Saturday Jihad

55 Roasted in Pakistan

A suicide bombing at a Shiite demonstration in the western Pakistani city of Quetta left at least 55 people dead Friday, triggering fears of an outbreak of sectarian violence as the nation continues to struggle with ruinous floods.  (WaPo)

Tavis Smiley: Moral Blindness or Certifiable Insanity?

Does Dennis Prager  give too much credit to  unhinged leftists and their tools for being “bright and well meaning….?”

Not ready for jihad?

Jamaica’s Muslim leadership has banned him from preaching in established mosques, just in case his radical rhetoric stirs a Jamaican jihad.   He has influenced convicted terrorists such as Richard Reid, the so-called shoe-bomber. His sermons were found in the apartment of suicide bombers who struck London, England, in 2005. Even one of the 9/11 plotters is said to have been a follower of Sheik Abdullah El-Faisal. (Source CNN)

Jamaican Misunderstander of Islam: “The British misinterpreted my teachings. I spoke of jihad, and the British thought that meant killing.” (Now where on earth could the British have gotten that crazy idea?) Jihad Watch

Depraved Arab Killers Celebrate Quadruple Israeli Murder by Hamas

Better make that quintuple – it turns out one of the four people these cowardly bastards slaughtered for no reason whatsoever was pregnant. And then 3000 of them decided to celebrate, just like they did after 911.  Their mothers must be so proud. Another ‘give ‘em a state’ moment from those adorable ‘Palestinians’ (UnDhimmi)

Happy Interfaithing!

Is Ikebal Patel  in Manila on a government ticket?

Part of Patel’s itinerary is the roundtable discussion scheduled Thursday at the Australian Embassy in Makati City to give members of the media information about his work in Australia and discuss how interfaith dialogue can be used to promote peace and tolerance in our communities.

Strangely, there is nothing in the Koran about “interfaith, peace & tolerance” with unbelievers. Why are we forced to pay for this nonsense? (thanks to Mullah/