Poll Results: Should People Who Knowingly Spread AIDS Be Jailed?

76 % said YES!

2 % said NO

3 % said  “Everyone is responsible for himself”

18 % said  “They should be quarantined”

New Poll:

Do you agree with pastor  Terry Jones Koran burning on 9/11?

Yes. Burning the Koran symbolizes resisting Islam

No. I oppose all book burning

Why can’t we just talk about it?

For your amusement, here’s your typical interfaith monkey trying to dissuade pastor Terry Jones from this planned event. The guy behind it is your typical Obama voter, look him up, here: www.johnrankin.org and www.teinet.net.

9 thoughts on “Poll Results: Should People Who Knowingly Spread AIDS Be Jailed?”

  1. He has every right to burn whatever he wants, as long as he doesn’t create a fire hazard to somebody else’s property! 🙂

    I suggest, though, that it would be more productive to REFUTE the Koran, and to expose its errors, than to burn it.

  2. Another alternative would be to set up a large screen, and superimpose images of muslim atrocities, such as the collapsing WTC towers, London, Madrid, Bali bombings … assorted beheadings & muslim rampages upon an intact koran, with koranic verses accompanying the atrocities.

    Maybe close with the whole world in flames.

    Which would “hurt feelings” more – burning koran, or images of their own atrocities?

  3. On their site, the Dove center articulates the case for burning the koran quite well …


    … like 1389AD, I have mixed feelings as to whether it is the best course, which is not to defend the koran / allah / Mo or any aspect of islam, which is demonic & doomed, trafficking in human souls.

    Channel 9 will be screening “9/11 – State of Emergency” on Tuesday at 9pm (?) – just saw a promo while typing this.

  4. There is no need to burn the Koran. It gives fuel to those who do not wish to discuss its contents, and label us extremists…and most importantly, it burns any bridges of communication.

    Yet, there is plenty that the Pastor can do. He can simply note that the threats to him show how dhimmified our community is over burning some paper.

    Why are they willing to place him all over the papers and not say a word about the awful persecution of non=muslims in muslim countries?

    Why are they not covering the ordeals imposed upon non-muslims by Muslim governments as a whole ?

    Why are they willing to back shariah law, knowing full well that it undermines our democracies?

    Would they back Nazism as a religion?

    Would Nazism have to be accepted in our democracies because we do not discriminate against religions? Should we expect devout Nazis to support our democratic values?

    Would it be bigotry to speak against Nazism and to be suspect of those that claim to be Nazis?

    It is a historical fact that when Dutch papers wrote against Nazism in the early days of the Nazi government…Nazi Germany complained to the Dutch of the unfair attitude from Dutch papers and asked the Dutch government to curtail the free speech, since it darkened the ‘good’ relationship that existed , or could have existed. We now know better of those days, but why are we so committed to repeat them again, against a more powerful and determined ideology?

  5. Dead right, kaw. Islam only understands the sword.

    It is about time we became extremists. Kow-towing to Moslems only encourages them to take advantage of pandering Westerners.

    Muhammedans will continue to colonize civilized western countries through their prolific breeding stategy and continue their aim to Islamize the whole world.

    Until we too become extremists – by burning Korans, refusing to allow the building of more mosques, expelling Moslems from our countries, and whatever else it takes – they will continue to expand their demands.

    Our governments have to get tough. Surely our politicians must be aware of the dire situation in the UK and Europe. Of the ever-increasing Moslem populations and their increasing infiltration into positions of power. In Education, Police Forces, Politics and so on.

    It will be too late to shed tears when a Muhammedan is an elected Prime Minister!

  6. Kaw is literally correct …

    51 And one of those who were with Jesus put out his hand, and took out his sword and gave the servant of the high priest a blow, cutting off his ear. 52 Then says Jesus to him, Put up your sword again into its place: for all those who take the sword will come to death by the sword. 53 Does it not seem possible to you that if I make request to my Father he will even now send me an army of angels? 54 But how then would the Writings come true, which say that so it has to be?
    (Matthew 26, in part)

    And I will send to all my mountains for a sword against him, says the Lord: every man’s sword will be against his brother. (Ezekiel 38:21)

    Time is fast running out for islam, and for its followers.

  7. Geez don’t muslims know there own history. There’s already been a “burn the koran day”.

    Here’s the link to the Acts17 Apologetics answering muslims website….

    The guys in the video are the ones who were arrested at the Dearborn arab festival this year for trying to reach out to muslims. I know the acting is so so but it really puts a dent in the credibility of the Koran being perfectly preserved.

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