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‘Really Nice’  Persian Pizza Joint Explodes

Tips via Islam Monitor

“He (the pizza shop manager) is from Iran and he’s only been in Australia for eight months and at the pizza shop for three months,” he said.   “He’s a really nice man. He comes in a lot and always talks to me.” (Adelaide Now)

Bribery, another Mohammean Speciality

They gain influence, positive media exppssure as well as support of people in high places because they know how to bribe, offer gifts, seduce politicians with their “generous offers” and if necessary they do not shy away from blackmail.

Slowly but surely we get Muslims in places where most  Australians wouldn’t  even dream to get into in their lifetime.

The disgraced former minister Ian Macdonald appointed Karl Kazal as his personal envoy to the Middle East despite the cabinet office refusing to endorse an official appointment. In May last year, Mr Macdonald signed a letter of appointment for Mr Kazal, under the NSW government crest, asking that he ”identify and pursue opportunities for the state of NSW in the Middle East, to engage with other government and business leaders on my behalf”. (SMH)

Assyrian monuments desecrated

Sydney, Australia:

Muslims deface memorials of Assyrian war heroes and victims of jihad genocide

The Muselmanic community was not available for comment. (Fairfield Advance)

Dumbles First observation: Note the time when the vandalism took place. Friday night. After Friday ‘prayers’ (curses and hate rant) at the local mosque? Where’s the nearest mosque?

Second observation: 1. Don’t give the thugs any satisfaction – clean up the mess ASAP, good as new. 2. Secretly install **webcams** – teeny tiny webcams – in and around the locality of both monuments. Then wait. Hook up the cams to someone who has the time to watch…and a hotline to the local cop-shop.  (May as well go straight to the mosque and arrest the imam)

Bonus for  Rapist Doctor Pretender

Beware of Muslim Doctors:

A PHONY surgeon who raped a woman after promising her medication that reduced cellulite and enlarged breasts has been jailed for at least two years.  Mehran Amjad has been jailed for raping a woman after promising medication which reduced cellulite and enlarged breasts. (Adelaide Now)

7 thoughts on “DownUnder Report”

  1. Those Darned Judeo / Christian Australians doing their best to discredit one of Labor’s GODS,”Multiculturalism” AGAIN!!!!
    Gee if only Australia was populated by “Multiculturalist’s” they would simply all just “get along” so the Labor Party / Multicultural / Islam Friendly hand book goes.

  2. As for the Pizza Shop man, perhaps he should ask himself what was it he did to deserve to have his shop blown up?
    Has anyone her thought to ask him that ?

    What parts of Multiculturalism does this man object to?
    Surely not the parts that dictate you are libel to be blown up should you be found to be unacceptable to whatever ideology Multiculturalism deems unacceptable at any given moment in time?
    If so he must be a racist and obviously deserved to be BLOWN UP.
    So who’s next ?
    Multiculturalism = NO CULTURE, NO LAW, NO CIVILIZATION
    Why else would the Australian Labor Party introduce it?

  3. Re pizza shop, I got the impression from radio news reports that it might be an inside job, & forgot to follow it up in the local paper, which I don’t buy every day, & usually read for free in cafes 🙂

  4. Why is this Islamic danger not mentioned in any of the talks about who will govern our country? The first politician who has the guts to speak up will have the overwhelming support of most patriotic Australians.
    These acts of violence will increase and increase. Yes, it may be an act of revenge from their own community, this is a strong possibility Mullah Lodabullah and this shows the inate violence within their own communities. They are killers through and through – don’t make any mistake about that. They have been raised on hate, the quran is full of hate.

    It is time to close our doors to all migration form all and any Muslim country. Just shut up the shop. Revoke citizenship for all those who come to our country and break our law. Send them back home. They break their faith when they take the oath to honour our country and its law. For this alone, they should not be welcome.

    I don’t want to talk this point up, because we are peaceful people by nature, but it will come to a time when the average Aussie citizen will have had enough and will not take any more crap from these people and no more crap from our politicians. We need their help on this problem. We need to be able to express what we feel about migration. I don’t remember when any Australian was ever asked. It was just forced on us. Well, we don’t like it.

    People should start to read Dorothea McKellar’s poem “My Country” again. In one line she says “Core of my heart, My Country”. What beautiful words to a patriotic Australian. So, why are we putting up with the abuse of our country and all we hold dear. Why are our boys in Afghanistan defending the Islam. One Aussie Soldier’s life is worth fighting for. No more orphan children – please. Just bring our boys home and defend our country. Spend the money on Australia nor on our enemies.

  5. Surely Bob Brown would support this. Bombings are not friendly toward any environment. Islam has nothing to do with our way of life. We are Europeans living in Asia. Sending troops to war is not “user-friendly”. It is a major contributor to pollution in Afghanistan. Wot yer recon Bob?”

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