Sweden: "Canadian Man" Fails to Blow Up Plane

A man. A Canadian man. A Canadian citizen around the age of 30. Of Paki origin.

It was all a joke, you see…  no, he was framed! Or maybe he heard voices, like his profit Muhammad. In any case: nothing to do with Islam, go back to sleep, infidel! Not to worry, Islam is a religion of peace……

Those four things are all that we’re told about this suspect in this story, and yet none of them, not even that he is of Pakistani origin (although that one points us in the direction of the real answer), gives us any inkling as to why he might have wanted to set off a bomb on a plane. Unless there is some terror threat among Canadian men around the age of thirty that has been underreported for fear of inciting Canuckphobia.

We can’t push in more, he has to swallow the rest…

UPDATE: More recent reports indicate the bomb threat may have been a hoax, and an unfortunate waste of the time and resources of law enforcement. The points about the nature of the reporting, however, still hold:

Canadian man arrested in Sweden after plane bomb threat,” by Carmen Chai for AFP, September 25 (thanks to JW)

Here on WoJ we have always advocated enemas for those who take their (Islamic)  religion seriously…...

Jihad DownUnder

“Terror accused ‘was provoked’,”

A MAN accused of conspiring to launch a terror attack against an Australian army base in Sydney believed that Somalia was the place for ”true jihad”, the Supreme Court heard yesterday.

Wissam Fattal told an undercover police officer in February last year that many Muslims from Australia ”were going to fight jihad in Somalia”. The court heard that Fattal was also interested in travelling to Yemen or Afghanistan, and that he believed the life of a mujahideen was the best life.

from The Age (always aiding and abetting the enemy)

Is Jihad a Mental Illness?

Not necessarily. But in a western courtroom, it makes a good defense.

New York: Defendant in synagogue jihad bombing case faking mental illness

War is Deceit, said Muhammad — and we have seen this kind of thing from his followers before, notably Aafia Siddiqui and Nuradin Abdi. “NY judge says terror defendant is faking illness,” by Larry Neumeister for Associated Press, September 14 (thanks to JW)

From eye of the world:

“You will not be allowed to disrupt the proceedings,” U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon warned.

But the judge concluded Payen was faking illnesses after a prison psychologist called his claim of hallucinations “very unlikely.” The psychologist said Payen had reported hearing voices and seeing lights, the Virgin Mary, ghosts, dead people, bugs crawling on him and people demanding to play chess. (AJC)

Qaradawi’s jihad

Recently I posted two pieces — an explanation of jihad and a critique of the separation of religion and state — written by Muslims, and invited moderate Muslims who rejected them on Islamic theological grounds to explain why, so as to help distinguish themselves from the “extremists” and demonstrate the reality of the moderate Islam that everyone longs to see and believes in so fervently.

So let’s make it a series. Every so often I will post explanations of various aspects of Islam, especially jihad, written by Muslims who use the Qur’an and Sunnah to argue for warfare against unbelievers, the subjugation of women, etc., and yet again invite those Muslims who say they don’t believe in all that to explain why the posted material is wrong. And we’ll kick it off with a most interesting piece: a lengthy explanation from the Muslim Brotherhood’s English website, IkhwanWeb, of the jihad theology of the internationally renowned and influential Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has endorsed suicide attacks, prayed for the genocide of the Jews, affirmed Islam’s death penalty for apostates, and been hailed by John Esposito as a “reformist.”

This paper explains, as its title has it, “what is new about Qaradawi’s jihad.” In the course of so doing, it sets out in illuminating detail what the old, i.e., the established and mainstream, theology of Islamic jihad consists of. Surprise of surprises, it involves warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers, contrary to the self-righteous charges of “ignorance,” “racism,” and “Islamophobia” that Muslims in the West regularly direct at those non-Muslims who have the temerity to point out this fact. Qaradawi’s jihad is a bit less lethal for unbelievers, but its difference from the traditional view is actually more tactical than principled. After all, Qaradawi has predicted that Islam will soon conquer Europe, but that this conquest will come not “by the sword but by preaching and ideology.”

“What is New about Al-Qaradawi’s Jihad?,” from IkhwanWeb, September 25, 2009 (thanks to JW):

11 thoughts on “Sweden: "Canadian Man" Fails to Blow Up Plane”

  1. Swedish Democrate
    harrassed by gang of 40

    Stones crushed the Syrian Issa Issa’s windows in his and his family’s apartment in Gothenburg in Sweden, on Thursday. The family had to lay down on the floor to hide from the attack.

    – F…ing christian! F…ing Swedish Democrate! Come down here!
    Shoutings to the christian Syrian, Swedish politician, who later in hospital decided to quit politics.

    So the mob got what they wanted. They frightened and terrorized him from going ahead with Swede-friendly politics.

    Issa and his brother went downstairs, got trapped outside, shots were fired, he got kicked lying down on the ground, he was cut with knives, by this gang of about forty 15 – 20 year olds.

    This is Swedish politics 2010. Would you believe it?

    This incident follows the harrassment and nondemocratic ways during the elections i Sweden 19 September 2010.

    See the daily Aftonbladet
    Ironically, on the same page, there’s the campaign “We don’t like hostility against strangers” with the SOS Racism symbolic hand from earlier years, “Don’t touch my friend”

    According to the victim, the attackers were from the Middle East, chasing a Syrian – in Sweden.


  2. Please, also note the Somali extremist Abdirisak Waberi, elected into the Swedish Parliament for the Swedish party The Moderates, after the election last Sunday, who thinks OK to beat your four wives, and likes to call himself “moderate”.

    While the establishment is leading the namecalling – “nazi”, “racist” etc – this extremist is lead into the Parliament through the backdoor.


    1. Anonymous, your contributions here are highly appreciated.

      Please keep it up, but we suggest you give yourself a name. Perhaps ‘Swede’ or something like that. Its better than just ‘anonymous’…

  3. – F…ing christian! F…ing Swedish Democrate! Come down here!

    islam is peace, islamophobia must be tackled, “insults to religion and prophet” must be a crime…

  4. I did some Goggling on this Pkinadian and guess what !
    He was born in Lichtenstein to Russian immigrants from Novosibirsk !
    One of his mothers was Jewish! So he is a stinking rotten Zionist !
    And you Morons in uniform : Start interrogating these M/F in YIDDISH !

  5. sheikyermami

    I’m glad the contributions are appreciated! With all the cover-up which is going on in the MSM, we do need to get down to the facts in order to see what is really going on behind the scenes.

    And, yes, I do see your point about a name. Will think about it.


  6. Congratulations to this Somali extremist
    elected to the Swedish Parliament
    from his Brothers

    – So, what other doors are they expecting to be opened for them?

    “Assalamu Aleykum.
    iàm very happy 4 our brother Abdirizak Waberi who`s first somali born in Swedish parliament and its great honor and opens many doors 4 other muslims and foreigners who represent unity,dignity and the worlds greatest and most peaceful and tolerent faith the religion of islam its faithful followers the muslims in sweden in particular insha-allah.


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