Spain: Policewomen Offend Muslims

Policewomen and dogs.

That’s why the dhimmified Brits have to strap on dog-shoes before raiding the prayer rooms of  terrorists, abiding by rules of imams and the Muslim Police union, who get paid for their advice on political correctness and cultural sensitivity.

The Spanish police is offending Muslims by the employment of women (we reported about Melilla here). We find that the situation should be handled with more sensitivity to culture and do away with women. Women belong in the house anyway, at the stove. Good bye, emancipation. Now We have islam! More… (thanks to PI)

4 thoughts on “Spain: Policewomen Offend Muslims”

  1. Okay, I am baffled… “dog shoes”? The pictures in my head…wish I could share them or that I could draw…

  2. “Spanish policewomen offend Muslims”
    That’s all the more reason to hire more policewomen.
    We’d do well to duplicate this practise in our own countries.
    Anything that offends Muslims must be right.

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