr. Sarazzin has used to stress out and underline his theroies are not in common with the regular statistics of the Federal office. It is so weird how people in 2010 can still be affected by propaganda that reminds so much of the Hitler regime. Don’t get me wrong, I am German. And I am Muslim. And I think this is a combination that can perfectly work out. I know that muslims failed big time to integrate into the German so society, nevertheless I have to stress out that the German regime started the integration programs too late. Socialization of muslims was a taboo for such a long time. The muslims Sarazzin is talking about are in common turkish low class workers who came here to support Germany in the the 50s. They were never supposed to be part of the German society, therefore they were completely ignored when they arrived. No German language courses, no nothing.

    Those who came here for academic reasons or as refugees (example iran) were mostly highly educated individuals who know about the necessity to integrate to survive in the new environment. I am very sorry, there is no basement for comparison. And it has nothing to do with “islamic” genes.

    Again: I know that problems are on both sides. I am not standing up to defend those generations that missed out on concentrating on their future, I am speaking up to fix an unclear image. A generalization of facts as Sarrazin did is definitely not the solution nor the beginning of a new era. It is the – if you want so – the beginning of creating a new virus of hatred between cultures. We should finally learn to build bridges instead of fighting each other…

    1. Thanks for that Nayla.

      “I am German. And I am Muslim. And I think this is a combination that can perfectly work out.”

      How can it? How many places in the world do you know of where iron & clay mix?

      I appreciate your statement “I know that muslims failed big time to integrate into the German so society” .
      It holds Muslims responsible for not integrating. Most Muslims don’t even acknowledge that much.

      “German regime started the integration programs too late.”

      Germany is not a regime, its a republic funded on democratic principles. Germany has no obligation to offer any integration programs at all. Those who come are expected to settle in and to become German, to adapt to German values and contribute to society. That normally works. Except with Muslims, it doesn’t.

      No Islamic country offers language courses to low class or any other class Germans, why should Germany offer any to low class Turks?

      I don’t support Sarrazins gene thesis, although inbreeding and 3rd cousin marriage causes these problems. Sarrazin has the statistics on his side, but is unnecessary distraction from the real problems.

      We oppose Islam, sharia, jihad, hijab, jilbab, burqa, niqab, misogyny, polygamy, child marriage, FGM, honor killings, killings of apostates, cartoon rage, terror against unbelievers and all the rest simply because it comes as a package deal. Islam is a state within a state, and Islam demands the right to rule, not to be ruled over.

      There is no hatred between cultures. The soldiers of Allah suck the hatred against the unbeliever in with the mothers milk. Its not that Sarazzin needs to ‘create’ it. Its the essence of Islam.
      Islam is not a culture, but a cult based on barbarism, plunder and subjugation. Islam is never constructive, it is destructive. Islam has 1400 years of history of destroying civilizations, and it will continue to do so if we let it.

      Why should we learn to build bridges? Its the Muslim world that is illiterate, poor, ignorant and stupidly fanatical because of Islam.

      The only thing we need is repatriation programs and quarantine for the virus of Islam. I call that self-preservation.

  10. * “German regime started the integration programs too late.”

    Not enough diversity officers and muslim reference groups?

  11. This is a deeply philosophical issue as well as it is a social one.
    And the question lies rather in how religion, or to put it better, theism is of any relevance in modern society.

    It is not!!! Religion is irrelevant because it perpetuates a naive, uninformed and medieval set of ideas and thinking, which has nothing to hold up against the vast intellect of our age.

    It is out there to marginalize and control people rather than bringing them together. No matter if it is “the holy bible” or “der edle Quran” (yes I grew up in Germany and had many Muslim friends amongst them Hakan who was the most educated and rather atheist).
    The content of both is as unforgiving for the “blind” unbelievers as ever. The only change that has actually occurred is the contemporary mind which makes it hard on religious systems to stand their ground. They have to adapt to change. They cannot remain as ignorant and cruel and have to talk their way through various changes in culture, society, science etc. And that’s why today “real” theism does not exist but for the uninformed. Real theism has gone missing in the twists and turns of wishful interpretations of the “holy books” (for those who ever made the effort to read them critically).

