Turkey: Erdogan calls Israel "uncivilized", demands compo…..

Arab states: World must put an end to ‘Israeli arrogance’

57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference condemns Israel for renewing settlement construction in East Jerusalem, says it’s a ‘provocative step intended to sabotage peace process.’

By Haaretz Service

Erdogan:  ‘Israel to stay isolated if doesn’t apologize’


Report: Turkish PM in Pakistan: US is supporting international terrorists who killed our citizens; says that “Israel never behaved like a civilized country with Turkey.”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized what he called the “double standards” of the United States, saying that “Washington is not ready to condemn the state terrorism of Israel against Turkey, which means that the USA is supporting international terrorists who killed our citizens in international waters,” he told Pakistan‘sThe International News, the paper reported on Friday.

When asked about Turkey’s diplomatic relations with Israel, Erdogan said that “despite diplomatic relations, Israel never behaved like a civilized country with Turkey, and I cannot give any advice to my Pakistani brothers; it is their right to decide about making relations with Israel,” according to the report.

Additionally, Erdogan said that “Israel must apologize to Turkey and pay compensation. If it does not, it will be doomed to remain isolated in the Middle East,” Press TV reported on Friday. (More)

Me thinks we should isolate Turkey instead…….

Our “Peace-Partner” Mahmud Abbas:

PA President Abbas meets with Hadash MKs; says any deal requiring recognition or land swap out of the question. (J.Post)

‘We’ll never sign agreement recognizing Jewish state’ (So much for Arab “civilization”)

‘Turkey will not attend OECD conference in Israel’
Bank Hapoalim looks to expand business with Turkey
Turks accuse Israel of war crimes in flotilla raid

In other news:

A Muslim prayer service at an Armenian church was described by Turkish authorities as an effort of “tolerance and goodwill towards Armenians.”

Hmm… That sounds strangely like the same excuse the GZ mosque developers are using.

Its a one-way street of intolerance – “Allow us muslims to establish our presence in your territories for the sake of tolerance and goodwill. (and to avoid the inevitable bloodshed should you refuse to submit.)”

Zero tolerance and no respect to native Christian culture in combination with a million dollar propaganda campain to deceive the western world about the real intentions of Turkey.

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  1. Stakelbeck on Terror: Fighting the ‘Blame Israel First’ Crowd
    CBN News sits down for an exclusive interview
    with the former president of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar

    If Israel goes down, we ALL go down!

    03:30 Jose Maria Aznar: “If Israel is a part of the Western world.

    If the Western world is eliminated from this part part of the world,
    it is a problem for all of us. Not only for Israel.

    It would be a great victory for the enemies of democracy,
    for the enemies of freedom.”

    18:00 Mulim brotherhood quote: “…want destroy Western civilization from within”

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