Peace in our time: Philippine Jihad leader "hoping for peace pact"

Or else:

Because “the next generation of fighters are more radical,” said Murad, 62.

MSN News (H/T Rossco)

The leader of the Philippines’ long-running Muslim insurgency said Monday he was hopeful of signing a peace deal during new President Benigno Aquino’s six-year term.

“Peace deal” means what?

Islamic scholar Bassam Tibi: “Only when Muslim power is weak is “temporary truce” (hudna) allowed.”

In the Muslim view, treaties with Infidels are NOT to be obeyed. They are to be entered into when Muslims feel that they are at the moment too weak to do otherwise, and where they sense that they can gain, in the end, by entering temporarily into a treaty with Infidels. For Muslims, every treaty with Infidels is merely a “truce” treaty, a “hudna.” The very idea that Muslims could recognize the permanence of an Infidel nation-state goes against everything in Islam.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) leader Murad Ebrahim said rebel negotiators were prepared to resume peace talks with the government after the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in September, as flagged by Aquino earlier.

“We can see that they (Aquino’s government) are really addressing the problems of the Bangsa Moro (local Muslims),” Murad told a small group of reporters at a rebel camp outside the southern city of Cotabato.

“He has six years to resolve the problem. If he is really sincere, we can’t go wrong in solving the problem in his time.

(“If he is really sincere”- you see, Muslims can be trusted. Its the infidels who lie and deceive…)

The 12,000-strong MILF has been waging an insurgency for more than three decades to carve out a separate Muslim state in the mostly Catholic country’s southern island of Mindanao.

(And now they don’t want a seperate Muslim state anymore?)

The rebellion (Jihad) has killed over 150,000 people and stunted economic growth in the mineral rich but impoverished southern region.

Aquino’s predecessor, Gloria Arroyo, failed to sign a peace deal with the MILF during the nine years she was in power. She stepped down on June 30, as mandated by the constitution. (“She failed to sign a peace deal”, its all her fault…)

Large scale fighting erupted in 2008 when rogue MILF commanders launched attacks in response to the Supreme Court outlawing a proposed deal that would have given them control over vast tracts of land.

(“control over vast tracts of land?” Not good enough. Allah demands all the land, not just fast tracts…)

More than 750,000 people were displaced at the height of the fighting, triggering a humanitarian crisis.

About 400 civilians and fighters from both sides were also killed.

Both sides agreed to a ceasefire last year, but the MILF opted to stall peace talks until Arroyo stepped down.

(Another victory for the MILF)

Murad’s appearance at Camp Darapanan Monday was the first for the international media in about a year, and came shortly after Aquino told Congress he planned to resume talks with the MILF soon.

Darapanan is a sprawling agricultural enclave on Mindanao island that the government acknowledges is also the MILF’s political base.

A battle-scarred mujahedeen who the Philippine military said fought the Soviets during the Afghan invasion, Murad took over the helm of the MILF in 2003 and has since engaged the government in talks. (which confirms once again that the jihad is global…)

Murad warned that any further delay in the peace talks could have dire consequences, describing a recent military announcement of a deadline to crush the Muslim insurgency within three years as “threatening”.

“There are no major violations in the (current) ceasefire. But it is expected to change dramatically (if) the peace talks continue to hang in the balance,” he said.

“If we are ready for peace, we are also ready for war.”

Sure thing. Give us what we demand or you will regret it….

Murad also repeated comments from last year that he and other senior MILF figures wanted peace soon because of concerns younger Muslim militants would eventually push a more uncompromising position.

Who will control these “younger Muslim militants who will eventually push a more uncompromising position?

“We really want to finish this insurgency in our lifetime because the next generation of fighters are more radical,” said Murad, 62.

How does Murad want to finish it? The jihad is permanent and relentless. The Muslims are commanded to wage war on the unbelievers until they submit, pay the jiziya with willing submission or convert to Islam. Nothing else will do.

Murad also questioned the US military presence in the south, where a rotating number of about 500 American forces have been training their Filipino counterparts to combat Al Qaeda-linked militants since 2002.

“We don’t find their presence a necessity here. It only complicates the situation,” he said.

“There is no agenda for US troops to stay in the south.”

Sure not. Overwhelming force. That complicates the situation. Can’t have that.

Similar rubbish we been hearing for years, as you can see here:

Moro Mujahideen (MILF), “Legitimate” Target Of The US Kafir Forces

“The presence of the US forces could destroy the peace process and the hopes of the muslim community in Mindanao,” one of the Muslim advocates said yesterday (9/9).

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  1. “Allah is not bound by any contract or treaty with non-Muslims, nor is His Apostle.” Qur’an 9:3

    “You will find others who, while wishing to live in peace and being safe from you to gain the confidence of their people; thrown back to mischief headlong; therefore if they do not withdraw from you, and offer you peace besides restraining their hands, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them; and against these We have given you a clear sanction and authority.” [So if you wish to live in peace, but are perceived as being mischievous (i.e., non-Muslim), Allah has given his Jihad warriors “a clear sanction and authority to seize and kill” you.]
    Qur’an 4:91

    from Craig Winn’s “Prophet of Doom”

  2. Couldn’t these morons have chosen a better nom de plume than
    “Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)”?

    Whenever you search for the acronym for “MILF” on Google something peaceful is going to pop up often.
    These jerks have just spoiled all the fun.

  3. * “Allah is not bound by any contract …

    Unlike the Biblical God, who keeps His covenants – Genesis 15:18 – 21 etc.

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