    To get back on track I have to say that humanity has lost out much on pernicious sets of ideas or systems of belief, be it religion, be it capitalism and the free market, be it economic progress or whatever.
    It is time to deal informed and maturely. Epithets such as bigot, xenophobe, nationalist and so on have no place when outlining objectively a social issue especially when there is an ongoing incentive for positive action. However there are those characteristics in a religion’s profile that make it hard for a secularist in a secular society to believe in change. And a system of misinformation/disinformation, intellectual and social poverty scares the shit out of someone who is informed enough to foresee alternative futures.

    I don’t mean any harm to my fellow beings and merely expressing a personal view. Thanks

  12. Interesting! I never passed by again to read the answers. It’s pretty amazing how people judge based on mislead information. I highly recommend the book of Thilo Sarrazin. It is crap and not only Muslims say so, even politicans. For those who are really interested in working things out (and yes, I still insist its the job of a government to help imigrants – may they be turkish, arabic or italian) to get integrated into a society. Because apparently you missed out on one great factor. The problems Sarrazin pointed out, never highlight a very interesting fact – he simply missed to mention the areas Muslims are living in. The fact that muslim are not even supposed to live in better locations – irregardless of how much they earn. Landlords have no problems to speak it up. They don’t wish to have any muslims in their properties etc etc….

    I know of course that Germany IS A REPUBLIC. Before you start the correction on my word choice, try to figure out what was actually meant by my statement. Because walking the pathetic way of correction firings, is not only wrong but also very naive. Because my very, very simple argument would be. MY MOTHER TONGUE IS GERMAN. Oh GOSH. I do live here, I know the problems of the society more than people abroad and I am more than any social worker – because guess what – I am also very politically active. No correction. I used to be. I figured out there is no space for a person like me. Because I am only highly educated but ALSO Egyptian and MUSLIM. Guess what happens? Nobody is really listening to me.

    I am willing to discuss the whole dilemma of this situation if there is anybody willing to hear the other side as well. You are not judging on religions, you are judging on human beings. I know many low class Germans who are – mind you – supposed to talk German better than I do. The bitter fact is, THEY DONT.

    You want to tell me it is not the problem of a government if the own citizens – irregardless of what origin – do not talk native language in a proper way? Please – what exactly are we talking about? Who should deal with that problems if not a government?!
    As already noticed, Sarrazin got his statistics from Henry Border who does not work on efficient evidence.

    Before you start correcting on my language Sheikyermani, you should ask me what was actually meant. Because my statement was clearly an emotional one. But since there is no space for humans on this blog – they might even not be space for emotions.

    Nighty! Gotta rush to lecture in 3 hours 😉 Cause guess what. I started started studying for the third time. Seems I am very well integrated, as I started studying a major subject after one other study 😉 I managed to be a respectable person even within the Muslim mud ghetto I was forced to live in as a child.

    And btw, my “bridges” hint was a generalization for many problems. I mean human beings SHOULD FINALLY LEARN TO TALK TO EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF FIGHTING ANOTHER. And guess what, I am not supporting any terrorism. I hope this is enough for now to figure out what was actually meant by posting a comment to your blog.

  13. Note aside: Its 3 am and I had a very long day. Means: Kindly look over any grammar mistakes and wrong word choices. And if you don’t feel like looking beyond them, kindly wait until I feel like writing at any day time to make my statements more accurate. I know people always criticize me for being – sometimes – too fluffy.

  14. * the Muslim mud ghetto I was forced to live in as a child

    Where was this muslim mud ghetto, Nayla? Is it still there? Who forced you to live in it?

  15. * And guess what, I am not supporting any terrorism.

    Unlike allah, who supposedly knows best:

    8:12 Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”

    Plenty more of its vile droppings where that came from (koran).

  16. Two books that I highly recommend are:

    1. Nature’s Eternal Religion
    2. The White Man’s Bible

    They were written by Ben Klassen and I feel that they are the greatest books that were ever written for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White race.

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