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Appeasement, Appeasement & More Appeasement….

Cartoon Jitters

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark’s foreign minister met Wednesday with ambassadors from 17 Muslim countries in a move to avoid tensions ahead of the five-year anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad cartoons.   (JAN M. OLSEN (AP)

Good Dhimmi:

The Bishop of Leicester has led a call for faith groups to stand together in “solidarity” ahead of a protest by the English Defence League.

Mohammedan Smoke & Mirrors

Puff Ho readers get the BS  treatment, on the double:

Muslim Groups Launch Survey (promotional tour) Of American Mosques

Ignorance, Not Islam, Is The Enemy (No. John Esposito and Arianna Huffington are the enemy. The sooner they hang side by side the better for all of us)

Dirty Tricks in Sweden:

Active Sweden Democrats will not be allowed to be members in one of Sweden’s main healthcare professionals unions, the chair of the labour group said on Wednesday, prompting claims from the party that they are “politically corrupt.”

Sweden…the language of socialism is the behavior of fascism. (The Local)

We all know that trade unions have a great reputation for being morally upright and squeaky clean…..

Appeasement on the double….

Even O’Reilly Gets it, Sort of:

Plea deal possible for airline “underwear jihadist”

A plea deal. For an enemy combatant and jihadist who came so close to massacring hundreds, in a case that could not be more airtight in terms of evidence and witnesses. It should not be within the realm of possibility that Abdulmutallab could ever be a free man again. And yet, somehow, it is.

Zebiba boy Umar Farouk

What does the government expect to gain in comparison to what it is willing to give up, especially when Abdulmutallab has reportedly been cooperating all along? “Defense: Deal discussed in Detroit plane attack,” by Ed White for the Associated Press, September 9/via JW

Of course, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is the son of  wealthy Nigerian central banker  who is known as the “leader of the jihad movement” in  this burning country, don’t expect team Obama to hurt these wonderful relations. Flashback: Terrorist Tactics: Lawyer Up… With Nearly 300 Witnesses, Flight 253’s Underwear Bomber Pleads “Not Guilty”

Riot charges against  (fake) asylum seekers dropped

ABC News/thanks to Mullah

The Commonwealth DPP has dropped charges against two asylum seekers who were accused of taking part in a riot at Christmas Island last November.

Six Sri Lankan men remain on trial in the Perth Magistrates Court charged with rioting and weapons offences.

Defence lawyers will today argue the video interview of another of the accused men is inadmissible as evidence and his charges should also be dropped.

Dhimmitude at a hundred miles an hour

Real Stories of Muslim Dominance in Europe: a Warning to America

Anders Gravers/FSM

Jihad slice by slice

I am here to warn Americans about two Muslim war strategies: the salami method, slice by slice so no one opposes; and secondly, the dominant behavior method of the Muslims. They have used these two strategies in Denmark and Europe for 30 years now. In fact, Islam would never have achieved such a stronghold in Europe if it had not been for the European dhimmies.

What is a dhimmi then?

The basic understanding of a dhimmi is a person who is under Islam’s so-called protection and pay Muslims, “jizya”, a kind of “protection money”. A lot of Christians live under very bad conditions as dhimmies all over the Muslim world but today I will use the word dhimmi in another way.

We use dhimmi to describe mainly left-wing multicultural people who are Muslim appeasers. When I think about these dhimmies I always think of the old Winston Churchill quote: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

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Hirsi Ali criticises western 'appeasement' of Islam

H/T Islamization Watch

Hirsi Ali in India, criticises western ‘appeasement’ of Islam

    Genuine debate about Islam, Ali argued, was all too often “shut down by those who have a stake in keeping any criticism of Islam away. Theo’s murder just made me realise how incredibly dangerous this theology is.” …
    “It’s extraordinary to see the energy we spend on protecting individual Muslims from questioning their moral framework,” she said.
    “We should make Islam go through the same enlightenment process other religions have gone through by using that questioning process.”

Then Muslims would likely argue that Islam is most enlightened system of thought in the world – thereby catapulting Muslims to the top of mankind! They will say remember our achievements of 1000 years ago – after many great nations fell one after the other to Islam and we took their science! Remember that – with the translations of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Persians – we started western society! While Islam held Europe under siege – when the East was inaccessible and in the south Muslims laughed Europeans could not drop a twig into the Mediterranean without a Muslim attack – the west was backward and the Muslims were advanced.

But then questions are offensive to Muslims – challenges are not permitted. Therefore what they say goes! If they say Islam = Enlightenment ~ how can we argue back.

