Allahu Akbar! Evidence of Fort Hood Killer Shrink's Shooting Rampage Destroyed

Fort Hood jihad: Army officer ordered destruction of video evidence

Can’t have a video circulating of a Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” and murdering people, now, can we? That would be “Islamophobic”!

“Soldier says ordered to delete Fort Hood videos,” by Angela K. Brown and Michael Graczyk for Associated Press, October 15 (thanks to JWCNN has the story too)

FORT HOOD, Texas – A soldier who recorded the terror of last year’s deadly shooting rampage in Fort Hood using his cell phone was ordered by an officer to delete both videos, a military court heard Friday. Under cross examination, Pfc. Lance Aviles told an Article 32 hearing that his noncommissioned officer ordered him to destroy the two videos on Nov. 5, the same day a gunman unleashed a volley of bullets inside a processing center at the Texas Army post.

“Can’t have a video circulating of a Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” and murdering people, now, can we? That would be “Islamophobic”!”  Something tells me there’s a lot more to this story. Could it be that the noncommissioned officer was a fellow Mohammedan?

The footage could have been used as evidence at the military hearing to decide if Maj. Nidal Hasan should stand trial in the shootings. The 40-year-old American-born Muslim has been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.

Twenty-nine witnesses over three days have appeared either in a courtroom or by video link. Prosecutors have not said whether they’ll seek the death penalty if the case goes to trial.

Aviles described how he was waiting for medical tests at the center with his battle buddy, Pfc. Kham Xiong, when he heard someone shout. Then the gunshots began.

He said he saw a tanned, balding man wearing an Army combat uniform and carrying a black pistol.

“I saw smoke coming from the pistol,” Aviles told the court.

The pair threw themselves to the floor. Aviles turned to his left to check Xiong and discovered his friend had been shot.

“His head was facing the left and a shard of his skull was sticking up,” Aviles said.

Xiong, a 23-year-old father of three from St. Paul, Minn., was among the 13 who died in the attack. Aviles, the 20th person to provide testimony at the hearing, was not hurt.

Addressing the court via video link from Afghanistan, Spc. Megan Martin said she had been waiting to take medical tests when saw a man to her left stand up and shout “Allahu Akbar!” — “God is great!” in Arabic — then start firing a weapon….

One is NOT required to follow an illegal order.

Not only that, but it is ILLEGAL to obey an illegal order. The UCMJ (Unified Code of Military Justice) actually defines what constitutes an illegal order, and destruction of records and evidence is one of them.

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  1. Very sorry for this comment. The NCO needs to be brought up on charges of willful destruction of evidence, giving an illegal order, etc. Hate to see Army personnel in hot water but, WE ARE AT WAR WITH ISLAM. Pull your head out of your “Fourth point of contact, Sergeant!”

    Over and out.

  2. I seem to recall a US President or his underlings destroying evidence many years ago, leading to the “gate” suffix on many words. Will this be “Fort Hoodgate”, “allahu ackbargate” …?

  3. Recall in the early hours after the shooting, there were reports of a second suspect:

    Surviving Fort Hood shooting suspect arrested at golf course, officer says

    (CNN) — A senior officer who was playing golf Thursday near Fort Hood, Texas, told CNN he witnessed the arrest of one of the two surviving suspects of the shooting at the Army installation.
    Shortly after the shooting, the officer said, military police told him to clear the course and he saw other MPs surround the building that held the golf carts, he said.
    The senior officer said he ducked into a nearby house for cover as 30 to 40 cars carrying MPs approached.
    He said he saw a soldier in battle-dress uniform, his hands in the air. The MPs ordered him to lie on the ground and open his uniform, presumably to ensure he was not carrying explosives, the senior officer said.
    He said an MP told him that authorities considered the man to be a suspect in the shootings after having overheard the man say he was with the shooter.
    The man was surrounded for 25 to 30 minutes, until a convoy of vehicles arrived, led by a Ford Crown Victoria and carrying men in suits, and he was taken away, the senior officer said.
    The golf course is about 2.5 miles from Fort Hood, the officer told CNN.

    Before any of the msm identified the shooter as a muslim, by 6:15PM 11/5/2009 CAIR was already on defensive footing when they posted the following press release:

    CAIR: U.S. Muslims Condemn Attack at Fort Hood

    There is ample reason to believe there is more to this story – – – information that has been or is in the process of being scrubbed to preserve the multi-culti policy currently embraced by the top brass.

  4. “Allahu Ackbar’ does not mean as moonbats think and as Muslims are pleased to let them think ‘God is great’ Oh no it means “MY God is the GREATEST” which is you must admit is a horse of a completely different colour and speaks volumes about Islam and the CULT’s mindset. Confirming Islams Polytheistic roots and its wish to DOMINATE.

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