Breaking: Swedish Christian Democrat Attacked by Gang of 40 Islamic Thugs

Swedish Democrat  harassed by gang of 40

Stones crushed the Syrian Issa Issa’s windows in his and his family’s apartment in Gothenburg in Sweden, on Thursday. The family had to lay down on the floor to hide from the attack.

– F…ing christian! F…ing Swedish Democrate! Come down here!
Shoutings to the christian Syrian, Swedish politician, who later in hospital decided to quit politics.

So the mob got what they wanted. They frightened and terrorized him from going ahead with Swede-friendly politics.

Issa and his brother went downstairs, got trapped outside, shots were fired, he got kicked lying down on the ground, he was cut with knives, by this gang of about forty 15 – 20 year olds.

This is Swedish politics 2010. Would you believe it?

This incident follows the harrassment and nondemocratic ways during the elections i Sweden 19 September 2010.

See the daily Aftonbladet
Ironically, on the same page, there’s the campaign “We don’t like hostility against strangers” with the SOS Racism symbolic hand from earlier years, “Don’t touch my friend”

According to the victim, the attackers were from the Middle East, chasing a Syrian – in Sweden.

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  1. Embrace your own cultural heritage and end immigration of islamics, crush those inside the borders or expect the end of your country. It’s perfectly simple and there is no bleeding heart easy way out.

    And all the scandinavians, Sweden included, should be utterly ashamed of themselves for exporting their pathetic and lethal welfare state idiocy to the rest of the Western world. It’s good that it finally has come back to haunt you idiots.

  2. This is a truly horrifying attack. I hope that he recovers quickly and his attackers are brought to justice. It is understandable but disheartening to learn that this incident has led him to end his involvement with the Sweden Democrats.

    As the number of Muslims in our societies grow, attacks like this can only be expected to become more frequent. Unfortunately, I have stumbled upon a new and alarming estimate of the true size of the Muslim population in the UK. Whereas the Times last year claimed that it stood at 2.4 million, estimates from a leading source in the UK’s meat trade that bases its figures upon actual demand for halal meat suggests that it is “up to four million strong”. For further information see

  3. * What a heroes…15 against 2!!

    With another 20 car loads a txt away, in case they need to chase off the police and ambulance.

  4. Nine years since 9/11 and our government still doesn’t want to say “jihad.” It is past time for the Western world to recognize the seditious mind set of the invading Muslim populations. Given what we know of Islamic doctrine and violent patterns in Muslim politics politics, we must step up the resistance to ensure our freedoms. Our respective publics must get to the point where we demand a slow down in Muslim immigration and a thorough vetting of every Islamic leader in our respective nations. See more at

  5. Our gov doesn’t want to say ‘jihad’ because if they do… they admit who these people are… jihad means a holy war undertaken by Muslims against unbelievers. (dictionary meaning) Plain and simple!

  6. Dear Australian Tea Party,
    If only it was as easy as you say. This has been said thousands of times on this site alone – the fact is our politicians are not listening to us. They never will until there is blood on our streets.

  7. Hecate,
    It is up to us to motivate our politicians – write to therm, speak with them, and make sure they understand whom they serve!!

  8. Now we have middle eastern style ‘politics’ in Europe .
    How long before one of our countries (quite likely Sweden ) is referred to as a ‘trouble spot ‘ or a’ a volatile region ‘ ?

  9. Oslo, Norway

    Mulla Krekar threatening
    to kill koran burner

    Still not expelled from Norway, the Iraqi Kurd Mulla Krekar keeps threatening anyone who’s in the way of his great jihad. This time, a Norwegian who allegedly had set fire to a koran and posted it on the net.

    Mulla Krekar aka Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad

    This week the Mulla is on trial in Oslo for threats to kill Erna Solberg, Minister responsible for executing his expulsion. Krekar keeps stating that he no longer is responsable for the terrorist group Ansar Al Islam, however exactly this one is the group that just might be responsible for killing Solberg, according to Krekar himself.

    “Who will kill her, I don’t know. It could be Ansar Al Islam, Al Qaida, my children or relatives. But she will pay the price, he says, according to the public radio/TV-channel NRK.”

    Australian cameraman Paul Moran killed in Iraq i 2003

    “The founder and trainer of the terrorist group responsible for his murder has been living freely in Norway as a political refugee while continuing to advocate the killing of Western infidels, including Australians. He has not been investigated by Australian authorities nor any attempt made to interview him.”

    Recently it seems that Krekar had talks with another terror suspect, Kurdish Shawan Bujak, based in Norway.

  10. We need to get this shocking news spread as widely as possible, before the Islamonazis terrorise the Sweden Democrats out of existence. Note also the establishment parties are aiming to change the parliamentary rules to cheat the SDs out of their proper representation on key committees.
    It’s on our expat conservative blog, Ross’s Right Angle, as of last night.

  11. Dont blame sweden for this. Knock off that crap about they brought it on themselves.
    Their welfare programs are perfect for them, apperently youve never lived in a northern climate before. Something bad happens in the snow; your dead.
    You have no idea what your talking about so stop trashing them. Sweden is a light to the world. They havent been at war for 200 years, and the last century was kind of a big deal for european countries and war, know what I mean? They are very impressive.
    These bad things are happening because these muslims are evil. How dare you attack beautiful Sweden. Shut your mouth.

    1. Sean, if you are Swedish and a patriot you would support the Democratic party and their firm stand against Islam.

      I have spent time in Sweden and I know that their kind of Socialism has made their people careless and complacent. But I also know what you mean when you say “Something bad happens in the snow; your dead.” I know that Swedish people (like Australians) are always there to help, and that is exactly why the Mohammedans find them to be such easy victims.

      As for “havent been at war for 200 years” I must tell you that is not something that impresses me. The Swiss are similar, and all they did during that time is make cuckoo clocks and help third world dictators hide their ill gotten money.

      I could tell you a lot of things about war. But do you really care?

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