Can I ask what happened to Islamic achievement after the conquest of these more powerful nations – SHUT UP YOU CRITIC OF ISLAM !!

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Fasten your seatbelts: Newsweep wants to spread the nukes around….

How Nuclear Weapons Can Keep You Safe

How I learned to love the bomb….

On Sept. 24, President Barack Obama will bring together 14 world leaders for a special U.N. Security Council meeting in New York. On the agenda: how to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Don’t hold your breath…

By Jonathan Tepperman

Newsweep, of course, doesn’t shy away from any stupidity and  even provides a forum for Islamo-agit-prop Fareed Zakaria, who recently told us we should just relax and “learn to live with Islamic terrorism…”


Does your heart bleed already?

For Muslims, backlash fear builds each 9/11

Many in U.S. of Islamic faith still struggle through anniversary of attacks

Associated (with terrorists) Press:

NEW YORK – There is the dread of leaving the house that morning. People might stare, or worse, yell insults.

Prayers are more intense, visits with family longer. Mosques become a refuge.

Eight years after 9/11, many U.S. Muslims still struggle through the anniversary of the attacks. Yes, the sting has lessened. For the younger generation of Muslims, the tragedy can even seem like a distant memory. “Time marches on,” said Souha Azmeh Al-Samkari, a 22-year-old student at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

France accuses IAEA’s El-Baradei of covering for Iran’s nuke program

That’s the same El-Baradei who just recently said the Iranian nuclear threat is “hyped.”

“Mohamed ElBaradei left out evidence of Iran bomb, France claims,” from the Times, September 8 (thanks to JW)

  • From Weasel Zippers:

The Obama Effect: Islamic Jihad is so yesterdayish…


The “Obama-effect”…

DALLAS, Sept 9 (Reuters) - The percentage of Americans who believe Islam encourages violence has declined in recent years but remains far above where it was in 2002, while very basic knowledge about the faith has shown modest increases, according to a new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

The poll’s findings, released ahead of the eighth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, come against the backdrop of President Barack Obama’s attempts to reach out to the Islamic world and eroding public support for the war in Muslim Afghanistan as U.S. combat deaths there rise to record levels.

Thirty-eight percent of those polled believed Islam was more likely than other faiths to encourage violence, down from the 45 percent who held this view two years earlier.

But that number has fluctuated over the years and in 2002, when it was first asked the year after the Sept. 11 attacks, only 25 percent of the U.S. public said they thought Islam encouraged more violence than other faiths.

Of course Islam is as violent as ever. Some numbers compiled by ROP….

Philippines Declares End of Ramadan a Public Holiday, Muslims Promptly Retaliate by Attacking Christian Village

Appeasement really, really worx!

President Arroyo declares Eid Al Adha a national holiday

Gulfnews: By Barbara Mae Dacanay, 

Manila: President Gloria Arroyo has declared November 27 and 28, as national holidays, to make it easier for Filipino Muslims in the southern Philippines and other parts of the country to celebrate Eid Al Adha when they go to Makkah for Haj, a senior official said.

Philippines: Muslim rebels attack Christian town

More on this situation. “Muslim rebels suspected in deadly blast in Philippines,” from Channel News Asia, June 21:

ZAMBOANGA, Philippines: Suspected Muslim separatist guerrillas hurled two grenades at a town festival in the southern Philippines, leaving one person dead and 32 wounded, officials said. 

* Muslims are religiously obliged to attack, harass and terrorize  infidels  when they celebrate their holidays.  They are just being good Muslims, why can’t we just let them practice their religion and see what happens?

The grenades were hurled almost simultaneously late Saturday at the town plaza and the town hall in Maasim town on the southern island of Mindanao as residents were celebrating the town’s 37th anniversary, said local army spokesman Lieutenant Kurt Decapia.

He said the attacks may have been carried out by the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), citing intelligence reports that the rebels had originally planned to plant home-made bombs in the town.

