Mecca gone, Molly gone….

Not all Muslims force Seattle cartoonist into hiding

Back in April, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris proposed and then withdrew the idea of an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. As Norris said at the time: “I said that I wanted to counter fear and then I got afraid.” She’s since become a lot more afraid, as the Seattle Weekly reports:

You may have noticed that Molly Norris’ comic is not in the paper this week. That’s because there is no more Molly.

Excellent advice: hide in your own country. Kind of reminds you of our government’s conception of border security:

Tim Blair has more: FEAR ITSELF

Who would kill for this?

Not all Muslims are at war with Spain:

Spain: Nightclub changes its name from Mecca after Islamic supremacists threaten “a great war between Spain and the people of Islam” over name

As long as Westerners keep bowing to violent intimidation, Islamic supremacists will keep engaging in it. “Nightclub forced to change its name from Mecca after threats from Muslim extremists,” by Tom Worden in the Daily Mail, September 16 (thanks to JW)

‘Calling a place for dancing and drinking by that name shows disregard to the feelings of Muslims.’…

And of course Muslims are always so sensitive to the feelings of non-Muslims. Just look at Feisal Abdul Rauf.

The war continues. Against “Mohammed Brand Condoms” and in the UK, Mecca bingo hall outrages Muslims. In Indiana there’s a town called ‘Mecca’, and its almost entirely occupied by happy kuffars……

Gratuitous stupidity from TIME:

An obscure church in Florida won global attention when it declared its intent to mark the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by burning copies of the Koran. It has now backed down, but not before inflaming airwaves the world over. TIME takes a look at groups and people who went to extreme lengths to get their often incendiary, occasionally crazy points across

Top 10 Gratuitously Provocative Acts

TIME  does another hit job on Molly Norris: she deserved it, because she didn’t learn the lesson from Kurt Westergaard, who is still in hiding after drawing Muhammad cartoons…… Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

9 thoughts on “Mecca gone, Molly gone….”

  1. For a long time I have stated that fear is the key, which Muslims have used to subjugate Western society. Even though Muslims are a minority, they are united, and around a central authority – the mosque. It is thus a war between a united force, which is also armed, against a large group of disorganised and disunited individuals. This is a “no contest”. Moreover, Muslims have the support of 50 odd Muslim countries, and have also shown that they are not averse to using lethal force.

  2. Contd:
    The shocking rise in rapes committed by immigrants has been hushed up by the MSM. If these rapes had been committed by white Christians, we never would have heard the end of it. Feminists would have been screaming from the rooftops. And quite rightly too.

    But these are immigrants. And not any old immigrants either, but Muslim immigrants, the very chosen of allah. Infidel females are given to the chosen of allah by divine right of allah. And if they dont get them, they are quite likely to slit throats or bomb the train station.

    So the Feminists are struck dumb with fear. The politicians are paralysed by fear. And the journalists are petrified by FEAR.

    FEAR is the key. The fear of not being liberal. The fear of not being PC. And above all, the fear of being beheaded.

    Our society is now like a dead man walking. Unless this fear is confronted, we are as good as dead.

  3. Well the Devils right hand man certainly nailed it with, ‘strike fear into their hearts’. Working well so far.

  4. I’ve helped a number of women who had to go into hiding because of abusive husbands. Believe me, you DON’T disappear by making big announcements about it. This woman, to be kind, is ditzy.

    She knew next to nothing about current events surrounding the Mo Cartoons so she decided why not get a little publicity for her own work with a “Draw Mo Day”. Then when the Jihad took her seriously she freaked and made obsequious apologies.

    Then she says the FBI told her to disappear.

    Hey, all she has to do is convert. Problem with the fatwah solved

  5. Peace be to you all,
    All i have to say upon reading this is that Karma comes around and you get what you deserve. Why bother slashing Islam in the first place? Creating huge chaos and confidently showing your hatred for this religion, and then wondering why the outcome is such. I don’t know who did what to Molly, and all the other islamaphobics but i can tell you that God works in miraculous ways and keep trying to criticize Islam and you will get what;s coming to you, Not by Muslims but by your Creator.
    Do you see Muslims calling for a “Lets burn bibles today!” notion? Nope….
    Nobody is striking fear, you guys are bringing this upon yourselves., One suggestion is to begin practicing the true laws of your faiths, whatever they may be, i’m sure somewhere in them it states to cherish one another and be respectful to one another., not go around thinking up ways to slash other religions.

    Peace be on you

  6. Truth prevails,
    Truth does prevail. but you are peddling dishonesty Yes, muslims DO burn bibles, and they burn Christians and non-muslims. I suggest that you take a careful look at how islam treats other religions … in Pakistan, in Chechyna, in Saudi Arabia, in Southern Thailand, in Kaskmir … the list continues. We will continue to criticize what is wrong, you bloody idiot, and if you are too stupid to use the brain that your creator gave you to think with then you should not be writing here. I will not wish you peace because you do not deserve it. And, by the way, Molly was threatened by the people you are trying to protect (muslims). As have several people have been murdered by the people you are trying to protect (muslims). And I suggest that you go and learn what is written in the worlds religions before standing up in their defence!!! You have nothing to say, and God is certainly not going to strike people down for comment on islam – the religion created by a murderer and pedophile! The style of your letter suggests that you are a muslim – since much of what you write is embued with the “god made me do it” spirit so typical of the mindless muslim community.

    No peace to you!!

  7. Dear kaw,
    Sorry but you think like a caw .. I 110% agree with truth_prevails , no body Mocked Jesus why should you mock Mohammed , And Dp111 about what you said about rapes .. You told us Statistics that you made up so screw you , don’t pull shit out of your ass and write it here.

  8. Have you nothing useful to say hacker??? You are an idiot, and you are less than honest. As for what DP111 noted about rapes, the simple face IS that you mohammedans are responsible for allmost 100 percent of violent sexual assaults against women in Norther Europe. Given that you muslims were also jailed today in the UK on charges relating to the sexual abuse of minors DP111 is completely correct if he associates you with the concept of brain dead and violent rapists – because that is what you are, and what you prove daily in your behavior to others. Now get lost you pathetic and dishonest muslim thug. Brtw SHITHEAD, PLEASE DISPROVE ANY OF THE DATA NOTED IN MY PERVIOUS EMAIL. Stupid muslim jerk!!

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