Appeasement, Appeasement & More Appeasement….

Cartoon Jitters

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark’s foreign minister met Wednesday with ambassadors from 17 Muslim countries in a move to avoid tensions ahead of the five-year anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad cartoons.   (JAN M. OLSEN (AP)

Good Dhimmi:

The Bishop of Leicester has led a call for faith groups to stand together in “solidarity” ahead of a protest by the English Defence League.

Mohammedan Smoke & Mirrors

Puff Ho readers get the BS  treatment, on the double:

Muslim Groups Launch Survey (promotional tour) Of American Mosques

Ignorance, Not Islam, Is The Enemy (No. John Esposito and Arianna Huffington are the enemy. The sooner they hang side by side the better for all of us)

Dirty Tricks in Sweden:

Active Sweden Democrats will not be allowed to be members in one of Sweden’s main healthcare professionals unions, the chair of the labour group said on Wednesday, prompting claims from the party that they are “politically corrupt.”

Sweden…the language of socialism is the behavior of fascism. (The Local)

We all know that trade unions have a great reputation for being morally upright and squeaky clean…..

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  1. Muslims, take you mosque tours and insert them roughly up your rectums. NO THANK YOU, but do us all a favor and leave.

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