He also noted that last year, the MILF attacked the mostly-Christian town, killing and wounding several civilians…

The West is Naïve, Greedy, and Cowardly When it Comes to Appeasing Islamists

Dr. Sami Alrabaa

Some Westerners, especially politicians, act in good faith toward Islamists and Muslim terrorists. Guantanamo will be closed, and its inmates will be rehabilitated in the U.S. and some European countries – although everybody knows that these men were not accidentally roaming Afghanistan as tourists, but were criminals fighting along side their Taliban comrades when they were arrested.
Alongside Hamid Karzei, the Afghan president, and Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during a press conference on May 6, 2009, that she “deeply regretted” the death of civilians in a recent clash with Taliban terrorists, and promised a thorough investigation.
But Clinton should by now know that terrorists, whether they are Taliban or Hamas do not value human life. They use civilians as human shields when they fight the “infidels.” This has become a pattern in Afghanistan and Gaza. Besides, as these terrorists do not wear a uniform, it is difficult to tell whether they are civilians or terrorists.
Atlas links:

Spiegel links:

Appeasement will not save Germany from Islam

Exclusive: Muslim Youth in Germany: Aggressive Machos

Finally, someone has dared to publicly talk about Muslim youth in Germany and their reckless, aggressive behavior.
The German radio, WDR5, broadcast a two-hour live talk show called “Hallo Ãœ-Wagen” on April 25, 2009, to find out why Muslim youth are so aggressive and fanatic. Julitta Münch, the moderator of this program, invited several specialists to discuss the topic.
Over two hours, the majority of the participating specialists and the public depicted an egregious picture of Muslim youth – in particular, the males among them.
Ms. Münch, noted at the outset of her show that she had invited many teachers, especially female ones, but none turned up. She assumed they were scared to speak up against their Muslim youth.  
Mansour Ahmed, a Palestinian social worker in Berlin who daily deals with Muslim youth and their families, said that more than 30% of Muslim young men are “very violent.” They do not allow their sisters to talk to other boys, especially German boys. Mansour also said that Muslim boys would never approve of their sisters marrying a German man. A Muslim boy told Mansour, he would kill his sister if she marries a German infidel, or has sex with a man before she is married. “More than 60% of Muslim girls are forced to marry a man of their parents’ choice.” Mansour added. He concluded that the majority of Muslim young and older men in Germany interpret and apply a kind of Taliban Islam.

Melanie Phillips: The Hand Of Appeasement

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
Sir Winston Churchill  British politician (1874 – 1965)

* Newsflash: the result of appeasement: MUSLIM PIRATES HIJACK AMERICANS

Pamela: Don’t look for a Thomas Jefferson response to these pirates. 


6a00d8341c60bf53ef01156f0e4ce3970c-500wiComfy with headbangers: we are not only allowing  Muslims to dictate our foreign policy, we allow them to dominate every agenda.

*  Obama ends Europe trip with tour of mosque

An aghast Amil Imani, an Iranian who always tells it how it is, registers his profound shock at Obama’s appeasement of the Iranian regime:

Mr. President, the Iranian people do not recognize the Islamic Republic as a country, but call these terrorists occupiers who must leave Iran or to be crushed decisively by hook or by crook. President Obama, what is it that you do not understand? Why is it so difficult for you to comprehend that the Islamic regime is a terrorist entity and the Iranian nation is fed up with them? Nothing less than an overthrow of this bloodthirsty regime is acceptable to millions of Iranians.

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British Town Lights Up in Dysentery Green For 'Eid'

* Oh well, if it helps these poor citizens from seeing their city burned to the ground its a preferable option, don’t you think? At least they’re not painting the sidewalks green like here in Sarajevo earlier this year, at least not yet: 


Green pavements deemed “provocation” 

“Muslims are sending a message of intolerance and a perfidious scene of ethnic cleansing that was preconceived as a way to drive away people of other ethnicities and religions living in Sarajevo,” said NGO President Leo Pločkini.

It is clear that Sarajevo wants to be a greater Tehran than the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran itself,” Pločkinić surmised. 

* Not to worry: they will stop when they run out of paint!

Asian News

WORK has now started to decorate the town in preparation for the celebrations to mark the Muslim festival of Eid.Observer photographer Tim Bradley spotted council workmen wiring up lights in the town centre last Thursday afternoon. Other lights have also been put up in Drake Street and Milkstone Road.

Eid is an Arabic word which means ‘a day of happiness which returns regularly’.

* Yep. Many happy returns!

WORK has now started to decorate the town in preparation for the celebrations to mark the Muslim festival of Eid.

WORK has now started to decorate the town in preparation for the celebrations to mark the Muslim festival of Eid.

* Newslink from the sinking Netherlands: Christian schools closing for Islamic festival

Muslim police celebrate Ramadan

Inspector Nadeem Mir Vice Chair of Muslim Police Association, Assistant Chief Constable Rob Taylor and Yousaf Dar, Chair of Muslim Police Association

Inspector Nadeem Mir Vice Chair of Muslim Police Association, Assistant Chief Constable Rob Taylor and Yousaf Dar, Chair of Muslim Police Association

Asian News has more