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Judge asks hospitals whether they could damage a man’s spinal cord as punishment for attacking another man with a cleaver and paralyzing him.

Khaled al-Mutairi, 27, said the assailant was sentenced to 14 months in prison for the attack that paralyzed his younger brother, but he was released after seven months in an amnesty. He said the attacker then got a job as a school teacher .

“We are asking for our legal right under Islamic law,” the brother said. “There is no better word than God’s word – an eye for an eye.”

Crucifying the headless body in a public place is a way to set an example, according to the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islam.       (haaretz)

Tolerate this:

Houston: “Fidgety” Muslim who claimed he was in town for “Islamic seminar” arrested at airport with jihadist literature, thousands in cash, weapons diagrams, brass knuckles

Nothing to see here! Sit back, have some Muhammad conspiracy chocolate, and don’t ask which seminar Kumar went to, who he is, who he met with while he was here, where he got his literature, or why he was so nervous. “Airport Weapon Arrest Reveals Jihadist Books,” by Stephen Dean for Click2Houston (JW)

It wouldn’t be the first time an Islamic seminar in Houston drew some serious “misunderstanders.”

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How about that: Pakistan has yet to obtain a single conviction in largest jihadist attacks over the past 3 years

A Muslim who engages in jihad is never guilty.  At worst, and all too often, there is outright sympathy for the cause of the jihadists at appallingly high levels of government. “Pakistan: Lack of terror convictions hurts fight,” by Sebastian Abbot for the Associated Press, via Jihad Watch

Tolerate this:

Fort Hood Jihad was Not Jihad: “Diversity” more important than Islamist mass-murder

Allahu akbar screaming killer shrink Malik Hasan on the day of his jihad massacre

Fort Hood Massacre Classified as “Workplace Violence”

This is insane…
Authorities are reportedly classifying the Fort Hood Massacre as “workplace violence.” The Jawa Report via (Gateway)

It’s Final in Final Report: No Jihad in Jihad Attack

Check out the latest from the Pentagon on the prevention of Fort Hood attacks. The height of stupidity and suicidal policy. All psychobabble, no jihad.

Check out the psychobabble in Fox reporting: “Nidal Hasan “allegedly” shot and killed 13 people at Fort Hood Army Base in Texas”

Department of Defense on Prevention  Fort Hood Attacks (Fox)

Pamela Geller:

So crippled has our military (and other branches of government) become by this self imposed sharia (do not insult Islam!), that despite the staggering loss of US soldiers, the chief concern of Army chief Casey in the bloody aftermath of the Fort Hood jihad was that “speculation could potentially heighten backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers and what happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here.”

That was the concern.

On the day of Major Hasan’s mass slaughter of US troops at Fort Hood in the bloodiest act of war on a military base in US history, Major Muslim Hasan distributed Qurans and his card, calling infidels to convert to Islam before his jihad (posted at Atlas November 6, 2009 – Major Hasan’s Dawah before Jihad).

Hasan screamed “Allahu Akbar”!!! as he mowed down US soldiers at Fort Hood.

Obama has continued to withhold evidence in the Fort Hood jihadist attack and continues to shield the Muslim terrorist. Senators have been forced to sue the White House for information.  (Atlas Shrugs has the whole thing)

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  1. I dont know who is worse, the Islamic maniacs or the people in our countries who allow this to happen or ignore the pleas of their people. A time for accountability is coming. We many sit here each day ranting, but the tide is turning and people just wont take it much longer. How can anyone in Government in America even contemplate the building of a Mosque on what is essentially a burial ground – a sacred place. Do they want to also bury what is left of democracy?

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