Paul Belien Goes to Work for Geert Wilders

Update: Dutch coalition talks collapse as Geert Wilders quits

The “right wing” smears are instant.  Even Belien’s wife is dragged into it:

According to the Dutch newspaper Trouw, Paul Belien will become a personal associate of Geert Wilders. Belien is a right-wing conservative ideologue and the husband of VB MP Alexandra Colen. (Gates of Vienna)

One more time:

Geert Wilders Islamification Speech in LA – April 2009

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, a dirty little Australian born (?) imam  is seething with rage:

Radical imam advises that Geert Wilders be beheaded (GoV)

Feiz in one of his lessons in hatred:

3 thoughts on “Paul Belien Goes to Work for Geert Wilders”

  1. Dirty and little is a great description of this blokes brain. Full of filth, with no education, so little powers of deduction, or the reality of what he is involved in. I say we should put out a jihad against this little twerp. The Baron can always be counted on to expose our little mongrels that we harbor to our bosom. But not for long…………………………….. Don’t let him back in here or anymore like him. He has chosen another master above the country who cared for and nurtured him and his family. Many or most of them are accepting Centrelink payments. They all have criminal records. So what is new I can hear you say?

    Another thing. It has all gone very quiet on the murder of the Muslim criminal Lord shot in his own back yard. So much for Muslim security. But, it would be nice to know who killed him. – Them or Us?

  2. Yeah, it would be kinda nice to know who done it…but looking at the big picture, that makes just one less useless-guts muslim in the world…

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